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[Chapter Three: Pick Them Up and Start Anew]

Neadas fluttered up to one of the clouds, sitting on it and drawing her knees to her chest. The metal of her prosthetics dug harshly into her skin, and she could hear the soft, constant, whirrs and beeps of the machines that kept her alive. "More machine then organic..." she muttered to herself, eyes squeezing shut. "A 'little birdy'... Not anyone important... Not anyone to care about... Justa fairy..."

Neadas hadn't heard anyone come in, so when she felt a hand gently touch her back, she was startled, falling face first into the 'cloud'. Someone behind her meeped, reaching over and righting her. "I'm sorry... You seemed sad..." A voice said softly, one Neadas recognized as belonging to that 'Serdurni' woman. Neadas turned, wiping tears away from her good eye. "I am..." she whispered.

Neadas noticed that the woman was holding herself aloft with her wings, one hand out in an offer to hold the fairy. Rather then complaining, Neadas crawled onto the hand, hugging the woman's thumb. "Would you like to come to my room?" Serdurni offered. "I still have to go and get Maranka, but you can wait in there if you don't want to come with me. Or... You could stay here, but it seems lonely..." Serdurni sounded genuinely sad, so Neadas put on as comforting a look as she could, even with a breather obscuring most of her face.

"It's alright, I'll wait in your room," Neadas responded. Serdurni smiled faintly, carrying her in and setting her on the bed, next to the little girl with white hair- Lana, was it? As Serdurni walked out, Neadas looked at the little girl.

She was crying, Neadas realized with a shock. Silently, and motionlessly, head turned down to hide her tears, but from this angle, Neadas could tell. The little kitten Neadas had seen earlier was standing in front of the girl, front paws on her chest for balance, licking her cheek comfortingly. Neadas stood carefully, hesitantly wrapping her arms as far around the small girl as they would go- which was only about halfway. "Do you want to talk about it?" Neadas asked softly.

Little Lana sniffled. "Want Kel... Want Kel, an' Dal-dal, an' Felix, an' Threshy... Scared.." She sniffled again, and Neadas reached up, brushing the tears away with her organic hand. "I know, little one... I'm scared too. But we're gonna go home, okay? We're gonna get better, and we're going to go home. Alright?" Lana sniffled, but nodded, just as the door opened once more.

Maranka and Serdurni came in, sitting on the bed next to them. "Hey..." Serdurni started, "You two alright?" The kitten nodded. "Lana was a little upset, but Neadasyrek here managed to help her calm down a little." Neadas blushed slightly. "I just hugged her.." she muttered. Serdurni smiled gently. "That was kind of you, Neadasyrek." Neadas sighed, nodding.

"Right. Why'd you bring us in here, Serdurni?" This voice wasn't as pleasant. It was rather.. Mean sounding, as if the speaker didn't know how to sound friendly. Serdurni fidgeted slightly, seeming to be nervous. "Well... I thought you guys might be lonely... And to be honest, I kinda was myself..."

Neadas smiled behind her mask, not that anyone could see it. "I was, at least. Thank you for inviting me in here, miss Serdurni." Maranka nodded after a moment. "It is... Somewhat pleasant to be in the company of others, I will admit. Silence is... Eery."

Serdurni smiled in a somewhat relieved manner. "I know what you mean... I've gotten so used to noise these past few months, the absence of it... Bothers me." Neadas nodded in agreement. "It's been at least sixty four of your years since I was able to be in complete silence without panicking. Noise is... Nice."

"'s... Boring, here," Serdurni commented. "There's no room to fly, or run." Maranka nodded in agreement. "I've tried teleporting out, but I can't phase through the walls here. It's... Annoying." With that, the three chatted for a while, never noticing as a smile spread across the face of the little girl.