"Your girlfriend keeps getting us in trouble," Leah scoffs as she moves around in the prison Jake and she now occupy. "It's getting a bit annoying." Leah says as she paces. She looks around; this place was right out of the typical vampire movie. It was a medieval dungeon in a castle with historically gothic architecture and decoration. It made Leah queasy just thinking about all of the hellish, unspeakable things that happened in this very castle, in this very dungeon, in this very cell. She and Jake were now locked up in a space too close for comfort.

"You didn't have to come," Jake grumbles, "I asked you not to come actually."

"I wasn't going to let you go alone, and besides if I didn't go, you know who would have been all too eager to take my place, and I can't risk my brother getting hurt. Not when I could have prevented it." Leah says to him.

"You can't protect him for his whole life." Jake says.

Leah looks to Jake angrily. "Seth is still a pup, he would have no idea how to act in a situation like this. And maybe I can't protect him his whole life, but I can certainly stop him from going to get slaughtered by a coven of vampires, the biggest coven to be exact." Leah continues to pace and she plays with her charm necklace the pack had given her for her birthday. They all pitched in and got her a necklace and three charms: a wolf, a dream catcher, and a feather; each charm was a smooth silver that matched the thin chain perfectly except for the expertly carved wooden wolf which she knew exactly who made that one. Leah had gotten used to messing with it out of habit, especially the wolf charm. Her fingers seemed to like the carvings in the smooth driftwood that was used to carve the wolf. Leah quickly calmed after a few seconds of running her fingers over the wood.

Jake took notice of this and decided to drop the topic on Leah's brother, There was no point to argue, but arguing with Leah just felt so right. Arguing with Leah was one of his favorite things, he'd never admit that though, and it just came so easily to him. She would always protect Seth, and she would always sacrifice herself over him possibly getting hurt. But that's the biggest thing Jake learned to admire about Leah, she didn't care about many people, but the ones she did care about, she cared about them deeply, she gave them her all and she was always willing to sacrifice herself before letting them get hurt. That is of course the reason they were in this crappy cell together. The Volturi were going to hurt Jake, probably even drain his blood. Leah jumped out from hiding just in time to convince the coven to keep them prisoners for a bit, giving Jake a few more minutes of life. They almost killed her, killed her over him and they had Jake so all he could do was watch while one of the Volturi created pain to Leah without even touching her, without even speaking; it was the darkest form of magic or power Jake had ever seen. After the little girl was done tormenting Leah, one of the leaders stepped in and wondered why Leah hadn't cried out during the torture. He spoke to her, and she convinced him that she and Jake were more valuable to the Volturi alive rather than dead.

Jake admired her for that. She suggested that she could work for the Volturi, for them to think about how much more control they would have with a shape shifter on their side, all they would have to do was let Jake go and stop bothering the Cullens. Jake admired that the most. The Volturi of course said they had to think about it, and then proceeded to lock the pair up in a cell.

"Thanks for earlier, I don't know how I would have gotten out of that mess." Jake says.

"You probably wouldn't have." Leah smiles to him a little bit.

"Why did you suggest you work for them? Why would you do that?" Jake asks her.

"I thought it would save our lives, which it has so far. Not to mention, I figured out them really quickly, they are all about having power but still seeming like they are just royalty. Having a shapeshifter with the most powerful coven in the existence of vampires would make them that much more powerful. Plus its better I stay than you. You have a life back home."

"You do too." Jake tells her.

"Not really. Mom works a lot, and when she's not working she's sleeping or she's out. Seth is the only important thing back home and you and the rest of the pack would take care of him if I decided to stay back." Leah tells him very seriously.

"We would take care of him, but I would never ask you to give up your life for Nessie's safety, that's my job." Jake says and he is now pacing while Leah leans against the wall and watches.

Leah looks down at the cold, grey, stone floor. "It wouldn't be for Nessie's safety." She says just loud enough for him to hear it.

"Then for what?" Jake asks.

Leah looks at him. Could he really not know? She thinks to herself. Jake's completely clueless. Leah tries to think of a reason, she's not ready to put her feelings out so that her heart could get stomped on again. That would be the one thing to make this the worst mission, the worst moment of her life. She would be locked in a small cell with the guys she cares about, cares about a lot, and to know that he doesn't see her that way and that he doesn't know what to say to her anymore. Leah plays with her necklace again, this time feeling the dream catcher charm. "For La Push of course, we can't have vampires continue to venture to our territory. It's not safe for civilians, not to mention the fact that visitors will spark changes in kids younger and younger. It needs to stop, and if I'm the one who can stop it, why not?"

"But you didn't mention anything about La Push, or anyone else." Jake says as he thinks about the only subject that was discussed for Leah's servitude to the leeches. His safety. His safety for her life signed over.

"I'll obviously bring it up when they agree to the deal. You can't show them that you want too much or they won't agree." Leah says.

"Right," Jake says but somehow he's not convinced. He knows, he knows in his gut that Leah offered herself for his safety, which meant he was a part of the select few who were cared for by Leah. Jake smiles to himself and he can't help but feel honored, and special. He would never admit that to anyone though, Leah was just some girl, just a fellow pack member. That's all she should be to him, that's all she would be to him.

"What are you smiling about Black?" Leah asks with her arms crossed over her chest and she studies him.

"I was just thinking about the fact that you might be the last person I ever speak to." Jake says.

"I'm not thrilled about it either. At least you aren't a leech though." Leah says as she begins pacing now.

"The vampires aren't that bad. Well the Cullens at least." Jake says and he sits down and watches her.

"Of course now you are all team bloodsuckers, your soul mate, your reason for your whole existence is a bloodsucker." She says to him.

"Half bloodsucker." Jake corrects.

"Does it matter?" Leah asks and she leans against the cell bars. When her skin touches the cool metal she realizes how hot she is in this dungeon. She begins fanning herself. "But your image of them changed the moment your sweet Bella was turned into one."

Jake sighs. "Why do you hate Bella so much?"

"Why are you so in love with Bella?" Leah counters.

"I'm not, not anymore."

"Right, because you love Nessie now." Leah scoffs and she pushes that strange feeling she gets whenever she or anybody mentions his feelings for either one of the girls Leah didn't care much for.

"I never said I loved her. Imprinting is complicated Leah. You feel emotions the way you are supposed to feel for them. Everything you are is for them." Jake says and Leah notices the fire in his eyes has dimmed, he isn't as rebellious, he isn't so eruptive anymore, Nessie has tamed him.

"I would hate that." Leah says. "Your whole existence is to please someone, it would drive me nuts, I'm glad I haven't imprinted. I never want to. I'm my own person; no one should control how I feel."

"There are some advantages to imprinting, you'll always have someone, and suddenly you aren't so alone. Your life has a purpose now, before I was walking around in a fog unsure of my purpose and now, I know. It's a great feeling Leah." Jake says seriously.

"I don't need someone to be my purpose. I have my own purpose." Leah thinks for a bit and then smiles.

"What?" Jake asks.

"I was just thinking, you are going to be a virgin for an awfully long time Black. Poor pup." Leah teases.

"And you know for a fact that I am a virgin because…"

"You didn't fuck Bella, you didn't fuck Nessie, they are the only ones you would consider for the task, so you've waited." Leah smiles to him.

"They aren't the only ones I've considered, I am a man after all." Jake says to her.

Leah chuckles. "Barely a man. And don't you mean you are an Alpha male, your need to prove your dominance must be killing you."

It wasn't killing him, not until she mentioned it. Now he felt the need to fuck the first stranger he saw just to prove his strength. He was disgusted by this thought. Leah must have read his disgust. "Hey, it's the animal in us Jake, it's hard to control. I'm surprised you've lasted this long."

"Isn't this cute? The prisoners are quite familiar with each other Felix." The little vampire girl says in an irritating voice.

"I wouldn't mind becoming more familiar with this one." Felix says and he winks to Leah. Jake tenses up but control himself; he doesn't have the right to defend Leah.

"You are a pig Felix, she is a monster." The girl says and Leah finally remembers who she is. Leah backs up instinctively not wanting to have more pain inflicted on her.

"Newsflash Jane, so are we. I think it's amazing what happens when two monsters… come together." He stares at Leah who feels uncomfortable under his stare. However she wouldn't dare to look or move away, she was safer standing still, standing her ground and not showing any weakness.

Jake tries to control himself. He didn't like how Felix was looking at Leah as if she was something he could devour. Jake clenched his fist at his side, if these two vampires didn't leave soon, everything would be blown. Jake would lose his temper and Leah's deal would not be considered. The two of them would be killed instantly.

Leah gets an idea, and looks over to Jake. She notices his fists clenched at his side and this little notice makes Leah more nervous. If Jake lost his temper everything would be over.

Leah tries to look as cute and flirty as possible. "Maybe you should let me out Felix… so we can play." Leah pouts seductively and walks towards the bar. When she gets close, Felix reaches his arm through the bar, his hand grabs Leah's arm and pulls her against the bar. Leah lets out a small squeak in surprise. Felix gets close and smells Leah. He actually smells her. Leah tries not to shake in disgust.

"You are disgusting Felix, I can't witness anymore. Dinner is in an hour, see you then." Jane looked to Felix with a look of disgust and then she quickly rushed out of sight.

Felix smiles after finishing smelling Leah. "You smell delectable, like the wet forest ground on a hot summer day." This causes Jake to laugh and Felix responds by pulling Leah tighter against the bars. Leah gasps as her body makes impact with the steel bars. She can feel the dull ache spread throughout her body. "Tell your boyfriend to shut up." Felix threatens.

"Jake… please." Leah begs.

Suddenly Jake realized that he cared too much for the safety of Leah. It was dangerous to both of their lives for him to care about her so much. He could fear his inner wolf growing more and more restless as he continued to look at Felix and his hands on Jake's Beta. Jake was trying to control himself, the last thing he wanted was for Leah to get hurt because of a stupid, rash action from Jake. He needed to calm down. But he couldn't. All he could focus on was the excessive smell of flowers due to the leech so close in proximity, the way his hands clenched around Leah's arms and pinned her against the bars, and the way his inner wolf was screaming to come out and rip Felix to shreds.

Jake was confused by this sudden, protectiveness he felt for Leah. It scared him. He didn't like caring for things when they most likely didn't care for him back.

But didn't Leah put her life on the line to protect Jake's life? Then didn't that mean that somehow Leah cared for his life and tried to protect him.

Jake decided right there in that moment that he would never let Leah stay here and sacrifice herself for him. If Jake was leaving, so would Leah. Jake also promised himself never to let Leah get hurt. He would let Felix touch her the way he was now, but if it progressed anymore, Jake would let release his inner wolf and he'd deal with the sacrifices of shredding Felix.

Jake wasn't worried about Nessie anymore, he wasn't worried about La Push either, right now, Leah, his Beta, needed him, and he would be there for her.

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