Four years later…

Leah wakes up to a beautiful pair of warm chocolate eyes look at her from a chubby face that hadn't had the chance to lose her baby fat. The child's long black hair was beautiful and thick and hardly gave any trouble. Has it really been three years since the kid had come into her life, forever changing her world? Leah thinks.

Thankfully it had been four years without any trouble from any vampires whatsoever. According to Carlisle, Marcus is keeping his word.

"Mommy…" The little girl whispers.

Leah leans close to the girl kissing her on her cheek. "Sh, Daddy was on patrol last night. Let's go make breakfast." She suggests and picks up the little girl, quietly carrying her out of Jake and Leah's bedroom. When they were a safe distance from the room Leah began to talk to the girl. "What do you want for breakfast today Lucy?"

"Pancakes!" Lucy cheers. Leah smiles, amused by her daughter. Leah leans down and kisses the girl on her forehead.

"Pancakes it is." Leah smiles and begins making the pancakes while Lucy watches her carefully.

Just as Leah is finishing the pancakes Jake walks into the kitchen, he still looks tired but he has a smile on his face. He walks over to Lucy and kisses the top of her head. "How's my little girl?" Jake smiles.

"I'm not little anymore Daddy." Lucy corrects proudly. "Right Mommy?"

"Of course." Leah smiles to Jake. "Lucy's a big girl now."

"How could I forget?" Jake smiles to Lucy. "Forgive me?"

"Of course Daddy." Lucy turns and kisses Jake on the cheek. Jake smiles and Leah moves the plate full of pancakes to the table.

"Has Caleb not woken up yet?" Jake asks Leah. Leah shakes her head. "That baby can sleep through everything." Jake smiles proudly.

"How was patrol?" Leah asks Jake. She hadn't been on patrol since she was pregnant with Lucy. It was a miracle to get pregnant with her; many thought it would be impossible for a female werewolf to have a baby. Leah wasn't allowed to change during her pregnancy, Carlisle instructed Jake to make sure Leah didn't become upset over anything because a transformation could possibly kill the baby. And as if having one miracle baby wasn't enough, Leah had Caleb five months ago. He looked just like his father which Leah loved so much. He even had the personality of Jake, eating and sleeping were main priorities to the boy.

"Pretty boring." Jake says as he fills up two glasses of orange juice and a "big girl cup" for Lucy. "Seth is going to stop by tomorrow." Leah nods.

"Emily said she was going to pick up Luce early this morning and take her to the beach so Luce and Anna can spend the whole day together." Anna is Sam and Emily's daughter, she is only a few months older than Lucy.

Leah says and Lucy bounces up and down in her chair excitedly. The little girl suddenly becomes more anxious and begins eating quicker. "I get to show Anna my new doll!" She bounces some more.

"Yes, calm down Luce." Leah warns. "You are going to choke. You have plenty of time."

"All done!" Lucy cheers and runs to her room.

"You won't be leaving until you put your plate in the sink." Leah tells her. Lucy runs back quickly, placing the dish in the sink and kissing Leah on the cheek. Then she disappears again. Leah shakes her head and looks over to Jake. "That's your fault you know."

"How is that my fault?" Jake says as he continues to eat.

"She gets so excited about everything just like you." Leah says to Jake and bites the pancake.

"I only get excited over important things." Jake smiles. "Speaking of which, have you seen what I've done to the Rabbit?" And just like that Jake is back that fifteen year old boy constantly talking about cars, but Leah can't help but be amused by him. "New paint job. It looks so much better."

"I'll have to look at it sometime." Leah says.

"Don't sound so excited," Jake says sarcastically and smirks. Leah gives him a look that she only uses for him and continues eating.

They finish breakfast with small talk basically about the events of last night what Jake missed with the kids and what Leah missed with the pack. Jake says Felix and Aurora, a vampire the Cullens introduced into their lifestyle about two years ago, are doing well and Felix and Aurora have set a date for their wedding.

Aurora was one of the vampires Leah could tolerate, that list was becoming longer faster and faster. She was kind and she didn't mind that Felix was a mix between vampire and werewolf. She laughed at all of his jokes, even if they weren't funny, that's when Leah had seen Aurora's true love for Felix. Aurora was good for Felix, with her around Felix was calmer, happier and more pleasant to be around. Their love was the kind of love that changed each other for the good. Juliet, Aurora's human sister had told Leah that Aurora was usually angry and scared; the only reason the sisters had come to the Cullens was because Juliet had begged Aurora. Apparently some jerk had talked Aurora into believing that she loved him and one night, when Juliet was away (luckily) and Aurora's parents were asleep she invited the man over. He killed her family quickly, draining them from every bit of their blood and then left Aurora after biting her and changing her into a vampire.

Juliet is one of Leah's closest friends, which is strange because Juliet is Seth's imprint. Seth had imprinted on Juliet one night on patrol after only looking into her eyes for a second, his whole world changed and she was gone before he could speak to her. Then the Cullens came over and introduced their new family members and Seth had froze when he saw her. And the rest is history…

Seth and Nessie had tried to be a couple after the trip from Volterra but both had decided they were better as friends. Now, Nessie is traveling the world, her parents say she is extremely happy.

Jake tells Leah that both Felix and Aurora send their love. Felix promises once Aurora gets a break from the wedding planning she's coming over to spend time with Leah and the kids.

Leah cleans up the table with the help of Jake and when the last plate is washed Jake pushes Leah against the counter and kisses her. Leah smiles through the kiss and Jake's wet hands run from Leah's cheeks to the back of her neck. He pulls away from the kiss. "Good morning Lee." Jake whispers as he kisses her again. Leah pulls him closer so his body is against hers. "God, I missed you." Jake moans when her hands run under his shirt and over his torso.

"And I missed you." Leah says, kissing him again. And right on cue the baby cries. Jake groans as Leah's lips leave his. "Do you want Caleb or Lucy?"

"What does Lucy's job involve?" Jake asks as they begin to leave the kitchen hand in hand down the hall.

"Helping her pack." Leah says.

"Lucy." Jake says quickly with a smile.

"Fine." Leah smiles and walks into Caleb's room to pick up the crying baby. It never gets old what Jake will do to avoid changing a baby's diaper. Sure, he helps. He was the best father and husband Leah could ask for but he hated changing diapers. He'd do anything else in the world over changing a diaper.

Leah changes Caleb's diaper, carries him into the kitchen and begins making a bottle for him. Meanwhile the baby is playing with her hair which has become longer since she doesn't change as much as she used to. He seems amused with it, when he hits the hair and it flies up and then returns to its normal place the boy giggles. Leah smiles; she's amused by how easily the kid is entertained. Leah finishes making the bottle and begins to feed the baby in the cushioned rocker her mother had gotten her as soon as Leah had told her she was pregnant with Lucy.

The sound of a car pulling into the driveway is soon accompanied by the sound of little feet running through the house. "They are here!" Lucy cheers.

Just in time, Leah thinks, Caleb just finished his bottle. Leah stands holding the boy as Lucy runs outside. "Luce!" Leah calls and Jake jogs into the family room. He shrugs at Leah with a smile on his face. "You were supposed to watch her." Leah says jokingly mad with him.

"She's too much like you," Jake shrugs picking up Caleb and bouncing him a little trying to burp him. Leah stands up and puts a towel on his shoulder. She kisses Caleb's head and then Jake's cheek. "You can't just watch her or control her."

"Let's go say hi to Sam and Emily." Leah says as she walks out and Jake follows her lead.

"Lee-Lee!" Anna says as she squirms out of her mother's arms and runs to Leah. Leah smiles as she sees Sam holding Lucy. Leah picks up Anna and spins her around.

"It seems like Anna has missed you," Emily says with a huge smile. "She talks nonstop about your mac and cheese. I try to make her some but she loves yours so much more."

"We all love her mac and cheese." Jake says as he walks over to Sam and gives him a handshake.

"Very true." Emily nods in agreement.

Leah looks to Anna in her arms, "Well you'll have to sleep over one night this week and I can make you some." Anna nods her head excitedly. Anna favors her father so much.

"And what about the rest of us?" Sam asks as Emily hugs Leah. Leah laughs.

"You guys can come over too if you'd like." Leah offers. "A couple more people shouldn't be a problem."

"How's this little guy?" Sam asks Jake looking to Caleb.

"Refusing to burp, currently." Jake says. "But he sleeps more than Luce ever did, which we are thankful for." Jake smiles.

"Can we go to the beach now?" Lucy asks eagerly and Sam laughs.

"Yes we can." He answers. "Come on Anna, we'll see Lee-Lee later." Leah puts Anna down and she runs to Emily.

"See you guys later!" Leah calls as they load into the car. "Behave Luce!" She calls as the doors close and they pull out of the drive.

Jake walks over to her and wraps his free arm around her, she leans into him. "Too bad we can't get rid of this one…" Jake whispers.

"And why is that?" Leah asks giggling.

"I miss you Lee." He whispers into her ear.

"I'm right here." She giggles and spins out of his arms. She takes Caleb and then the towel. She bounces him once and he burps onto the towel. "Always has been a Mommy's boy." Leah says proudly as she begins to walk into the house.

"You are avoiding the conversation." Jake groans as he follows her into the house.

"I'm not avoiding the conversation… I don't understand. I'm right here, how could you miss me?" She smirks as she continues walking. "Come on Caleb, Daddy's horny again." She smiles.

"Nice language." Jake says as she sets Caleb in his play pen, she walks into Caleb's nursery and begins packing some of his clothes into a bag.

"I mean, I miss all of you." Jake says grabbing her waist and pulling her against him. He leans close to her ear and nips it playfully. "It's been a while, Lee."

Leah giggles. "I'd hardly call it a while. Wasn't it the other day?"

"Four days to be exact." Jake says. Leave it to him to keep track, Leah thinks.

"Aren't you tired?" She asks. "You had patrol until four thirty this morning and Luce woke us up early this morning."

"I'm never tired. Not when it comes to this." Jake winks.

"But you are tired when it comes to changing diapers?" Leah says with a laugh and spins out of his arms again, grabbing Caleb's pajamas.

"Um… yes." Jake says and watches her. Was she packing Caleb's stuff? Why? Jake leans against the wall admiring her. He hadn't thought he could love her more four years ago, but then he found out about Luce and Jake swears his love for her grew ten times that day. And now, after she had given him two children and she still loved and supported him no matter what, she's even more beautiful every day. Jake would like to not be so needy, I mean four days was nothing really. He'd definitely gone longer than four days but he couldn't help himself, she was so damn beautiful all the time even without trying. As hard as it was keeping up with two kids right now, he wanted more and he knew Leah did too. But they didn't want to be greedy; it was a miracle to have both Lucy and Caleb. But maybe they would have one or two more miracles? Someday…

Leah smirks to him as if knowing what he is thinking. "Mom called yesterday."

"How is she?" Jake asks politely.

"Fine, she misses the kids." She says.

Jake nods. "She should come over soon."

Leah smiles, "I'm sure she'd like that. We could have her sleepover tonight."

Jake shrugs, "If that would make you happy."

Leah walks up to him and wraps her arms around his neck. She leans her body against his. "You gave in that easily? I thought you'd fight a little harder Black." She smirks as she nips his neck playfully.

"You didn't seem interested. And bringing your mom up is kind of… a turn off, Black." Jake smirks to her. Leah loves when he called her Black. It acts as a little reminder that this is really her life, that she is really married to this amazing man with two amazing kids living in a simple but beautiful house.

Leah leans close to him taking in his smell, forest and mint toothpaste. "Well… what I was going to tell you is that as soon as she heard Luce was going to be gone, she insisted on coming over and taking Caleb off our hands so we could have the day and night to ourselves…" Leah says and smirks as his face changes with this new knowledge. "Still a turn off?" She smiles, kissing him.

She pulls away. "She'll be here any minute and I have to finish packing his stuff. If you change Caleb's diaper you can choose what we do today." She smiles.

"Deal." He says quickly and runs to go grab Caleb. Leah laughs as she finishes packing Caleb's stuff.

As soon as Jake finishes changing Caleb's diaper a car pulls into the drive. "That must be Mom." Leah says. "You got him?" Jake nods. Leah grabs his bag and walks out to the porch.

"Hey Mom!" Leah greets her. Sue walks up and hugs Leah. "Thanks for coming."

"You and Jake need to have some time alone sometimes. And I was starting to miss them. Now I get to spend some time with Caleb." She smiles. She looks to Jake and reaches out her arms to take Caleb. "And how are you Jake?"

"Very good. Especially since your daughter told me you were going to take Caleb off our hands for the rest of the day." He says and wraps his arms around Leah. "I love those kids but…" He leaves the rest to be implied.

Sue laughs. "Of course. I remember desperately wishing my mother would take Leah and Seth off my hands every once in a while. Speaking of Seth… have you talked to him lately?"

"Not since two days ago. Why?" Leah asks.

Sue shrugs. "I think he's going to propose to Juliet."

"Really? Did he say something?" Leah asks.

"He asked me about your grandmother's ring, asked if I still had it and would let him give it to someone someday." Sue says. "I guess I should have expected it after the imprint. I just didn't think my little baby would be growing up this fast."

"It's not like he's moving away." Leah says. "He'll still be close by."

Sue nods. "I know. Well we'll talk tomorrow. You two enjoy your day together. I still remember Caleb's schedule from the last time I watched him." She smiles taking the bag from Leah.

"Thanks Mom." Leah says hugging her mother again. "I love you." She then kisses Caleb. "Be good," she tells the boy and kisses him again. Jake kisses Caleb and then wraps his arms back around Leah. "Love you!" Leah calls as Sue loads Caleb into the car and pulls out of the driveway.

"Now what?" Leah asks. Jake answers her by moving her hair away from her neck and then kissing it. "Of course…" She sighs.

"Remember your promise. I get to decide what we do today." Jake reminds.

"Of course. And this is fun and all, I just was curious if you'd be a little more creative." Leah says.

"Oh… I'm very creative." He says pulling her into the house. "Go grab a bathing suit and put it on. We're going out."

"Where?" Leah says. "I don't really want to go to the beach if all of them will be there."

Jake shakes his head. "No beach. But it's a surprise. Get a bathing suit on and pack a bit of food. I gotta run to the store. I'll be back in a few minutes."

"You're going to leave me?" Leah asks him.

"Something tells me you can handle yourself…" Jake says. "Go on. I'll be back before you know it."

It takes Jake thirty minutes to get back; meanwhile Leah has been anxious to know what he is planning. He had texted her five minutes after he left "Also pack you and me a change of clothes." And ten minutes ago, "Stop worrying. Trust me."

He knew her too well; Leah thinks as she paces in the house, bags packed with clothes and food.

The car pulls into the drive and Leah runs out with the bags. "A few minutes Jake?" She asks him and he smiles to her.

"Miss me Lee?" He smirks. "Food and clothes?" He asks referring to the bags. Leah nods and he loads the two bags into the car. "I'm going to go change, be right back." He leaves and in a minute he is back. "Ready?"

"Where are we going?" Leah asks as she gets into the car.

"It's a surprise remember?" Jake smiles.

They drive for about ten minutes, through forests and past rivers. Leah looks to him questioningly. "Stop worrying." Jake smiles.

"I'd just like to know where we are going." Leah pouts.

"You trust me don't you?" Jake asks as he makes a sharp turn onto a narrow road.

"Of course I do." Leah says as the car stops she eagerly looks around, there's nothing around them.

"Then stop worrying." Jake says. "We'll have to walk the rest of the way." He puts the car in park. He goes and opens Leah's car door. He reaches his hand out for her to take. When she does he throws her on his back piggy back style.

"What are you up to?" Leah whispers in his ears.

"You'll see." He smiles. Then he starts walking up the mountain with her on his back.

"The bags!" Leah reminds.

Jake nods. "I'll come back for them."

It's about a five minute walk and then Jake stops. Leah jumps down and looks around. The first thing she notices is the sound of running water. A waterfall maybe? Then she sees the waterfall, it is huge how had she never been here before? She looks around more and sees underneath a couple of trees a canopy is set up with pillows he must have taken from the house, and some he must have bought. Leah notices a fire pit for when it gets dark and a trail of lights as well. She spins to look at Jake and she is stunned when he is holding a single, huge red tulip in his hand.

"You…" Leah smiles.

"Me." Jake shrugs. She runs into his arms and snuggles against his chest.

"God, I love you." She tells him and looks up to him. "How long have you been planning this?"

"Well I came across this a month or two ago. Staking it out to see if anyone comes up here, they don't. It seems to be a hidden treasure. I started putting some stuff away for when we were alone the next time. I didn't think it would be this soon though." Jake smiles.

Leah throws he arms around his neck and kisses him. "You're so wonderful."

"I know." Jake says through the kiss. "And you thought I couldn't be creative."

"I shouldn't have doubted you…" Leah says. "So we can stay up here all day?"

"And all night." Jake nods. "Hence the food and the clothes. Which I need to go get. Wait right here." He says and runs to get them.

Jake makes it back quickly and as soon as he gets there Leah jumps onto him, wrapping her legs around his waist. She kisses him and he kisses back. Leah's hands run through his hair, god he loved that. After a while of intense making out Jake pulls away. "We could go swimming first…" He suggests but he knows his heart isn't really in it.

She knows too. "I don't want to swim right now." Leah says dropping from him and pulling him to the canopy. "I want you." She whispers seductively in his ear and that's all Jake needs. He grabs her waist, pulling her body against his, leading them down onto the pillows. He kisses her everywhere, can't get enough of her. Then he kisses her on her lips again making her moan.

"I love you." He whispers through the kiss.

The End

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