Title: The Apologetic Alex

Rating: M, for language, incest, mild BDSM, and very graphic sexual scenes.

Disclaimer: I don't own Wizards of Waverly Place or any of the characters. I also don't own anything from Disney. Each chapter has different songs that are at the beginning of them, so I don't own those either. No copyright is intended!

Warning: Yes, there needs to be a warning placed. Heavy sexual content below. You have been warned. Enjoy.

"And I know that it's wrong
I do I do
Baby keep holding on
I do
Yeah, I know that it's wrong
I do
When the sun comes up, I'll be gone

I only know him in the dark
I only know him in the dark

Shadows across your face
Your lips a familiar taste
Stay focused, I tried
Can't get this out of my mind"

In The Dark- JoJo

"The Apologetic Alex"


Finally, she was going to pull the best prank on Justin. Any minute now he's going to walk in and find out the so called "Smoothers Brothers" she "hired" are actually the band she wanted all along: "URGHH."

He should have listened to her when she said to get a rock band for lunch. His stupid happy jazz crap was not what she asked for. She's getting her revenge however. Once he sees the awesome rock metal band she wanted in the first place and he gets some chunk of meat slapped in his stupid annoying face, she'll get the last laugh.

Try and twist Alex Russo's words around and get a jazz band instead? Not happening, dude. She was so excited about seeing his face squish anger, and not to mention glad she had Stevie's back in this one otherwise she probably wouldn't be able to pull this off.

As she followed Stevie to the salad bar she heard the familiar steps of Justin walking into the cafeteria. An evil smile spread across her face when she heard Justin walk over to the band and then rush over to where she was standing.

She could feel him behind her, he was so close. Her heartbeat speed up as she could feel his breath behind her.

She turned around to find Justin's very angry face glaring back at her. "Alex, you tricked me, didn't you?" He asked in the calmest voice he could muster, but she could hear the anger tightening his throat and see the vein popping out at the side of his neck. "This band isn't going to play smooth jazz…"

She walked past him towards the band, shaking her head in mockery. "Oh, no, no, no. Come on…They are totally jazzy! You're gonna love them." She mustered up her most innocent smile as he followed her over to where she was now.

She grabbed his tie and played nice by smoothing it down for him. His eyes narrowed down at her, and ripped her fingers away from him.

He gave her an incredulous look, before he spoke again. "Alex, no smooth jazz band brings an oil drum filled with soupy chunky goo!" He yelled the last word in her face, she only smiled.

"Listen up," the band's lead guitarist called out, and Alex turned around to see him addressing the rest of his band. "There are a lot of kids here. So for this gig only we're not gonna light our hair on fire," he said as he pointed at his other band mates.

Alex raised her eyes brows, her smile deepening, before turning back once again to face her annoying know-it-all lover. Fuck, she meant brother. She laced her hands together, and giggled. "Alright, maybe they're not so smooth," she paused to laugh again. She took a deep breath to calm herself, and then pointed at him. "But you shouldn't have taken my idea and not gone through with it. You should have gotten some rock bands," she shrugged at him.

"Oh, so that's what this is about?" Justin said, shifting the big stupid cookbook in his arms to point an accusing finger at her. She put her hand on her temple so she wouldn't have to look at his stupid face anymore. They both were getting angrier; any second now it was going to boil over. "I was trying to use music to stimulate positive behavior in our schools."

She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and looked away from him to calm herself down. Facing him once again, she fought back, "Music is supposed to be ruckus and loud." When she said this she looked anywhere but his face, because she knew he was going to look at her with those dorky eyes of his and she might cave. She's not going to give up, she wants this.

"I'm pulling the plug on this," he said, walking over to go grab the plug for the amplifier to the guitars.

"No you're not!" She grabbed his wrist pulling him away and towards her.

He turned around to look her in the eyes, then look down at where her hand is still touching his wrist. He yanked his arm away the same time she pulled away, both glaring at each other.

Giving her a pointed look, he said, "Yes, I am. Because I'm the president."

She stomped her foot and huffed. "Well you might be the school president, but I'm president of getting things I want, and I want this," she yelled into his annoying face.

He cocked his head to the side, a sneer on his lips. "Not everything is always about you, Alex," he yelled right back.

"Yes, it is. I'm the one who got you to wear a suit and carry a cookbook around. It was a joke. And so are you," she screamed, and by now the whole cafeteria was looking at the two of them.

She watched the hurt cross over Justin's features as he backed away from her a bit. She swallowed down the guilt, because she's Alex, and she doesn't have a conscious. Nor does she care about her Justin's feelings. Wait that came out wrong. Her brother's feelings.

Stevie ran up to the two of them, putting and hand on each of their shoulders. "Woah, woah, woah, you guys," Stevie gave Justin a smile before butting in between the two to whisper to Alex. "Alex, I thought this was just about getting the band?"

"NO!" She yelled over Stevie's shoulder so Justin could hear her. "Now it's about Justin always messing me up!"

She watched in a satisfied glee as he turned to look at the ground. He took a deep breath in and let it out slowly. He was hurt.

Good, he needed to know where he stood. And right now she can't stand him. "I'm outta here," Alex scoffed shaking her head at him, and started to stalk off. Leaving an upset Justin and Stevie behind her just as the band started up.

She grabbed the door handle looking over to where Justin was one last time to see him glare at her. The small guilt she held inside herself vanished, replaced with pure rage. Giving him a death stare herself, she walked out.

Justin was avoiding her like she was the plague itself. Every time she almost mustered up the courage to apologize he would go stomp off to his room or the lair, or any room she wasn't currently in.

The guilt was killing her.

Every time she did get a glimpse of him, he wore this sad expression on his face. Making her feel worse than she already was. Worst of all she missed him. Missed the way he didn't laugh at her jokes, missed the way he looked at her, missed the way he hugged and kissed her. Missed his stupid cliché things he used to do for her, damn his romantic side.

She missed him so much her heart hurt.

Stupid prank went too far, and now they were in some stupid fight. Where she couldn't even talk to him at the freaking dinner table.

She had an idea to fix everything though. It was worth a shot, so she was going try it. That was why she was in Justin's room, on his bed, all alone, in the dark. Instead of saying how sorry she was, she was going to show him just exactly how sorry she was. So terribly sorry…

Oh but not without making him work for it.

She messed with hem of Justin's t-shirt she stole from him awhile ago, waiting for him to walk in, and it almost felt like that day she waited for him in the cafeteria. Except this was a different kind of anticipation.

Her wand was at the ready beside her…Oh, she had plans.

She lay down, letting her feet dangle off the edge of the bed. And she totally isn't even going to start thinking about all that could go wrong, mainly because she doesn't want to turn into a freaking worry-wert like Justin.

She rubbed her face with her tiny hands, freezing when she heard a noise that sounded like the door knob being turned.

Quickly she sat up and grabbed her wand, just in time too because the door was open and she could see him take a couple steps inside, turning the light on.

Once he turned on the light his eyes immediately fell on her.

Before he could utter a word she yelled. "Make your troubles no more, go in through the out door!" Her wand flashed a dark purple, before the flash of light hit the door behind him. He ducked just in time before the flash of light hit the door behind him.

"Alex…" he hissed to her for the first time in days. "What are you doing?" His voice went all breathy and scandalized, just like every time she used magic without supervision.

"Well," she said and placed her wand down carefully on his mattress. She raised her eyes at him, crossed her arms over her chest, and walked over to him. She watched as Justin worried his bottom lip, noticing her state of dress. Only in his shirt, it covered the essentials so she really didn't care. "I was wondering when I could get you all alone to talk about…my mistake," she whispered the last two words.

"Heh, what was that? I'm sorry, is Alex Russo trying to apologize or admit for the first time in her life she was wrong," Justin cocked his head to the side, and she was so not fighting with him.

She glared at him and walked over to his bed side table. "Shyeah, like I would ever apologize to you, Justin," she looked out of the corner of her eye to see him stiffen, and well…she fucked that up. She looked away to play with his IPod docking system, and cleared her throat. "I mean, I wanted to show you how sorry I was…instead," she whispered, and looked out of the corner of her eye again to make sure he heard her.

Oh he heard her, because his whole body went rigid with her words. She let a smirk cross her features as she pressed play on a particular song. The song "Love My Soul" filled the empty tension in the air.

She turned around to face him, a huge smile going over her features. "Doo, doo doo," she did a little dance, and laughed. "Don't you just love happy elevator music?"

He glared at her. "It's smooth jazz, Alex. Unlike some people, I have taste," he growled. "This is barely classified as jazz." She just continued her little dance, working her way over to him as she let out a laugh.

"Happy music," she laughed, once she gets in front of him, she noticed his lips start to tug upward. He's breaking. "And you wouldn't know taste if it hit you in the mouth." She reached for his lips and hit him there playfully. "And this is to jazz! I looked it up!"

"Face," he commented, glaring down at her. "It's 'if it hit you in the face,' Alex. Not if it hit me in the mouth. And just "looking something up" doesn't mean it's true. Give me one good reason this is jazz."

"For one, the girl is talking. Not singing," she smirked, crossing her arms under her breasts.

He copied her movements, crossing his own arms. "That doesn't make it jazz, Alex."

"Does too," she smiled.

"Does not," he growled.

"Does too," she stomped her foot, and clenched her fists at her sides.

"Does not," he said, sounding remarkably sure about himself.

"Ugh, Justin! I'm trying to be nice here!" She exclaimed, throwing her arms up in the air. She took a deep breath to calm herself, then started over.

She looked up at him and smiled. She was now in front of him and so she started to move her small hands up his arms, and let her eyes wonder to his lips.

"You're the best apologizer ever, Alex," he said flatly, letting her hear the sarcasm in his voice.

"Aww, thank you, Justin," she smiled at him, and wrapped her arms around his neck. He responded by automatically putting his hands around her waist. She crinkles her eyebrows at him, a little smirk gracing her lips. "Apologizer?" She let out a laugh. "What are you? Five?"

"You know I'm not five," he whispered down to her, looking at her with those damn eyes of his.

"Prove it," she challenged her smile widening.

"You locked me in my room to mock me?" He asked her, resting his head on her forehead, and started swaying to the music. She could feel himself relax in her arms.

"No," she shook her head. "I came here to-." She cut herself off by leaning her head fort-five degrees to her left and planting her lips firmly on his.

She's of course the first one to move her lips against his, to feel how perfectly shaped they are against hers. She would almost call this a perfect Disney sitcom kiss, or at least a Teen Nick kiss. Although, they were kind of related to each other…so maybe that wouldn't work out. Oh well.

Once he realized what she had done, and started to kiss her back she pulled away with a smack, and smiled at him.

"Wellllll that was fun!" She said with a smirk resting on her face. She patted his check, and started to go around him out the door.

She was then slammed into the wooden door, which, by the way…so not cool. She felt his body pressed against the back of hers, his breath on her neck. She can't breathe, but that's ok. Her body is trapped between the door and him, and really where did he think she was going to go? She put a spell on the freggin' door.

She wiggled against him, of course she has to try and escape. He likes that. Not that he would let her escape or she would even want to. No. Alex Russo? Yeah, her. She gets what she wants. And she wants Justin. Now.

He mumbled to her, his hot and even breath running down the nape of her neck, making her tremble. "Alex, that's not why you trapped me here."

She wiggled again. This time to turn him on. "I trapped you here 'cause I can," she mumbled back defiantly.

He laughed a husky laugh, his hands holding onto her hips. "Always have to be stubborn. Just say it, Alex. Just say it and I'll do whatever you want me to."

God, that's a tempting offer. She could like…get Justin to serve her food…naked…using his abdomen as a plate. She licked her lips. Oh, wait…she could already talk him into doing that. Yeah, her lips are staying sealed.

"Hmm, you already do anything I want you to…" She gritted her teeth when she realized he didn't do what she wanted two days ago. Didn't get her the band she really wanted. "Oh wait, no. Turns out you don't," she growled, obviously still upset.

He pushed his pelvis into her ass, his hands on her hips start wrapping around her waist, almost cradling her. He rubbed his nose against her neck. "Just say it, Alex," he whispered to her, kissing her neck, and swaying to the music again as he dragged her slowly away from the door.

Once she can, she put her arms over his, and stretched her neck out so he can pleasure her more. She hummed in content, when he holds her closer. She rested her head on his shoulder, completely at ease.

Until he spins her around in his arms and faced him. He rested his forehead on hers again, and said in such a calm voice, but with such cold words, "Just say it or I'll make you scream it over and over again."

She knew what he was getting at. He was going to do his little loving torture with her. Oh, that was going to be fun though. Plus, he was Justin. Dude couldn't hurt a fly.

She's not scared of him.

"Fine, whatever I'll say it, but first…I want to ask you something," She smiled devilishly at him. He was about to shake his head, but instead decided to hear her out.

She kissed his jaw, moving her lips until she reached the shell of his ear, and huskily whispered, "When's the last time we've had…sex?"

She can feel his jaw open and close like a fish against hers, trying to form words, but he just couldn't. She nibbled on his ear and heard him groan in the back of his throat, and pressing himself closer to her. He had been hard since she first laid her lips on his, but she thought he had just gotten…harder?

"It's been seventy-four hours and counting…since we last made love." he muttered down to her, his fingers barely touching her hips now. He's frozen like a statue.

Of course he was counting, he was Justin after all. And of course he had to be firm that they always "make love." Which, she guessed they do. All she knew for a fact was that was way too long to go without even talking to each other.

Her delicate fingers brushed up and down his arms, enjoying feeling of his muscles tense under her soft touch. She locked her hands around his neck once her fingers got to his shoulders. He automatically wrapped his arms around her waist once again. Like a magnet.

She swayed her hips to the music, closing her eyes, she felt him start to sway with her. She couldn't help but press herself closer and place her head under his chin. "It's your fault it was so long," She whispered and felt him pull her closer.

"Harty har har, I wasn't the one who pulled the prank," she heard the sarcasm leak into his words, his chest rumbling with each word he spoke.

She winced, because doing a flashback to that godawful day was not what she wanted to do. So she moved her head up until her lips met the underside of his jaw. She drew the skin in with her teeth and nibbled, and he paused his swaying, going still. She moved her lips up along his jaw, suddenly needing more friction than just…this.

Her hands came down to the collar of his plaid button up shirt, and pulled him closer. "Justin, if it's any consolation you looked really cute with your cookbook and suit…but in a Justin dorky way," she smiled, grazing his ear.

"So you actually liked my cookbook?" She could feel him smile and nuzzle her with his nose. "And I didn't look like a joke?" He whispered the last part, pushing his face into the crook of her neck, starting to sway to the music again. She still felt awful for saying that, it was probably the meanest thing she had ever said to him.

"Oh no, you still looked like a dork," she giggled, and laced her fingers into his hair. Her head also moved up to put her check against his. "But you're my dork."

He tightened his hold on her and smiled against her neck. She pulled away slightly from him, looking up into his eyes. Moving her hands to his shoulders she gave him a sad smile. Taking a deep breath, she whispered up to him, "Justin, I love you."

Sorry, she tried to tell him with her eyes. By the way he was looking back at her she knew it wasn't enough. He needed to hear the actual words himself.

"I love you too, Alex," he sighed, his forehead touching hers. As she closed her eyes, she felt his lips on hers.

She pressed herself as close as possible to him, moving her hands to toying with the little hairs on the back of his neck. His lips gradually moved faster against hers, making her weak in the knees.

In this one kiss, she could feel all his frustrations from the past few days, making her whimper in the back her throat. She sucked on his bottom lip, begging for permission to work her tongue into his mouth.

She heard him groan as their tongues reunited. He moved his lips faster against hers, his tongue angrily trying to taste every part of her mouth. To consume her. He put his hands on her waist again, and slammed her roughly against the back of his door.

She let out a low groan, while his lips moved hungrily down the side of her face, licking and nipping her skin. She had never seen this urgency in Justin before.

"You…gonna…tell me," he pressed his hips into hers, now biting softly against her flesh. "How…sorry you are…,Alex?" She moaned as he started sucking on her most sensitive spot, where her neck and jaw meet. He pushed her harder up against his door while she moaned, their chests slamming into each other with each breath they took. "Or am I going to have to force the words out of your mouth?"

She squeezed her eyes shut as a low hiss came out from between her lips. She pressed her body into him, trying to get as close as physically possible. It just wasn't enough.

His lips moved up to nibble on her ear. When she didn't say anything he responded with an icy tone, "Force you it is, Alex."

Suddenly his lips were attacking hers once again, and god, she tried to put everything she wanted to say in this hot and needy kiss. His arms snaked around her slender waist, and pulled her around, once again, away from the door.

She let him guide her over to his bed. Justin practically threw her against the mattress, not once letting go of her. Once his weight came crashing down on her, and his lips hungrily latched on to her swollen ones. She knew what it was to feel really truly trapped. And she was actually fucked up enough to like it.

She dug her nails into his clothed back, and wrapped one leg around his waist. His hands tangled in her hair, pulling and gripping, to bring her face even closer to his. Their tongues were waging a war, even nastier than any hurtful word they ever yelled to each other.

She couldn't breath, and she made sure he couldn't he either. She clawed her nails even deeper into his back, causing him to hiss. It felt good to know she could cause him any form of physical pain.

One of his hands untangled itself from her hair, and worked its way down to her hip. She squeezed his biceps, encouraging him as his fingers found the bare skin of her thigh.

He lifted his head to look into her eyes, resting his forehead to hers. His eyes were closed as he tried to catch his breath. Slowly, his other hand slowly moved underneath his stolen shirt, sliding up her naked thigh.

She jumped under him, pushing her nails even harder into his back and arm, and squealed. His finger glazed her clit. "Somebody not wearing underwear?" His grey eyes lit up with mischievous excitement. "That's very…naughty," his lips ran across her, his nose pushed against hers.

"Just my way of saying how very….sorry I am," she smiled against his lips.

His finger stayed still on her thigh, while he whispered to her. "Is that you're apology?"

"Fuck no," she hissed, while the leg around his waist wrapped him closer to her.

"Good. It was a crappy one," he growled and moved his mouth against hers again, claiming her. He smiled against her lips.

His tongue ran across the bottom of her lip, almost touching her chin. She hurriedly opened her mouth to let his minty tongue touch hers.

She felt his finger plunge into her, making her eyes pop open and a muffled moan to come out of her mouth. Her hips bucked into his fingers, as they pumped in and out of her.

Sneak attack, really? Really, Justin?

She pulled on his bottom lip teasingly, and he pressed his palm into her clit. A way of telling her she made the wrong move.

She bit his lip harder, not exactly meaning to, holding back a moan. He groaned in response, drilling his palm into her clit harder. This time she didn't even try to hold back, letting out a loud breathy scream.

"So tight," he growled, and god she wanted him to talk dirty, so badly. So badly.

"Justin," she groaned, squeezing her eyes shut as he knew exactly how to press the right buttons to make her fall apart in his hands.

"Open your eyes," he commanded, and she shivered under him. When she opened her eyes, she narrowed them at him. Not giving up, she had to go down with a fight, but shit it was getting harder and harder, (pun totally intended), to not just fall apart right now.

His eyes pierced into hers, letting her know exactly who was in control of the situation. She was getting closer. "Oh fuck, Justin," she moaned, arching her back and pressing her head against the mattress.

He ground his palm harder into hers, his face a mask of determination. Fuck…she just loved him. Loved him so fucking much.

(Damned if she would admit it, though).

"Justin, I'm so close…just a little more," she grunted, moving her hips against his fingers for friction.

He stills his movements completely, his fingers frozen inside her, but a wide smirk growing on his face.

She gaped up at him, confused and dazed. Her mouth opened and closed trying to form words. She squeezed his arm as tightly as she could, her other hand clawing at his back. She hoped to draw blood.

"Say it, Alex," he ran his lips across hers, which she scowled at. He started to slide his fingers out as she laid there confused and some what pissed off.

She wanted that forbidden release…so much. The anger and frustration needed to be let out, and damn him for putting her in this position.

She wiggled her hips, getting a little friction, and his palm moved away from her clit in response. He gave her a look, a smart-ass look, one that made her adore him and hate him at the exact same time. She growled, when his smirk deepened.

She slowly felt like she was going to die without him giving her what she needed. She needed him.

She gritted her teeth together. It's just two words, she reminded herself. She heaved a sigh, narrowing her eyes at him, her teeth clenched tightly together. "I'm. Sorry." She hissed, and watched in dismay as his eyes lit up like a little boy on Christmas Day. Sickening.

"Aw, come on. No fight?" He mocked her, and she hissed at him again. "Well, now I just have to give you what you want, huh? Because it's always about our dear Alex. Anything for my Alex."

She can hear the teasing in his tone, but she just doesn't give a fuck. She wanted him so bad. "Justin," she whined, and pressed her lips to his eagerly.

She felt him move his fingers slowly in and out of her again, and she moved her hips along with his fingers. Their tongues were once again locked in another duel, she wanted more from him. So, so much more.

He pressed his palm against her clit roughly, and she let her head fall against the mattress to let out a scream. She thought she screamed out 'I'm sorry.' She's not sure, because if all she has to do is say that and then get this wonderful treatment. Well that's a pretty fucking good deal. Plus, it's not like she meant it or anything.

He curled his fingers inside of her, and that was it: she just couldn't take it. "Justin!" She screamed, feeling the release she's been waiting literally days for happened. She felt herself shake under him; hear him hiss as she bunched the fabric of his shirt tightly in her fist, it's all too much.

His lips crashed on hers before she has time to recover from the earth shattering orgasm, as he took his fingers out of her gently. Her fingers lazily move up to run through his hair, enjoying the little groans of content from him.

His wet, warm fingers traveled up her stomach, pushing up her (his?), the stolen shirt. Her leg that was still tightly wrapped around him pushed him closer, the heel of her foot digging into his ass.

She could feel each kiss he gave her was full of sweet, sweet victory. His ego was probably the size of a fucking skyscraper now. He needed to know he was still a dork. And not only that but that he was her dork.

His lips are still hungrily devouring hers, his hand inching up more, just below her breasts. He tapped the underside of her boob, and then his hand glided away to snake around her back. She held back a moan while he smirked.

He kissed down her chin, his fucking smirk never leaving his face. She growled, and he laughed against her jaw.

"Not wearing underwear? Obviously thinking you were going to get something without even apologizing. Typical Alex," he kissed her jaw, before moving down to kiss her neck, nibbling the skin there.

She used all her body strength to flip him over, catching him completely off guard.

"Umph," he coughed out as she fixed her legs, straddling him. She carefully placed her hands on his chest, shooting daggers at him with her eyes.

She leaned down, glaring at him, before whispering, "I'm fucking Alex Russo," she growled. His eyes were wide with shock. "And I get whatever the fuck I want. And you're lucky enough that I want you right now."

He winced when she cussed.

She fisted his shirt, pulling at the cloth. "Very lucky," he mumbled, before moving up to capture his lips in hers.

Her lips moved to kiss the corner of his mouth, then his chin, and moving down to his neck. Her fingers were busy, hastily trying to unbutton his shirt as fast as she could. Her lips moved in a circle around his bulging jugular vein, then nibbled.

Alex multitasked, moving from sucking and kissing to undoing his buttons…with her eyes closed. They've been doing this for so long now; she thought she knows Justin's body more than her own.

She knew where and how Justin liked things. She liked to think of herself as an expert of everything Justin. See, she knew how to make Justin groan, like…now:

She bit down on his skin lightly, and hearing a victoriously loud groan from him. She knew how to get him to touch her without saying a word. Their secret language.

She ground against his erection in his pants, and soon after his hands snaked up her thigh, his thumb pressing down into her flesh like a tiger who finally had his prey. His nails curled into the skin on her hips, keeping her tightly wound around him.

She knew he wasn't going to make another move unless she ground into him again.

Their bodies were a like chess pieces. One would make a move then the other. And it would go on and on until…Check mate. Then the game would start over again till a new victor arises.

Once her fingers ripped open the last button she tried to fling his shirt off of him, she growled when she felt another shirt under him. Justin: always putting a shirt under another shirt. Layers his clothes like a fucking girl.

Her hand moved under his shirt, finally feeling the planes of his chest. He sat up on the bed as she wrenched it off of him, and threw it in the corner of his room.

They stayed like that, Justin sitting up with Alex wrapped around him. Alex lifted her head to look him in the eyes; all she can see is a storm cloud in his irises. A lust driven storm cloud.

Her little fingers moved up his neck. Her eyes searching his. Their chests slamming into the other, catching their breath.

She wanted to say something, she just didn't know what. So instead she let her fingers talk, letting them fall to the base of his neck.

Her lips moved to his neck, sucking and nibbling. He fell back down on the mattress with a groan as she bit down on his skin. Her hands moved to his chest, as her lips continued their assault. "Alex," he hissed, causing her to smirk against him.

Her fingers continued their mission, enjoying his muscles tense under her wherever she touched him. Every groan, every hiss out of his mouth encouraged her to go on until she reached her destination. She wanted to feel him squirm underneath her.

The tips of her fingers touched the top of his pants, working her lips into his favorite spots. She quickly and hastily tried to unzip him. He bucked his hips when she accidently touched the tent in his boxers as she hurriedly was trying to take his pants off of him.

She touched his erection again, a light pressure through his boxer shorts, but this time it wasn't an accident. Another hiss escaped his lips, while her own lips work up his jaw to connect with his mouth once more.

She heard him grumble when she kissed him. "You like this?" She whispered it into the kiss. She wasn't sure if she was asking for permission, or taunting him.

His fingers moved down to her thigh, then curved around until they were touching her fingers. Then he wrapped his fingers around her wrists, using his palm to push her fingers harder against his erection.

His lips moved down her chin, peppering her with kisses, and pausing to hiss every time she squeezed his hard dick. Her hand tried to move, but was tied down by Justin's own hands. He wasn't going to let her move. Yeah, 'bout that…

She squirmed her legs down, trying to move down his body. Her hands stayed there on his dick, as she slithered her way down. She squeezed the tent in his boxers again as she felt like she was about to fall down, not trying to be so rough. He still gasped like a little girl when she did.

She snorted as she moved her head away from his, and looking down into his eyes. He looked like he was in pure bliss, his eyes rolling into the back of his head; she could even feel his hands shake around her wrists.

She smirked and moved her head down to lay a kiss on his sternum. She moved her legs an inch down at a time, and her lips followed, making a little trail downward. She squeezed him again through the thin material, feeling him shutter, then continued her travel down his body.

When she squeezed him once again, he let go of her wrists, moving his hands up her arms. She bit him lightly just above his naval, and his fingers continued up her arms. She enjoyed every little tingle she felt from his fingertips.

Her fingers finally moved the material covering him, as she pulled down his boxers (which were Captain Dorkwood by the way, and it just made her all the more eager to take them off) she let her nails lightly scratch across the sensitive organ, until his dick was completely free of his boxers. He still had his jeans and boxers on; however, they just weren't covering what she wanted now.

She squirmed against his knees, her lips going ever so slowly down, her fingers moved to grab his hips. Her lips moved at the pace of the long forgotten jazz song still going on in the background. (She downloaded the whole CD, so maybe it was a new song? She couldn't tell, they all sounded the same.)

"Faster, Alex," he commanded, his patience was obviously warring thin. So pushy.

She wrinkled her nose at his command, slowing her pace even more, smirking. His hands were now on her shoulders, giving her a couple rough squeezes there before continuing up her body.

"Alex," he warned as his fingers were grazing her neck, his thumb running along her throat.

You don't scare me, Justin. She knew better than to say that. Instead she lifted her head to look up at him, smiling. He narrowed his eyes at her, making her heart hammer in her chest. Then his fingers were in her hair, pulling ever so slightly in another warning.

She squirmed, because the way he was looking at her, fuck…too much. Her eyes glanced down at her brother's erection. Her fingers dug into his hips, licking her chapping lips.

His fingers were feather light in her hair now, waiting for her to do some kind of move. Waiting…until she moved her head down and kissed the top of his dick.

She wasted no time wrapping her lips around him, and enjoying him groan. His fingers left her scalp and she looked up to see him drilling the palm of his hands into his eyes. She snorted at that and rolled her tongue around the tip of his dick. His hips thrust upwards in response.

She grazed her teeth against the sensitive flesh, earning another loud groan. "Alex," He seemed to…beg? Well, that's kind of...new. "Too much…too good."

She led a trail of kisses down his dick, and then let her tongue lick up to twirl around the head. She could taste the salty pre-cum, which wasn't exactly the best substance in the world, but it was Justin.

"Al..ex…" He was panting now, and she looked up to see his fingers gripping into his hair, his face red, his chest breathing heavy. Fuck that was hot. It was even hotter to know she had that control over him.

She took him in as far as she could go and then drew out again, wrenching her eyes shut and flicking her tongue over the head.

"…Close," she heard him moan, and this time she froze. Did he really expect her to finish him off? Uh, duh, she was like evil. She was so not going to do that.

So she moved her mouth up, letting go of him with a pop. "Oh Justin, sorry," she emphasized the word 'sorry.' "But-"

She didn't even get to finish her sentence as he thrust her onto her back, him straddling her. His eyes pierced hers, like a bolt of lightening conjoining with her dark chocolate ones.

He narrowed his eyes, and brought his mouth down to her ear. "You can't go twisting my words around like that, Alex," his mouth touched the shell of her ear. His hands groped her through the little shirt she had on, torturing her with his talented hands. Then again they've had a lot of practice. "You did it at the cafeteria two days ago. And you did it just now."

She growled, truly getting pissed off now. How can he just say she twisted his words around, when it was him twisting her words around. God, sometimes she just wanted to choke him out.

Her hands temptingly slithered up his bare chest, moving her mouth so it was by his ear. "Listen up here dorkface, and listen good. You do not go getting some shitty ass band when I asked for some real hard core motherfucking music, Justin!" She snarled the words, noticing how he didn't even flinch. She couldn't catch him off guard like this. "And that last bit was me teasing you, because that's me, and if you have a fucking problem then how about you go fuck yourself!"

He lifted his head to look into her eyes, and then he snarled, "You are so hot when you're mad." His lips slammed on hers, his tongue probing her mouth. Her anger and venom released itself into this kiss, and when she pulled away, she glared at him.

"That was one shitty apology," she seethed, her teeth grinding together.

"So was yours," he breathed, and her resolved crumbled. She did do worse to him, fuck it wasn't fair sometimes.

She reached up to give him a tender peck on the lips, which he happily accepted from her. She moaned once his tongue grazed hers once again, tasting the sweet mintyness of him.

He pulled away from her and sat up to get something in his dresser drawer. "Justin…I'm on the pill…" She rolled her eyes at him.

Lying to your mom that your periods were irregular, just so you could get on the pill. Well, it worked is all she can say.

"That's not what I'm getting, Alex," He shook his head as he continued to rummage through his drawers. Alex held on to his other arm, and tried to see what he was getting. She peppered a few kisses on his shoulder, making him dig for whatever it was faster. "Finally," she heard him mutter and went to face her with a killer smile.

She saw what he was holding now, two shiny pairs of handcuffs. "Justin…" She looked back into his eyes to make sure he was serious.

He smiled and kissed her temple. "My Alex in handcuffs," He whispered while he grabbed one of her wrists and hooked the handcuff around it, and then enclosed it with a snap. "Well, I couldn't picture any better sight," his voice was husky, needy almost, as he pulled her cuffed wrist over to the bed post and snapped her there. She couldn't help but tug, yeah, she's stuck. Damn.

He grabbed her other hand, (with another handcuff. Who knew Justin had two? Or any for that matter. Not his girlfriend/sister that's for fucking sure…) snapping the metal gleefully around her tiny wrist. Then hooking the metal to the other bed post. Her arms were stretched out quite a bit, but damn he looked so sexy as he stared down at her. Her anger from earlier melted completely away.

His bare erection was pressed against her stomach, and she almost found it hard to breathe. Her gaze hungrily traveled over the planes of his chest. Fuck these handcuffs.

She looked up at him, shivering at the way he was looking at her. He was enjoying this a little too much.

"You forgot to take off the shirt…" She said while looking down at her shirt (It's not his anymore…fuck that).

"I could just rip it off of you," he growled while his hands started to dip under her shirt. "Just simply rip it off…"

He placed his hands over her breasts, causing her to arch her back into the touch. "I like it…" She groaned. "The shirt I mean." His thumbs encircled around her nipples as she said that.

"Too bad," he whispered, his mouth latching on to her neck. "Let's see me take away something you like," he mumbled, hypnotizing her with this husky voice.

"You're going to lose," she challenged. "This game you're playing, Justin. You're going to lose…"

"Really?" He smirked, and lifted his head to look at her.

"Really." She confirmed, holding back a moan. Because that would just be giving him what he wanted. She's not going to give him that. She can still have this small control over him.

"Funny how you think you're going to win this so called "mind game," he laughed. "Isn't it funny, Alex?"

She bit her lip, showing him she isn't going to laugh. Then, his fingers were running along her abdomen. Drawing laughter out of her, making it even harder to breathe.

His fingers then ran over her most ticklish places (fuck him for knowing them), and she's started squirming, and laughing, trying to get out of the cuffs to stop him. Screaming at him to stop, begging him to stop. Trying to sound serious, but it comes off like she's laughing. Fuck, she hates being tickled.

"Stop it, Justin!" She screamed, but cut off to laugh some more. "I will kill you if you don't stop! Murder you in your sleep!" She stopped to laugh even more, shaking in her handcuffs. "Please stop, Justin!"

She could hear him laugh, and slowed his movements. "Fuck you!" She screamed at him, her eyebrows furrowed in pure anger. He only laughed again, and she felt the strong need to connect her fist with his jaw.

He kissed her right between her eyes, then her temple in an effort to cool her down. His lips found the shell of her ear and nibbled her there. "I knew you'd think it was funny."

He won that round. Not for long.

His eyes slowly look up until that catch hers and the familiar surge of longing and love and home are in his eyes, and she's pretty sure she was mirroring him. Her breathing and heart rate go up as he started kicking off his pants along with his boxers.

He kissed up her neck, mumbling something but she couldn't make out the words. He kept mumbling it over and over. Then she heard it when he got closer to her ear, "I love you so much."

He kissed her temple and nuzzled her with his nose. She wrapped her fingers around the metal bars of his bed post. "Please, Justin." She begged, because she knew he loved that.

He kissed her temple again, causing her to get antsy waiting for him. She squirmed beneath him, closing her eyes. He was right there, all he needed was one push and he would be inside her. She squirmed once more.

Opening her mouth, she whispered, "I'm so sorry, Justin. I shouldn't have called you a joke. I shouldn't have gotten the band. I shouldn't have went behind your back. I shouldn't have lied to you that carrying a cookbook around would make you look cool. I'm sorry I'm such an annoying sister. I'm sorry I can't be a perfect girlfriend. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, Justin…"

She took a deep breath and drew it out in a long sigh. She cared more about their relationship than her stupid pride.

He pressed his lips tightly to her forehead, and then he was in her core. She clenched her walls around him, trying to keep him there forever.

"I'm sorry too, Alex," he whispered a groan, while she was grinding her teeth together to hold back a pleasure filled scream. "I'm sorry I lied to you."

She let out a loud groan in confusion. "Everything is about you, it always will be," he grunted while thrusting into her. "You're my world, Alex. Without you…god, I don't want to know a world without you."

"Justin…" She moaned, and clenched her walls once again. His head dropped to her shoulder, shaking his head. She took the time to thrust up into him, drawing another load groan out of him.

His hands moved up to find hers. Wrapping his callused hands over her handcuffs and started picking up the pace.

"Don't leave, Alex," he shook his head against her shoulder. "I'm sorry…I'm…so selfish."

She leaned her head against his, watching their body movements through hooded eyes. She trembled when he hit her g-spot, drawing a loud gasp from her. "I'm sorry I made you believe you're an annoying sister. You're not. You're…oh, per..fect."

"Justin!" She groaned letting her head drop on the pillow now, she can't even hold it up anymore. This is too good.

"I'm sorry…Alex. I'm sorry I'm not a good enough…lover," he grunted, drilling into her even faster.

Too good. She squeezed her eyes shut, biting her lip hard as she tried to figure out which way was up and which was down. She didn't care, as long as he was with her.

"I'm sorry, Alex," he whispered, and she let out a scream as he hit her most delicious spot again.

"Yo...u're…too…go..od," she cried out, her eyes staying shut. She can't remember her name. All she knew is that she lived and breathed for Justin. How she loved their back and forth banters, because it was just so typically them.

How Justin was her best friend since the day she could pronounce his name. How they "subtly" flirted with each other, it just made her come alive. How she always felt protected by him and only him. She was only home when she was in his arms. She only felt safe in his arms.

"Alex," he whispered her name, and she could feel herself coming undone. Feel herself unraveling beneath him.

"Justin," she screamed again as stars flared in her vision. Her body felt like it was shooting up to heaven. Or maybe down to hell? She's not sure which is better, she didn't care. She just didn't give a fuck, because as long as Justin was beside her it didn't matter.

He kissed up the side of her neck until his lips connected with hers. He's all around her. He's her oxygen, she can't live without him. She refused to live without him.

"My whole world," he whispered into her mouth, and she came undone.

Her orgasm ripped through her veins, washing away all the guilt, the hurt, the pain…Until it was just them. In each others arms.

It was always just them: Justin and Alex.

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