HalfafanD: Yeah; I'm seriously getting writers-block. What the bloody heck is wrong with me. I suddenly get an idea and then after a few chapters I don't know what should happen next. I need ideas people. And not just for Tiny Toddler. Oh well. If this block deal keeps up I might have to discontinue a story. And we both hope to God that doesn't happen. Anyway, on with the story.

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Tiny Toddler

"Can I hold the ghost boy now?" Paulina asked for the millionth time that night.

"NO!" All three shouted in unison. Danny even agreed by clutching tighter around Sam's waist like a life-line. All three were in the living room; Paulina in a chair while everyone else sat in the couch across. Since it was past ten Paulina's parents were already asleep, leaving only the teens and Danny awake.


"No buts Paulina; Danny doesn't even want you to hold him. So deal with it." Sam snapped, having been pushed over the line a while ago. Danny wrapped himself tighter around Sam's waist, causing Sam to gasp. She looked down.

"Danny, you can loosen your grip now." Sam reasoned. Danny loosened but still didn't let go. He glanced up with those big adorable eyes.

"I's sowry" Danny apologized.

Paulina squealed. "That is sooooooo adorable! Oh please, please, please let me hold him!"

Jazz scowled. "Paulina; even I wouldn't let you hold him. Obviously you made a bad impression on him and there for scaring him."

"But he knows me; he even knows my name!" The plastic interjected.

"Paulina; Danny doesn't know anyone in town in this state. The only person he remembers is Jazz and that's because they once played together when they were little. Even if he does know you; he certainly didn't know you when he was little."

Tucker then decided to cut in. "Uhh… I'm not meaning to interject here; but we need a place to stay the night."

"Fine; you losers can stay here." Paulina sighed.

HalfafanD: What the bloody hell is wrong with me?! I can't write anymore! I've got writers-block in this story! I hate to say it but if I don't come up with any ideas soon I might have to discontinue it. If anyone has any great ideas on how to finish this story please give me some help. I know the main plot idea but I have absolute no idea how to connect it all. But if I come up with nothing within the next two months or so… I'll have to stop it, but if I do result to that which I highly doubt, I'll put it up for adoption so someone else who's not got writers block to finish it for ya. I really don't want to do anything like that so please help me!