A week being her servant

I went around the mansion doing the chores that my master had asked me. Trust me, being a governess isn't one of my first choice but her soul is hard to resist. I just happen to love a soul when it's all so bittersweet and her's is the right one. But I guess I should let her's tenderized before I claim her soul. Oh yeah, that lover of her's... I thoroughly cleaned the dishes before coming to my master's side at the meeting room. Elizabeth looked jumpier than ever which I had grown envious of. As much fun it has been being a demon, I wanted to be a human so badly. Seriously, can you spend over some million years being a demon that doesn't age or die while others around are having the time of their lives, not caring about what will happen to them? It's like being inside a iron maiden oh so many times and I know how that feels like.

I approach my ever so gracious lady with her afternoon tea. "I hope you had a marvelous time because now is time for your tea. I hope you like Earl Grey." She took a sip and smiled at me, a smile that has gotten quite soft on me. You could say that I started to think of her like an old friend of some sort.

"You do know how to make me happy with your tea, Rachel. Now, about your investigation on Ciel's whereabouts..." I pulled out a list and sighed before speaking everything in such a fast manner.

"Fivedaysago, , ." Her eyes widen and her head seem to be in a boggle after what I just said.

"Sorry Rachel, please repeat that but slower." She hugged the Phamtomhive bunny, Bitter Rabbit close to her. I wanted to scold her for being so childish by holding that stuffed toy, but that would only ruin the soul's taste. I wanted to be as ripe as possible being I devour her soul. Sighing, I repeated myself.

"Five days ago, some people spotted two people that matched the description of Sebastian and Ciel were spotted around Durham along with a black dog they named a hell hound which I believe is correct. Furthermore, numerous spottings of them seem to trace back to roughly the same day you said they died. They must have faked their deaths in order to find something or someone to release Ciel of his unfortunate fate."

"Do you know someone that could help Ciel?"

"I am that someone." She spitted her tea out and looked at me.

"Then change him!"

"They have been in numerous places, it's hard to tell where they will end up next. In the time being, any more request?" She slumped, feeling horrid. She began to cry and placed her head in her hands.

"It's my fault, isn't it? The fact that Ciel will remain that way is because I summoned you and made a contract. It's all... my fault..." I patted her head like how a mother would to her child and sighed.

"It's going to be alright, milady. You must rest though, just to get this out of your head." Nodding her head slowly, she tilted to her head to the door as I helped her get up. I looked at the door and became shocked at what I saw. On the door, it was covered with a message covered with blood. All I know is, the message written on it read was "પેરેડાઇઝ માટે બારણું તરત ખુલશે. તેરમી સંધિકાળ અથવા પેરેડાઇઝ પર જાઓ તક દ્વારા ઉતાવળ કરવી જ વસ્તુ તમે ગુમાવશો નથી."

I'm mischievous like that. Haha! So I won't be updating in a while because of school, so I just wanted to give you guys this to show that I won't give up on the fanfics. So, any suggestions?