Dean rang the doorbell, and the brothers stood awkwardly on the porch. "I'll get it, pet, you work on dinner!" a voice called inside. The door opened a moment later, and the Winchesters were greeted by a mid-sixties gentleman that was in surprisingly good shape. "Hello, boys. What can I do for you?"

"We'd like to ask you a few questions, Mr. Gregory." Sam and Dean flashed their badges, and Gregory smiled brightly.

"About the murders? You would be hunters, then? I'd heard that you existed, but I've never met any. Come in, come in!" Sam and Dean traded a startled look, but stepped into the house cautiously. "Have a seat, boys. Pet, bring some coffee for our guests," Gregory called to the kitchen. There was no response, but they could hear movement beyond the swinging door. Sam and Dean sat down.

"My name is Dean Winchester, and this is my brother, Sam. We are here about the murders. Do you know what's causing them?"

"Yes, the whole thing is very unfortunate, but quite necessary," Gregory shook his head and sighed. "My colleagues were conspiring against me, and so I had to take matters to hand."

"Wait, so- you're confessing?" Sam was horrified. "What exactly were they going to do to you that would make you rip their hearts out?" Gregory snorted and crossed his arms.

"They were going to take my Pet away. So, I had Pet take care of them." The kitchen door opened then. "Here he is. One of the finest relics I've ever acquired," he told them proudly. Sam's jaw just about dropped off his skull. "Pet" looked up to see them, and dropped the tray in shock. Sam leapt from his chair, and Alex dropped to his knees to collect the shattered mugs.

"Sorry, master, I'll take care of-"

"Alex!" Sam grabbed one of his wrists and lifted him up again. Dark, terrified eyes stared up at him, framed by long, shining, black hair.

"Sam… please…"

"Pet!" Gregory stood, and Alex cowered. "Clean it up immediately. Mr. Winchester, please unhand him!" Sam took a step back, and Alex scooped everything back onto the tray as fast as he could, not caring about hot liquids or shards. "You recognize him? You must have known him before the summons." Gregory and Sam returned to their seats, though Sam was obviously on edge. Dean didn't know what to do or say, so he tried to stay neutral. There would be time for questions, later.

"We went to Stanford together," Sam practically growled. "We were roommates."

"What summons are you talking about?" Dean asked. He tried to sound curious, rather than accusing. Gregory was remaining civil, so Dean needed to stay calm.

"It's what the whole adventure was about," Gregory explained as though it were obvious. "We found the book that told us about this particular brand of goblin. The book said that, if the goblin's previous master is dead, all you have to do to own it, is name it." Sam's eye twitched a little, and Dean was starting to worry.

"You named him Pet?" Gregory smirked.

"Well, that's what he is, right? Now, he has to do everything I say. I named him, so he is mine. My colleagues were planning a coup, so I had to take them out of the picture."

"So, when he disappeared, that was you summoning him?" Sam asked.

"Yes. He was very startled, and it took him quite a while to get used to my way of things. He was crying in his sleep and everything," Gregory shook his head and sighed. "The pitiful thing sobbed until I commanded that he be quiet. It was very annoying."

"That's it!" Sam roared and left his chair so fast that it flipped. "Alex was never yours to own! He had a life, and someone who loved him!"

"Sam, please…" Alex was in the doorway with tears in his eyes. "Please, just go…"

"You should listen to him, Sam," Gregory warned. "He won't be able to stop himself if I tell him to kill you." Sam grit his teeth, and Dean stood up to put a hand on Sam's shoulder.

"Sammy, let's go." Gregory grinned in pure pleasure at Sam's rage.

"Yes, Sammy. Now that I've got Pet, I'll have my way. No one will be able to stand up to me!" Gregory chuckled. "Pet…" He turned his glinting eyes to Alex, who was trembling slightly. "Kill them both."

"Master, please…"

"Do it!" Sam and Dean watched as Alex's fingers extended into long claws, fading to black at the tip. His face contorted in a vicious grin that split to show all of his teeth, which grew sharp. He took a step, and the boys noticed that his toes had darkened and sharpened, too.

"Alex… fight it! You don't have to do this!" Sam pleaded. Dean grabbed his arm, but Sam refused to move. Alex was advancing slowly, like he was trying to fight it.

"Sssaaaam…" Alex groaned and thrashed his head, stopping for a minute.

"Rip out their hearts, Pet," Gregory hissed, and Alex started moving again. "We'll add Dean to our collection. I'll let you keep Sam's."

"You sick son of a bitch…" Dean grit his teeth and pointed his gun. "How about we just take him from you, huh?" Gregory laughed, and Alex paused.

"You would have to kill me, Dean, and then give him a new name. My Pet will jump in front of the bullet and kill you before you can do me harm." Gregory grinned meanly. "And I know how hunters are. You'll kill all the monsters in the world before you kill a-" BANG!

"His name shall be… Alejandro!" Dean announced with a flourish. Sam stared at Dean in shock as Gregory fell to the floor, dead. "That guy was an ass." The brothers looked at Alex, who phased back to normal.