Poetry? More likely than you think.


(a poem of sorts)

I am the essence of speed

I am what you need

I got the steps with pep

Got the moves you can't read

Gotta move, I can't read

All the signs of disaster

All the stages I've mastered at the price of time


I got sick acceleration

I can cross whole nations

Faster than you can measure

Rapid transportation

Rapid transformations

Of dirt into dust

All the while that I must trick out and show 'em my shine


I know people from many places

I got help from many races

Many races I have run in the pursuit of peace

Peace that comes in pieces

Each with their own uniqueness

Putting them all together's a job that's gotta be mine


I throw punches like heavy flurries

Air distorted and blurry

Enemies try to scurry

Take 'em out in a hurry

Take it in in a hurry

Like a breath of fresh air

Use it to boost forward, gotta find a good line


Can't call it what you want, what you wan't ain't what you see, what you see ain't what you get, and you are, but can you be?

Can you be what you don't see? Can you see just what you get? If I get my feet wet, will I be dancing in the sea?

Water just ain't my thing, you got that? Can't you see? See me, I be what you say just can't be, see?

You don't stop, you proceed. So go ahead, scratch me

This really should be what you need, so make sure you come at me


I am Mister Incredible - and only remotely edible

Sillier than chilli - dog, I'm unforgettable

Missed me? That's regrettable. But you'll see me around

Just remember to turn your heads when I hit the speed of sound

You should know that I'm running soon as I hit the ground

Maybe I should be lost, since I'm always being found


I've found a good purpose, some good friends at my side

We fight tooth and nail for the planet - it's been a ride

But I can always count on them, they roll with me like the tide

We've stopped that crazy doc, no matter who or what he's tried


And I don't know how long this'll last

Don't know how long I can keep having a blast

Won't know when the future becomes the past

But I do know one thing:

I gotta go fast.