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Chapter 1: Everything is perfect

The laughter filled the room as I exited my house in silence. From the pure happiness in the family room, I doubted anyone acknowledge my sudden disappearance. I walked down the stairs of my porch and inhale the cold dark night. The visible white smoky air traveled out my mouth wildly as I exhaled slowly. I ignore my conscious that demanded a jacket on this cold night and wrapped my arms around my body. I dragged slowly to my father's car and leaned against it. I looked up to the sky and examined the promising stars that seem to be there every time I looked up. I heard my front door creaked open and footsteps coming down the stairs towards me. I would have glance to the unknown figure to see his or her features but being back home felt familiar and I knew who exactly it was.

"It's like old times Huh?" He didn't seem to really want an answer so I kept silence. He seemed to be in his thoughts before he spoke again. "You know, when I watched you go on the stage to get your diploma two nights ago; I just couldn't believe you were still the same little girl that stood here with me and watched the stars together." I finally looked at my father as I saw his eyes glancing up towards the stars.

"You'll be surprised how much your little girl hasn't changed. I still catch myself at PCA looking at the stars, and now I'm caught doing it again." I chuckled lightly at our weird tradition.

"I'm proud of you Zoey. I know at first I was hard on you about your education, but I wanted you to be the best." My dad finally looked down to lock his blue eyes with mines. He places his hand on my shoulder. "Two nights ago, I couldn't stop crying. I felt like a big baby." My eyes popped in pure shock as I burst into laughter. At first he glared at me but his mouth twitched as he pulled out a warm smile. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, laugh at your old pops, I know." I smiled as he continued. "I just knew that instead of wanting the best, I just wanted what's best for you." He said sincerely. I almost felt my eyes filling with water but I forced it away and hugged my father.

"Thank you." I whispered as he rubbed my back. He parted first and looked at me with a puzzled expression.

"Alright, I already said what I needed to say, what about you?" He took a step back and crosses his arms against his chest. I shook my head and looked down. "What's the matter?" My father paused. "All today you were having a great time. Chase finally got to meet us. Surprisingly your mother and I love him. He seems to have a great time in the family room as we speak. You're done with school till college." He listed as he continued on his rant of things I should be happy about.

"I know dad!" I cut him off. "I am for all those things; I just don't know what's next. I know that I'm getting ready for college but Chase and I finally got to be with each other and knowing that our time is limited he's now moving too fast for me." I explained.

"Oh my gosh. My little girl doing…did Chase try to force himself on you! I'm going to beat-

"Dad, I don't like discussing something like that with you!" I shook my head vigorously as I tried to take the image out of my head. "We haven't done anything like that." I corrected. "I just want to find answers." I sighed in defeat.

My father walked closer to me, wrapped one of his arms around me and sighed to move pass the previous topic. "What do you want to know sweetheart."

"I just want to know when you and mom knew that you guys were more serious than you guys may have thought in your relationship." I asked. My father looks forward to nothing in particular and sighs as he reminisces.

"Zoey, when you love someone, sometimes you don't need to have words to describe the way you feel but you just know its right. When your mom and I got serious we didn't verbally say that we need to take it to the next step but we felt that we needed to. That's when I knew I was going to ask your mother to marry me." He smiled down at me as I nodded my head and agreed.

"Chase asked me if he can follow me, wherever I go. I love him but I don't think I love him the way he loves me." I whispered.

"I'm not trying to force you to do anything but Chase seem to be a great guy. I think you're scared that maybe you're falling for him. I see the way he looks at you, and I agree. He may love you more than you love him but if you guys continue to be with each other, you might be able to return the love." He explained. I rolled my eyes and place my hands against my face in frustration. "But…" He removed my hands away from my face. " This is about your happiness, if you know it's not Chase than there's no point into sticking around, especially when he's going to be your childhood past in the next couple of months. Trust me, you will know when you found the right person and when you do, I will be very supportive." My father kissed me on the forehead. I smiled and hugged him. I heard the front door open; my father and I glance up to see Chase on the porch with one of his hands in his pocket and the other one holding my jacket. I smiled as a warm feeling crept into my stomach.

"Wow, how nice of you Chase to bring me a jacket." My father let go of me and walks to the porch. Chase face got red in nervous and chuckled lightly.

"Sorry, I didn't know-

"I'm just kidding you." He reached the top of the stairs and patted Chase on the back. "I'll let you guys have your alone time." My father nudges Chase on the arm with his elbow and walked in the house. Chase smiled at me nervously and walked down the porch. I met him halfway and he held out my jacket. Before I could take my jacket away from him, he walked to my side and opened my jacket for me. I rolled my eyes and place my arms into the sleeves as he helped place it on my body.

"I love your family." Chase started. I sighed.

"I do too." I nodded my head as I felt awkward having the type of conversation with my dad and suddenly talking to my boyfriend. I looked into Chase's eyes and saw warmth in them but I didn't feel the energy flowing into me. Chase gave me butterflies periodically only because he does corny things that I am not use to experiencing. I thought of what my father said and I felt guilt running through my body as today may be our last.


"Wait Zoey before you speak, I wanted to say something." Chase's voice seems serious and I didn't know how to react. "Last time I expose any of my feelings for you was when you were behind a computer, millions miles away. I knew it wasn't right and although I was relieved that you finally got to hear how much I love you, I wanted to tell you in person." He scooted closer to me as parts of my body had to resist into not backing away from him.

"Chase-"I tried again but it was cut once more.

"I really am in love with you Zoey. I feel like I'm the luckiest guy in the world right now having someone like you. I mean, you being my best friend was all I can ask for but a girlfriend? I'm just blow away by the simplest things, about the way you look, the way you make me feel, even the way you laugh." He placed one of his hands on my face and before I could react he kneeled down slowly to one knee. My whole body was frozen and I couldn't breathe suddenly. My lips parted in shock and I wanted to pull him up. He took out a small black case and revealed a diamond ring. I closed my eyes for a second just to verify if the situation was real, unfortunately for me it was.

"Zoey Lynn Brooks, will you marry me?" He watched my eyes in search for my response. If my eyes could reveal the way I was felt internally, I would have left the boy disappointed but my dad's advice was in the back of my mind. I needed to stay longer maybe. If we don't say our mind, everything is perfect.

"Yes." I whispered.

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