Chapter 4: Recovery

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Zoey's POV

I manage to press the fragile metal knob of the toilet with my dead weight arm. I let my arm swing back to collapse on the floor, absorbing the cool sensation coming from beneath. I hear the roar of the toilet disposing what was left of my, barely eaten, breakfast. I attempted to wipe off the sweats from my forehead but I felt my hair strands glued to my face, so I dropped my hands in defeat. My breathing was fast and irregular. I tilted my head back slightly, looking to where I knew the door was located. The door was halfway open and after the vibration from the toilet has stopped, I listened for any human activity from the other room. Unfortunately, I released Chase too soon to go to the store. I closed my eyes in preparation to restore my strength. I did a slight sit-up and grasp the side of the toilet to prevent from tumbling back down. My head started pounding as my sight became faintly blurry as the blood drain down from my head. I sat for a moment before I attempted to stand up.

I held the wall as I walked towards my room. My posture was weak and bent as I had one hand on my stomach and the other one of the wall. I found my room and power walked to the bed right before my leg gave out and sent me head first onto my comforter. I was capable to pull my body onto the bed but it took a lot of energy out of me. I tried to get comfortable and looked at the time. Chase was only gone for about twenty minutes, but in my mind I converted that into hours. Next to the clock was a glass a water that Chase settled down before he left, telling me that I needed to avoid dehydration. I reached for glass but saw my cell phone lying near it and picked the device instead.

Chase's POV

I found the "closest" corner store near Zoey's apartment six blocks away. The long blocks only consist of fast food stops and other rented housing. The walking trip was not much of a view but made me discover that I didn't know my way around this part of Los Angeles. I have been here almost every weekend at Zoey's and so not knowing where the corner store, left me in shame. I held a gallon of water in my hand with cans of soup and medicine in the shopping basket in my other. I waited in the line patiently but Zoey's sickness was still in the back of my head. I glanced up at the television that hung in the corner near the cash register. I stare at it in half interest since it was the only source that kept my mind off the three people in front of me. The news was on and the subtitles were appearing violently as the television was set on mute. A loud ringer broke the silence, which startled me, and I only realized that it was mine phone. I clumsily bumped the person behind to only bend down to get my phone from my pocket.

"I'm so sorry." I was confused of why I can be so clumsy. A middle age woman only scowled at me and completely dismissed my apology. I was taken back to the lady's reaction that I almost forgot to answer the phone. "Hello?" I glared at the lady for not taking my kindness in consideration and turned forward slowly.

"Hey fiancé." I can hear the smile under her hoarse voice. The tone was bittersweet since I was glad to hear her voice but didn't like that she have to put all her energy into the conversation.

"Wow, it sounds weird when you say it." I felt my lips twitching to stretch out my simple smile. A person walked out and the line moved forward.

"Well, I'm sorry. Should we just call it off then since you don't seem to like the title?" I rolled my eyes and compose myself not to be sassy in front of everyone. Her coughs cause me to forget the remark I was prepare to use. Her cough didn't sound better and I frown suddenly. She heard my silence and indicated that I was anger. "I was just kidding Chase." She squeezed through before she coughed again.

"I know you are." Another person walked off making me a step closer to the register. I settled my cell phone between my neck and left shoulder cap as I reached for my wallet from my pocket, but this time in consideration of the lady behind me. "I just don't like the way you sound. I thought you would get better." I pulled out my debit card.

"I did get better." She countered. "Instead of puking for about an half an hour straight, I'm puking about twenty." I knew if I was with her I can see her trying to put on a tiny smirk.

"That's probably because you aren't eating properly." I glanced around my surrounding as a common habit when I'm talking on the phone. "You have nothing to puke up anymore." I sense the guy tense up at my words and turning slightly behind to glance at me. He wasn't aware that I was already looking at him to give him a small smile and looked forward immediately. I shook my head and contain the laughter that tried to escape.

"True." I heard her sigh and gave a minor pause before speaking. "Are you coming home soon?" I laughed as she didn't have difficulties releasing any frustration. The line moved forward once more and I was soon going to be next in line.

"Yes, I am about to pay for your things right now." I thought there a need to emphasize that I did make the trip for her.

"I hope you remember why I'm sick in the first place." She said quickly. I put my wallet back into my pocket with my debit card still in my hand and grab my phone to straighten my neck. I sighed.

"I see you soon honey." I teased playfully.

"I better, honey." She teased back. I hung up the phone and placed it in my pocket. I glanced to the television once more and noticed the news was still on focusing on a new topic. I read the subtitles to learn that a son of a highy respectable man almost beaten a camera man to death. I shook my head and the guy in front strolled off and I step forward. I put the gallon water on the counter and the shopping basket.

"Did you find everything okay?" The guy kept his eyes on the cash register as he scanned the products. I nodded my head and glance back up television. The news switched to a clip that a pedestrian recorded with his cell phone. "Yeah, they have been showing that all morning." I faced back to the cashier. He smiled at me as he caught my interest of the television. I was somewhat embarrassed to find the topic amusing.

"Really?" I was undeniable annoyed that news broadcaster lost things to talk about and settled to focus on insignificant things like this. "Is it that important to constantly reissue this topic to the public?"

"Your total comes out to being twelve dollars and thirty-two cents." I handed him the debit card and was surprised that my question was answered not by the cashier but the lady behind me.

"Of course they feel like they have to. This is the son of Mr. Reese. The most self centered people in Hollywood. I bet they planned this preposterous event just to appear on television once more." It was clear that the lady really held genuine hatred but that wasn't what troubles me. It was who she was referring too. I step out of line for a second to get a closer view of the television. I watch carefully towards the public bully. The angle from the pedestrian captures cops entering the shot yelling to the figure to raise his hands. The shot zoomed in suddenly and it was clear for everyone that it was Logan Reese.

"Oh my gosh." I felt my mouth dropped in awe and I didn't have the control anymore to close it. "I know that guy." I whispered.

"Don't we all?" My whisper was louder than intended. The lady hissed as I claim to state the obvious to her. I ignored her as I tried to decide on my actions.

"I need to go." I said out loud but to me in particular as I tried storming out the door.

"Sir, your things!" the cashier shouted after me. I stopped at my tracks and ran back feeling really stupid and reckless. I tripped on my own shoes and struggled to regain my balance again. The counter broke my fall as I sprawl against the countertop. I stood up quickly in humiliation and grabbed my things and I tried to run away but was halted once more. "and your debit card." His voice sounded confused and impatient. This time I spare myself by walking slowly to get the card. The lady, who now is next in line, watched me in horror which I understood why.

"Thanks." I whispered with my head bowed and walked out without looking back. I pushed the humiliation that I just experienced to the back of my mind and pulled out my cell phone. I dialed Zoey's number. The phone rang three times and I almost lost hope that she wouldn't pick up. "Come on Zoey, pick up." I said through my teeth. The fourth ring, I heard her voice.

"Hello?" She almost sounded confused and the drowsiness in her voice indicated that I must have waked her from her sleep.

"Zoey, I know you're waiting for me but I have to make one more quick errand before I come home." I said quickly, maybe with speed she will be force to just say yes.

"Wait what?" I couldn't tell if she wasn't pleased or if she was legitimately confused. I didn't want to take the risk to say those words again.

"Thank you, I love you." I waved my hands towards an approaching taxi. "Sorry for waking you up. Please just go back to sleep and I will be back there next to you in a couple of minutes." The taxi slowed down and pulled to the side of the road for me.

"Chase what are you talking-"I closed the phone on her. A slight guilt entered my conscious but I threw the groceries bag in the car and hopped in the backseat. I have to deal with that later.

"Where are we off too?" The taxi driver looked through the rearview mirror to spot me. I squeezed the bridge of nose and leaned my head back in exhaustion.

"Let's just drive till I figure that one out." The taxi driver didn't argue, probably because I paying, and took off.

Logan's POV

The next day I was sore. It wasn't the sore I was familiar with when working out, this was mortally unbearable to ignore. I barely could walk to the bathroom and looked more like I was dragging my body around. My ribs were the cause. I felt like a rib is fractured and I knew this by experience. My breathing was short and I clang to my chest hoping to stop the pain. I switched the lights in the bathroom and saw my face cringed together. My eyes looked red and underneath lays discoloration from where I got punched by him. I lifted up my shirt slowly as every movement seems to irritate my inner organs. I found the rough purple bruise against my chest and overlapping a little over my abs. Each breath I took cause my whole upper body to shock uncontrollably. I slowly tried to touch the wound but I heard the door of my room squeaked opened. I pulled my fingers away from the wound and slowly pulled down my shirt. There was no knock but indeed an intruder with no kind of consideration. It didn't surprise me when I found a skinny brunette girl with full lips standing in my bathroom, leaning against my sink counter. The room was filled with tension and I knew the source was from me. I grabbed my cup that sat on the corner of my long counter and filled it with water.

"Are you okay?" She broke the silent and sounded liked she cared. I looked at her through the mirror as she looked down at the floor in front of her. I glared at her and fixed my eyes on her as I reached for my prescription bottle. I opened the bottle poured two tablets onto my hand and popped it into my mouth with no hesitation. She looked at me with the corner of her eyes and understood that I answered the question. I picked up the water and took a big gulp and cringe in pain as I held my chest until the pain dissolved. "I told you Logan but you didn't listen to-

"You didn't tell me nothing but the obvious Amy!" I exclaimed and slammed the cup down. I felt my chest throbbing. The bathroom went back to being silence as I tried to soothe the pain. She watched me emotionless but I could tell she was figuring out her next move. "Why don't you just leave me alone?" I whispered to put less pressure on my chest. "Your presence isn't making me feel better." I tried to walk past her but she push her hand against my shoulders causing me to stop. She closed the door behind her and locked it. Anger ran through my vein. "I'm not in the mood Amy, and never will be." I tried my best to not let her consume me.

"I'm just trying to help Logan!" She shouted loudly in frustration as this situation seemed to be eating her away. She closed her eyes to breath and opened them to look at me.

"Sorry, but I don't need your help." I attempted to move past her again but she leaned against the door abruptly.

"As much as you don't like it, I'm technically going to be your stepmother." I rolled my eyes and felt disgusted. "I just want to help-

"Amy admit something to me." I held out a hand to cut her off. "You're just here because of my dad's money and clearly his fame status at this moment. You're not physically or mentally attracted to that man." She pierced her lips and crossed her arms against her chest. "You are planning to get married to him for as long as you can so when you get divorce to him, you get most of his money and benefits." I walked closer to her. "I'm not stupid, Amy, and oddly my dad isn't either." She starts laughing suddenly and I gave her a puzzle look.

"So you want a confession out of me." She lifts an eyebrow. "Alright, you're right. I'm not attracted to your father but if sex is what makes your father happy then it's fine with me, because clearly your father has what makes me happy: money, huge mansion, balcony pool, servants." She listed them with her fingers. "So much more and last but not least an attracted son that plays hard to get which only turns. me .on." She leans closer to me and I can feel her hot breath on my lips. She watched my lips as she seemed tempted. I moved back nonchalantly and she smirked. I only watched her in silence as she shook her head in contentment. "It won't be long Logan. I know you think I'm attracted. I see the way you look after me after I leave a room. I know I make you sexually frustrated but you don't have to hold back Logan." She slowly got the rim of her shirt and slides it over her head. I smiled in amusement as she once again looked desperate. I looked at her body and I couldn't deny that her body looked sexy and captivating. I knew what a Victoria's secret bra was when I see one, and the black one she wore cupped her chest perfectly.

"Desperate does not suit you." I said casually. She smiled and walked to close the gap between us.

"I know last night was hard, but I can make you forget that." She wrapped her arms around my neck. "Just let me do all the work if that makes you feel better." She leaned closer but hesitates. "Don't refuse." Her lips were brushing against mine as she spoke one final time. I seemed compelled to kiss her.

"Amy."I moaned slightly.

"Yes?" she had a tint of triumph in her voice. I continued to feel her warm breath and I could tell she was resisting every ounce of her body to not break the small gap between our lips.

"It's never going to happen." I said softly and gently that it didn't register in Amy's head at first. She leaned back and looked confused. I smirk at her and grabbed her arms to drop them back to her sides. Amy had never showed her anger but the person in front of me was indeed angry. I wanted to laugh but I knew the pain would only let me regret it.

"Fine." She simply said as she tried to contain her pride posture. She grabbed her shirt her put it back on. "You will regret it when you are being sent off." She looked at her hair in the mirror to fix it and tried leaving but I grabbed her by the wrist. She looked down at my grip and up at me and she smiled at the new circumstances. "Ah, now who wants me to stay?"

"What are you talking about sending me off?" I repeated her words. She growled in annoyance.

"Your father is making you leave the house." She said vaguely. I shrugged.

"It's not like he hasn't done that before." My mind went back to the first time he introduce me to the school Pacific Coast Academy. I refused to go to school miles away from home when I could easily go to a school a few blocks away from the house. He said that if I graduated from that school I would almost be as great as him. Back then I admire him so much that the offer sounded almost as an approval to the family again. It wasn't till I started going to anger management for a little bit due to Zoey Brooks that I finally unraveled my father intentions for me. He wanted me to get out from his life. Now it was different, he wanted me to continue the family business.

"You're going to Anger Management Logan." Amy sounded impatient and needed to get to the point. I looked at her with little affect to me.

"I've done that before. I don't really-

"Your father was given a pamphlet, an offer from your judge. He's suggesting you to go to anger management for two months." Amy places a piece of hair behind her ear. "Your dad is making you go to save what's left of image and somewhat yours." I put thought to her words carefully. "I won't be surprise if you hear from them in the next few days." For the first time, I didn't know what comment to say back to her. She seemed like she wanted to add something but the bell rang. We both froze for a second and she looked at me curiously and shrugged.

"Looks like you have super powers, Amy." I teased coldly and walked past her and finally succeeding to opening my bathroom door.

"Logan!" she called after me but I was already out my room trying to figure out who was at the door.

Chase's POV

I paced back in forth in front of the house after ringing the door bell. I looked back to see if the taxi was still down the hill where I told him to wait. I walked back a little to see the bright yellow taxi patiently waiting with the ignition on. I sighed in relief. What was I doing? Logan has about five houses in total around California alone, and yet I assume he would be in this one. It was the only house I knew since it was the actual house that we used during our spring break in sophomore year. It was either the house was too big or nobody was home but the door was obviously not opening when I wanted it to. I was beginning to walk away but a voice stopped me.

"Yes, may I help you?" I turned around to see Chauncey at the front door. I beamed a smile in thought that perhaps I didn't waste my time after all.

"Chauncey!" I opened my arms for a hug but Chauncey didn't seem to want any affection as he stood his ground and clear his throat. I tried playing it off by scratching the back of my neck nervously.

"How can I help you sir?" His hands were formally folded behind his back and stood elegantly.

"Well, I came to see Logan. Is he here?" I tried to look past Chauncey's shoulder but his height made it hard to. "What the heck am I doing?" I gesture my hands wildly. "Logan is probably in jail!" I yelled in annoyance and in embarrassment. "Why would I assume that he would just lollygag his way back home after what just happened?"

"Chauncey, who is at the door?" I heard a soft whisper behind Chauncey. Chauncey looked behind him and moved to the side to let a person, Logan, appear to me. I opened my eyes wildly.

"I don't know sir, but he is quite peculiar." Chauncey let Logan step in front of him as he Chauncey walks away immediately. Logan looks at me puzzle, but underneath his confusion, I couldn't find any warmth in his expression. What I did found is a dark shade of purple surrounding Logan's right eye.

"Logan!" I offer a hug once more but resulted to Logan crossing his arms oddly against his chest. It wasn't necessary to play it off so I let my arms drop to the side. "Well, hello to you too." I sighed. Logan seemed uncomfortable with his stance and dropped his arms to his side and leaned against the doorframe.

"What are you doing here Chase?" Logan was irritable and I took the question to heart as I didn't really know why I was here.

"Dude, I saw you on the news." Logan rolled his eyes at my words. " I wanted to see what was up? Why did you beat that guy up?" I knew I wanted answers. Logan was not a fighter unless he needed to be. When he did fight, he fought for a purpose. As I watched him carefully, I wondered if the clip left an important component because it looked like Logan was bruised up himself.

"Nothing happened. A guy just needed to stay out of people's business." He gestured his hand. "So I taught him a lesson." I popped my head back in surprise. The words didn't sound like it would belong to Logan. It's only been about three month since I haven't talked to Logan and yet he sounded more of a douche than he has ever been.

"Whoa, Logan that doesn't sound like-

"Well maybe I changed Chase." Logan stood up straight and added more emotion to his voice. I lifted my hand in surrender.

"Okay, I understand. You've changed." I placed my arms down and strolled back towards the taxi. It took a moment until he called out for me. I turned around silently and faced him.

"I didn't even mean it like that. I just…" Logan closed his eyes as he struggle to find words to say.

"You know you can talk to me dude." I reassured him that he still is my best friend regardless of his attitude. Logan nodded his head.

"I know I can." He looked like he was beginning to reveal the secret but smiled instead. "Or we can play my new system. I got the P60 that came out last week." he smirked. I gawked in awe. I power walked closer to him.

"Are you serious that must cost a fortune?" The words seemed stupid once I spoke it. Logan was rich after all and from Logan's stare he agreed with me. Logan moved to the side and gestured for me to come in. I froze as I knew Zoey was at the house sick. This must be the hardest decision I have made in the past months.

Zoey's POV

I woke up to the sound of his soft voice. I opened my eyes carefully to not get lightheaded again and I moved my face to the right to find Chase smiling at me.

"Are you feeling okay?" He whispered as I noticed him carrying a food tray that had soup in a bowl. I nodded my head.

"How long was I asleep for?" I pulled myself into a sitting position and adjust my pillow to lie against the headboard.

"Uhhh, I wouldn't know. I was making you soup after I got back." He sounded like he was hiding something and I didn't like it.

"Where were you Chase?" I got to the point. I may not know how long I was sleeping but I sense it was long enough for him to travel somewhere else and back. He watched me and sighed in defeat.

"I went to see Logan at his house." he answered gently.

"What? I'm on my death bed and you go and see your friend." I suddenly felt lied to and not cared for.

"You don't understand-

"Why is he in town anyways." I cut him off. "Did you tell him I was sick while you were having fun?" I would admit that I was a bit jealous that he could freely roam Los Angeles as I am stuck in my bed.

"No, I didn't. I forgot to mention that to him." Chase said dryly. I could tell that he didn't know why it was significant to tell Logan. "Logan went to jail last night." He said simply. My eyes went wide in shock.

"Why what happened?" My voiced increased in volume.

"It's a long story and you need to take your medicine and eat." He laid my food down on my lap. I glared at him until he caught my eyes. "I'll tell you tonight. I'm exhausted right now and need to take a shower." I sighed. "Now, eat!" he ordered and pointed at the soup.

"You do know I'm going to puke this up again, right?" I reminded him. He took off his shirt and leaned down to kiss my cheek and shrugs.

"I don't care. It's not like I made it." He got up to take a shower. "By the way, I might ask Logan to come check up on you while I'm gone." He started kicking off his pants in front of me.

"No he is not going to check up on me!" I countered.

"Why not Zoey? It's not like you don't know the guy." Chase questioned.

" You first tell me that Logan went to jail and now you're having him watch me. Uh, no." I shook my head vigorously. "I'm not having Logan in my apartment, ever."

"You don't know the story Zoey," Chase paused a moment, "although, I barely know the story either." He shrugged nonchalantly and walked to the bathroom.

"That's only because you chose to tell me the story later." I defended. "Why can't you just not leave tomorrow and stay here till Tuesday?" I whined. "I'm sure I'll get better by then.

"You know I have class on Monday and leave here on Sundays." Chase popped his head out of the bathroom to look at me. "I can't miss class again, I did it last Monday." He reminded.

"I don't like Logan." I act as though I was crying and whine more. "Please don't leave me, or I can just watch myself." I suggested, although I did need someone to be here. I couldn't even get out of bed.

"Zoey, you can't get out of bed." He repeated the thoughts that ran my mind. I growled. "I don't even know if Logan would actually do it. It was just a suggestion." Chase yelled out from the bathroom. "He is also the only person that I know that is in town."

"Well I don't like that suggestion." I cried out. I heard him laugh to himself and I smiled. My mouth started to get dry and I cough violently.

"You need to get better and you know that." I kept silent. "I'm jumping in the shower. We can discuss this later." I rolled my eyes as I wiped my lips with my sleeves. We needed to talk about a lot of things. All I knew was that Logan was not coming to my apartment.

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