Author: Mitsuki

Translate: Moonlight Outsider

This is a micro fiction means an independent fiction which is shorter than 200 Chinese Characters(Also less than 200 English words or even fewer, I think~).

To Dear all: Thank you for enjoying and reviewing~ :D

Disclaimer: Sailormoon is the property of Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha and Toei Animation. This is a fanfiction of Sailor Moon, for our interest in the KunZoi pair, and we promise that there is definitely neither illegal nor financial purpose.

The story:

Zoisite snuggled up on the bed and pretended he was too weak to speak:"It seems that I got a fever, Kunzite-sama...Can I get rid of the summon of Queen Beryl-sama tomorrow?"

Kunzite gazed at Zoisite, and the boy continued:"I...I hate the way that woman gazes at you, as if she was starving for centuries!"

"Then let a youma report for us, Zoisite." Kunzite smiled slyly, "Since you don't feel well then no need to eat the dishes I cooked, is there?"

"I'm feeling better now, Kunzite-sama!"

The silver-haired general gently caressed Zoisite's forehead which was in fact smooth and cool before kissed him:"Good boy, Zoisite."