It was cold outside, and their small shack was even smaller tonight, it seemed. There was a never-ending chill for both of them. The kind of cold that chills you right down to the bone. It grabbed them and refused to let go. Its nights like this that makes you crave warmth, especially the warmth of another person. Suffice it to say, what happened that night was practically inevitable to both parties involved.



"I'm cold." Haku was standing in the doorway of Zabuza's bedroom in their tiny hovel. He was the only one with a bedroom. Haku slept in the kitchen on a tiny futon that he'd had since he was ten. He barely fit now, since he was a growing boy. Consequently, his blankets didn't quite fit him anymore, either.

"And?" Zabuza sounded disgruntled from being woken up so abruptly. He did turn to look at him, though. Haku could barely make out the man's eyes in the pitch black of the room, but he could only hope that he wasn't too upset.

"Can I sleep in here with you?" He asked sheepishly. He stepped closer to the man's bed, wrapping his arms around his shoulders. It was a last ditch effort to warm himself. Normally he wouldn't bother his master with such foolishness, but he was just so cold. Zabuza pulled his blankets back without a word.

At first, Haku was shocked. He had suspected that the shinobi would scoff at his weakness, tell him to go back to his futon and suffer through it like a man. Perhaps he was thinking too harshly of his master. How silly of him! His master was a kind and generous man! Oh, who was he kidding? Obviously, himself.

He crawled inside of the sheets, the warmth of them enveloping him in a rush of comfort. He sighed loudly, snuggling down into the pillow. It was like heaven to him! Soft cotton sheets, so much better than his scratchy wool blanket. The warmth from Zabuza's body was all around him…Zabuza's body! Oh, Kami! How close he was…the one man, the one human being that his whole world revolved around. In a brave move, he turned to face his master, and reached up to touch his unwrapped face.

"Arigatou, Zabuza-danna! I'm so grateful. You're so good to me." He smiled softly. The other man's face was stoic, and he was silent for a few moments. When he finally spoke, what he said shocked Haku, and it will shock you, too.

"Don't lie, Haku. I'm wretched to you." He mumbled, scowling at the wall above Haku's head. "I've always been rotten to you."

Haku gasped. "N-No! Senpai, that's not true at all! You took me in! You trained me, you fed me! You gave me shelter, a meaning for my life-" A large, calloused hand covered his mouth.

"I took your life from you. I forced you to kill. To do my bidding. I soiled you. You walk around here like a fucking angel. You're hair," He grabbed a lock of chocolate brown hair, "your eyes…Haku, you're fucking beautiful, and I stole your innocence away from you. Don't fucking thank me for that! You act like I walk on water…like I'm some kind of god! I'm not, kid. I'm far from it. I'm a dirty disgusting demon, and I taint you with every touch."

Haku was shocked. His tiny mouth was hanging open, and his doe brown eyes were wide and shining with what possibly could've been unshed tears. He began to stroke the other man's face, smiling sadly.

"Zabuza-danna. You don't taint me with every touch…you make me come alive. As for my innocence…you don't have that yet. But I would willingly give it to you." He blushed, covering his mouth coyly. Zabuza's eyes widened, as Haku layed back on the bed, his arms over his head. His kimono had opened up, revealing a sliver of pale, delicate skin. Zabuza swallowed thickly.


"Take me, Master…I'm yours."