Hey! This is DittoDudette with my first story for Total Drama, nonetheless a NoCo story. I just want to say right now that everyone whose stories are in my favorites have inspired me. No, seriously, I haven't had the guts to put a story up because of my low self-esteem, so I thank everyone who has the guts to do so! Anyways, enough with my cliche life story...on with the real one!

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You ever get that feeling as if a bit of life passed by you? And you think to yourself, "When did that happen?" Like, life zoomed by you on a rollercoaster and you're now just finally realizing that maybe you should hold on to the safety bar? Well, if you do, kudos. You might have a grasp of what I feel. If you don't, you'll just have to take my word for it. It shouldn't be too hard. I just gave you a simile and all, right?

It all started when Chris jammed us into the Playa De Losers while he was running the fourth season of Total Drama. I guess he decided he didn't want us anymore and tossed us here. Not that I'm complaining. I'd rather be here then on that deathtrap of an island. Besides, he probably got as much use out of us that he could.

Let me tell you, three months at Playa De Losers can really change some people. Like first, Heather apologized to Alejandro for shoving him down that volcano in Hawaii. Yeah, because we all know that Heather's one to apologize, right? Anyways, Duncan and Gwen are still dating, and they lip-lock as much as Bridgette and Geoff do. That's saying a lot if you happened to notice how they schedule their make-out sessions.

I think the worst thing that happened is that Cody and Stalkalicious are dating. Don't even ask how she managed to do that. Ever since, he's been shutting himself off from any social interaction with his friends or anyone for that matter. That would mean Trent, Gwen, Izzy, and I have been wondering what the heck happened to him. Well, more Izzy and I. I don't think Gwen really cares much for him anymore now that she and Duncan are in it to win it. I'm going to guess you took that the wrong way, didn't you? Sick minds, I tell you, sick minds. Anyways, I'm sure Trent doesn't care much either considering he's still brutally jealous over Gwen's new boyfriend.

I know Izzy has noticed because every once and a while she'll pop out of nowhere and say, "So, where's your boyfriend, Noah?" She actually sounds like I'm dating him, even though I'm not and never have. Does she even know how annoying she is? Probably not, considering she's a complete nut.

The situation actually didn't bother me until I saw Cody cuddling with Sierra in the lounge room. If there was one definable word to describe this scene , it would be disgust.

If you haven't noticed by now, you might've guessed that I like Cody. What was the first hint? Maybe that I dedicated three whole paragraphs to him. Or maybe you thought that before I even started this? You're probably like: Well, duh. You kissed Cody on the ear during the Awake-a-Thon. And you cuddled with him during that Special Celebrity Manhunt!

Well, for the record, on both of those accounts I was sleeping. So, I had no conciseness'. Though, as I said before, I like him. Even though I didn't have a problem with those situations, I acted like I did.

Anyways, getting back on track, I hate the idea of Cody and Sierra together…

I quickly walk out of the lounge room and down the hall to the elevator. I take a quick turn and find a row of three elevators. I press the button to the one that is closest to me.

The elevator opens and I walk in, not even paying attention to who's in there with me. Then it slowly closes and I press the button to take me to the lobby.

"Noah!" a loud voice exclaims beside me. I know that voice. It belongs to a crazy, redhead nutcase.

"What?" I reply back sharply. Her green eyes look at me with the same look, obviously not caring about my snappy response.

"Look what I have!" Izzy taunts, pulling a familiar looking book from behind her. She giggles, rubbing it in my face. Literally. She takes the book and shoves it into my face.

"Is that my journal?" I ask bluntly, as she takes it away from my face and hides it behind her back again.

"Yup!" she replies, with the same grin.

"Do I even want to know how you got it?" I ask, rolling my eyes.

"Probably not, haha, probably not," she giggles again before replying, "I've already read it! I didn't know you like Cody! Sierra must really tick you off, huh? Anyways, knowing this, I should really hook you and Cody up! That would be so awesome!"

Great, not only does she know I'm gay, but she knows I like Cody as well.

I could barely manage a response, but reply, "You realize he's with Sierra now right?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's no problem for Izzy though! That's only a little fly compared to the huge plan! Speaking of flies, did I tell you that one time when I fought of a whole swarm of flies? Yeah, it was pretty awesome. I was in…"

"You haven't told Cody, right?"

"Nope! Haven't seen him that much! But I'll find him! I can get you together with Cody! Don't worry!"

"Izzy, what are the chances of him being bisexual? If he doesn't even like guys, where's the outcome that we'd even go out?" I ask. She looks at me like that's the last worry on her mind.

"Ha! You act like I didn't think this one through! I borrowed his journal too!" she says pulling out another journal from behind her back. I wonder where that came out of...



"You stole his journal."

"Same difference."

I sigh. "Fine, what does it say?"

"He hasn't written in it for a year, but in one of the entries it says he likes both men and woman!" Izzy says happily.

"So, you're saying I might have a chance with him?"

"Yeah, I mean, he is bisexual and you two are friends!"

"What about Sierra?"

Again, she looks at me with a no-problem look on her face, "Noah, I've got it under control."

I ponder this as she continues to babble about random things. What's the worst that could happen? I mean, she already knows I like Cody. And, I'd like nothing more to see Stalkalicious be dumped. There is one thing…

"Izzy?" I ask in the middle of her talking about rabid raccoons.

"Yeah?" she responds, cutting her own self off.

"I would let you do this, but there are some rules you got to follow," I say. The elevator door opens. Izzy and I walk out together.

"Rules? Rules are no fun, Noah!" she whines. I ignore her and continue.

"Either you follow the rules, or I won't let you do this, got it?" I say strictly.

"Fine." She mumbles, lowering her head.

"Rule #1, you cannot tell Cody." I say.

"Okay, easy." She says naturally.

"Rule #2, you cannot scare or force him to go out with me. Basically, you can't threaten him." I state.

"Dang it." She mutters in a sad way.

"What were you going to even do?" I ask uneasily.

"Never mind that" She laughs crazily.

"Anyways, Rule #3, don't be stupid. Like, no locking us in rooms together, or forcing us to share a seat. That stuff never works anyways."

"Noah! Stop limiting my ideas!" she pouts.

"Follow the rules, or I will not agree to go out with him." I say.

"Okay, so you'll do it?" she says enthusicastically.

"If you follow the rules." I reply. Instantly, my stomach starts to flop. Maybe this isn't such a good idea. It's Izzy. She'll probably find a loophole in the rules or something. Before I could say anything, she talks again.

"Well, give me time. I have to think of more plans now that you scratched all twenty of the plans I originally had!" she says angrily, and runs away to the lobby.

"Wait, Izzy!" I yell, but she is already out the door.

"Fine, then." I mutter.

"What's wrong, Noah?"

I turn in shock at a voice I haven't heard in a while.

"Oh, nothing." I say to Cody. Why is he talking to me? He hasn't talked to me for three months! I notice Sierra isn't with him right now.

"Okay. So…what's up?" he asks.

I almost am in too much shock to answer him. Why all the sudden is he talking to me? I finally manage to pull out, "Izzy just being herself, which happens to be the most obnoxious and mental thing ever."

He laughs before responding, "Yeah, that girl is a bit crazy."

He runs his hand through his hair before another voice enters the picture.



"I got to go." Cody says before leaving me alone in the lobby.

"Okay." I say to him, but he's already gone.

Well, this is the worst love scenario I've ever been in. A stalker, the nut, and two geeks. How am I ever going to get out of this?

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