"He's so cute!" Kurama smiled as the girls fawned over his child. Keiko was taking her turn holding him, bouncing slightly. Yukina was next to him, taking turns with Botan playing peek-a-boo. Kurama smiled and Shizuru walked up to him.

"Hey, how you holding up?" she asked. "And don't tell me you're not tired. New born babies are a lot of work, even if they were once a five hundred year old demon," Kurama chuckled.

"He was only a little over two hundred, if I remember correctly. But you're right. Taking care of him is a challenge," Kurama said. "But that's alright. He wouldn't be Kuronue if he wasn't a challenge." Shizuru smiled. There was an unlit cigarette in her mouth. Kurama smiled at the symbolism.

"Huh. Guess short stuff decided to show up after all," Shizuru commented. Kurama felt the familiar energy a moment after Shizuru did. Her sixth sense never failed to amaze, Kurama thought. The fire demon was looking away from everyone stubbornly. "I think he's waiting for you." Kurama got up and made his way over the three eyed demon.

"Hello, Hiei," Kurama said. Hiei grunted his acknowledgement of the fox. Kurama sighed. "I can't read your mind you know." Still nothing was said. "Alright, I'll go first. As you know, Kuronue is now in my care,"

"As an infant," Hiei smirked but his eyes flashed in annoyance, probably saying "get to the point."

"Yes, as an infant," Kurama said. "Can I trust you around him?" Hiei didn't answer immediately and looked over to Kuronue, for which Kurama respected him. He was assessing his feelings for him. Hiei's brow furrowed as he thought.

"I will not tolerate him stealing anything of mine," Hiei informed him. "And he will not regurgitate his food on me either." Kurama failed at hiding the smile that graced his face.

"I don't think he will have any control over the second thing, Hiei-"

"He will not," Hiei said firmly, looking over at where his sister was now holding Kuronue. She caught him looking and smiled, waving her hand to motion him over. Hiei hesitated and Kurama watched him carefully, heart fluttering with delight when Hiei took that first, slow, hesitant step. Kurama reached out and grabbed Hiei's wrist.

"Fox-" Hiei glared at Kurama but shut up when he saw the look in the demon's eyes. Gently and slowly, he pressed a soft, sweet kiss to Hiei's lips. If asked about it later, Hiei would deny that he was cut off guard. His eyes never fluttered shut- they were wide open as Kurama pulled away. Kurama let go of his wrist and flitted away but then reappeared several feet away from Kurama.

"Why did you do that?" Hiei asked.

"Because, Hiei, I owed you an apology. That should have been our first kiss, not the last one," Kurama said. Hiei looked away, trying to seem indifferent but Kurama could see the light blush dusting Hiei's cheeks.

The red eyed demon didn't answer and disappeared. Kurama nodded in acceptance, turning his attention to where Kuronue was crying. He began to walk inside when he felt Hiei's familiar energy flare up.

"I wouldn't have minded taking you to my bed," Kurama whispered, trusting Hiei could hear. "But even more so, I'd like to have you as my mate." Kurama scanned the trees, trying to pinpoint the fire demon. When he couldn't find him, he closed his eyes, smiled and walked inside to tend to his crying son, who was probably crying because Kuwabara scared him by accident, Kurama thought with a roll of his eyes. He was surprised when Yusuke stepped up to him and made funny faces, making Kuronue laugh and clasp his hands in delight.

Maybe there was a chance after all, Kurama smiled.

"Stupid fox!" Hiei growled, trying to untangle himself from the branches he had fallen into. He had been running, wanting to get away from people because there was too much bonding going on for his taste. He shouldn't have kept his jagan on the temple but it had become natural when Yukina had begun residing there.

"I wouldn't have minded taking you to my bed,"

That had made Hiei falter.

"But even more so, I'd like to have you as my mate."

That had made Hiei miss his branch and fall.

"Damn fox!" Hiei growled, pretending with everything he had that his cheeks weren't stained red.