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Jack looked at the looming figure of Radiata Castle from where he stood. On his right shoulder, he hung his knapsack that was filled with the same things he had when he first came to the castle-town. He remembered everything clearly, as if it had all happened just a few days ago. He remembered how he joined the Royal Radiata Knight selection trials. He remembered how he had his ass handed to him in the first round, more so by a girl!

Jack couldn't believe it at first. He had trained for that one single day and it was like he barely even put up a fight. At that moment, Jack was ready to go home and just tell his older sister Adele just exactly what happened. But due to the high expectations of Lord Larks, Jack was chosen, as well as the winner of the tournament who was the woman who beat him, Ridley Silverlake.

From there on, Jack had all kinds of adventures. In only a matter of days, he had gone from being a night to a member of Theator Vancoor, the warrior guild. And from there, he thought back on all the jobs and tasks he took on. He even made it to the rank of sergeant after a short amount of time. Jack had earned the respect of many of the members of the guild over the course of his stay within Radiata, even Elwen who led the guild. And then came that fateful night in which he had to choose the path he was to take. It was either to go with Ridley, or to stay in Radiata. Jack thought she was going through a rebellious phase, but apparently, she was serious in siding with the fairy creatures.

But Jack had made his choice. He had chosen to stay in Radiata. And where it led him, Jack regretted. He had to fight innocent people, even have to face those of the fairy creatures who he had made friends with. But the greatest despair that Jack had experienced was not from having to fight his friends but came from the knowledge that he eventually had to fight Ridley.

Jack bit his lips and tried to hold back a whimper as he looked at the castle and collected his thoughts, sifting through his memories. Despite the fact that he was standing here, looking strong and proud, he was devastated deep inside. The memory of Ridley falling after being shot by Aphelion with a magic blast played itself in his head. It was this one moment that if Jack could change that he would do so in a heartbeat. It was so painful to watch Ridley, and to realize how powerless he was in the face of such a creature.

Aphelion...! his thoughts screamed out the name he had now hated so much.

But he had defeated Aphelion. He was already gone, as well as all the other dragons. But even if Aphelion did meet death at his hands, Jack did not at all feel satisfied. He loathed himself for all that he had done, and all that he had failed to do. He had chosen to stay with the humans and worse, he failed to protect Ridley. This was all due to him. He kept running it through his head, playing it all out over and over again like a broken record. Where did it all go wrong? Why did this have to happen?

Tears began to roll down his face as the emotions that built up inside of him began to surface. Thinking about what had happened to Ridley really hit the spot. Ever since that battle at the City of White Nights, he had tried to be strong. He held back the smallest urge to cry. But now, what was left for him? Radiata would never be the same for him without Ridley. And even if he had become a well-known public figure, who was there to be at his side after all the hardships and success? Jack did not want to face life alone. He couldn't face a life that didn't have Ridley as part of it.

He let go of his knapsack and let it fall to the ground, keeping the Arbitrator in his grip. He sat down and gazed at his father's legendary blade. After all these years, it had always been there ever since his father, Cairn, had died. It looked the same as always, like it had withstood the wear and tear of the elements and of time. This was the only thing he had left of his father.

"Dad..." he said softly. "What do I do...?" Jack raised the sword in front of him, talking to it like it was a representation of his father.

He stared at the sword for a few seconds and sighed. "Of course. You're nothing but a sword. You'd never answer my questions."

Jack then felt a small rumbling in his stomach. "I guess I really haven't been eating much ever since that night..." he said to himself. He reached for his bag and sifted through whatever he had shoved in it. Luckily for him, there was an entire loaf of bread that he had bought before he left the town. Well, he bought it because he didn't plan on going back to his village anyway.

As he pulled it out, a small piece of folded paper fell onto the ground. He noticed it and picked it up, unfolding it slowly to find that there was something written there. He took a bite out of the loaf and placed it down on his lap then began to read the contents of the letter.

"Dear Jack,

If you are reading this letter, then you may already be far-gone from Radiata. If you are, then I assume that there is not a chance that I can persuade you to stay. I understand what you have been going through. You've lost someone your heart yearns for. You've lost a loved one.

It hurts deep down, does it not? Does it feel like you want to just take a blade and ram it through your heart so that the pain stops? But know this, Jack... death is not the answer. Wishing for it all to end is never the way to go about things. Even if it does hurt, you need to understand everything that had happened to you. You need to understand what you have done is unchangeable. But most of all, you need to understand what it was you fought for.

I saw it in you. You fought valiantly on the field of battle but I did not witness any malice in your blows. You wanted to live through it so you decided to fight, but at the same time you also did not want to raise your blade against those who we fought, those who some of which had become your friends. I know the feeling as well... some of them were my friends, as well. But there was something about you that was quite visible... you were fighting for something, no... for someone.

You raised your blade to defeat them but underneath all that I saw that you were desperately trying to cut a path towards someone. You wanted to fight through everything to get to her. You fought for her, Jack. You fought for her, and that's what matters the most. Your intentions were pure.

I hope that you will pick yourself up and rise to the occasion like you always do! After all, I did not call you 'the one' for nothing. There is just something about you that tells me that as long as you persevere, good things will happen. Nay, even miracles!

So... I propose this to you. Get up and embark on a new adventure to find what you are looking for, or lay down and die. It is your choice. I have departed for the north, to lands unknown to you. I tell you this with confidence that I know you will follow. If you truly want to discover the 'truth', then I know you will heed my call.


Jack shoved the last piece of bread into his mouth and stood up. He tore the letter furiously into pieces and let them glide away with the wind. He picked up his sword and his knapsack, and began to walk.

"Looks like the wind is blowing to the north." he said to himself. He began to walk forward once again. This time, not away from his problems, but towards where the wind blew. To the north.

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