A whole week of Spring Break and this all I have to show for it. Ahhhhh, so sad T_T

I based this off of the song "NanrinA" by Block B. I don't know if you many of you even know this group...It's Kpop (because that's like the only thing I listen to. I have a problem lol) and I just wanted to be able to write a story out of the lyrics. It's not a normal story style format thing, I'm just experimenting (in other words, I'll never write something like this ever again). Hope you still like it and understand what's going on.

I like to think this is how Law gets when he feels flirty~ Rated T for provocative themes? Oh jeebus, I should not be trying to write romance or anything related LOL

Trafalgar Law is from One Piece, by Eiichiro Oda. Everyone please support his work.

Quit staring.

Law smiled. "Then you shouldn't have worn just a single T-shirt; all the details stand out."

But a bar fight? Really? Ugh. The sound of screaming everywhere is so unpleasant.

"He was looking at you," he sheathed his blade. "I can't have someone else trying to take you away from me." He looked around as he straightened his hat. "Anyone else think they can defeat me?"

What makes you think I'm yours?

His arrogant smirk widened. "You'll hurt yourself if you keep trying to resist me so much." He stepped closer. "Just one look at me and it'll make you crazy."

Oh, really?

"Everything about me is perfect," he spread his arms out. "Why would you not want to come with a charming man like me?"

Just what's so charming about you?

He pretended to think. "Hmm, face, shoulders, chest, the list goes on," he takes another step. He's much closer than he was just a few seconds ago. "You can pick your favorite."

You're so full of yourself.

"I never tell lies, my dear."

Watch it, personal bubble here.

He leaned down, his scent filling up every available space. "Scared?"


The warmth of his lips sent a jolt deep down inside. "I know you want it," he whispered. "And you love it."