Chapter 19

Warning, adult situations...

Two months later...

Rigel Thamalan observed the lovely blonde who was stomping around his office in fire engine red stilettos wearing nothing but a cherry colored teddy with matching stockings and garters. He'd met her at one of his night clubs a month ago and had been completely enthralled by her beauty and panache. He wasn't sure what she was about when she'd insisted that they retreat from the smoke-filled club proper below to the privacy of his personal office. He was currently seated behind his paper cluttered desk, watching her sensual moves as she used tapered fingers tipped with blood red nails to stroke the length of her shapely body. Normally he would have tossed a woman aside for making him wait this long to get into her panties, but it seemed that this one would be worth the wait, and before the night was over - he would be buried deep within her warm moistness. Even now he could feel his discomfort stiff against the crotch of his pants. He decided that he'd waited long enough.

"Why don't you come on over here, Belinda." Rigel patted his thighs as if to indicate where he wanted her to sit. His need to be buried within her was almost as strong as his vampiric desire to taste her blood. He would state both those needs this night. He'd never met another vampire like her, and his senses immediately told him that she would be a keeper. He was pleasantly surprised when she straddled his legs before coming to perch upon his thighs. She then wrapped those deliciously long arms around his neck and pulled him close for a kiss. Her mouth was open, so Rigel definitely took the opportunity to taste her to the fullest. He took pleasure hearing her moan against him, before his hands reached down to cup the firm globes of her buttocks.

"You're wearing too much clothes..." She whispered against his ears.

"I can fix that." Rigel immediately ripped his shirt off and was about to unbutton his pants when she stopped him.

"I'll do that, but first - I need to hear you say the words. Will I be the only one at your side?"

"Of course Belinda, there could never be any others - not after you."

Belinda smiled before reaching down to slip a hand into her own panties. "There's one more thing that would make me absolutely gush if you could enlighten me."

"And what's that?" Rigel licked his lips as he watched her fingers move beneath the tiny red fabric.

" The mastermind behind the vampire fighting rings draws me like a moth to a flame. The bloodlust - it turns me on to no end. I must meet him, if only to get him out of my system, so that I can devote myself entirely to you."

Rigel chuckled before ripping his gaze away from what her hands were doing before meeting her gaze head on. "Look no further, I've organized the fights from day one and have made quite a pretty penny." He glanced back down at her panties. "So, start gushing."

There was a sinister smile on Belinda's face before she quickly reared backward and head-butted him. His nose immediately began to gush blood. "You first." Suddenly she was off him before quickly speaking into her hidden earpiece. "Move in."

Rigel covered his bleeding nose with his palm while glaring at Belinda murderously, "You bitch, this was all a set up?!"

"I don't suppose there was another way to admit your guilt without the belief that I was some sort of sex-crazed blood lusting junkie." She gave him a look as if that should have been obvious to him.

"Who the fuck are you?" Rigel began to doubt that Belinda was even her real name.

"I'm afraid you're on a need to know basis," She smiled at him and as if on cue, Jasper's team broke down the door and flooded the room with vampiric guards from the Tower. Rigel paled instantly when he recognized them.

"You can't prove a thing. I thought I was trying to impress a hooker, so I lied," Rigel blurted out.

"Save it, and don't forget who we serve. Raphael has ways of learning the truth from you." Jasper stated as he watched two Tower vampires lead Rigel away. He was now the only one left in the room with Venom who was on the phone and Veronika still in her undercover garb. He had to admit he had no idea that seeing her in lingerie would leave such a lasting effect on him. He couldn't wait for the night to be over so they could retreat to the confines of her bedroom.

"Dmitri has been informed. Raphael is going to fly in to take Rigel's memories. If all goes as planned, we can finally close the chapter on this book," Venom informed them.

"Good," Veronika picked up her discarded clothing and began to don them while Jasper and Venom watched openly. "So much for giving a girl some privacy," She muttered before yanking on a pair of tight black pants. A sleeveless low-cut shirt followed and she realized she was glad this undercover gig was over so she could get back to wearing tailored suits.

"I'm still deciding if I like you better as a blond or not, Somistra," Venom muttered dryly.

As Veronika brushed by him headed for the exit, she paused briefly. "Perhaps a Medusa wig would be more your speed."

Venom opened his mouth as if to respond then closed it. "Out of respect for Jasper, I'll say no more."

"Well that's a first," Jasper commented. He was aware that everyone respected his relationship with Veronika, even if sometimes he felt as if he were way out of her league. And in such a short time she had already surpassed him in rank for her position was so close to that of the Seven that she may as well have been an honorary member. She never looked at anyone else though, which gave him a great sense of pride that he was able to satisfy her on every level. He did realize that not long ago, their situation was very dire. But he had to count his blessings for this extreme about turn that had given him such a bright future with a woman he'd wanted for so long - too long.


The following morning...

Elena was waiting for Raphael on a railing-less balcony at the Angel Enclave. She was sipping a warm cup of coffee when he came in for a landing directly beside her. They shared a brief kiss before her silver stare gazed up at him lovingly. "So, it's finally over." She knew her statement was true for several matters.

"Yes, the vampire Rigel's memories revealed the truth. He'd led us on quite a merry chase and had been allowed to go free for so long after other important matters came up." Raphael paused as if to ponder the way the situation had played out. "It's fitting that Veronika was such an important part of his capture. Considering that the only reason we didn't catch him sooner was because of the situation with her and Rina."

"But it's also giving her the opportunity to prove how useful she will be within our fold. Both her and Rina are going to change us, in more ways than one," Elena replied.

Raphael nodded his agreement. "Yes, we both get something out of this. The Guild Hunters get AGF, and I get a skilled warrior on my team."

"Speaking of skilled warriors. How goes Jason's mission in India?" Elena had been made aware that after the death of the Archangel Neha's consort that Raphael had sent Jason quite literally into the snakes lair to keep an eye on the matter.

"It's a tricky situation, but I know that he can handle it." Raphael's hope was that Jason found the murderer and fast, for an unstable Archangel as powerful as Neha could have destructive lasting effects on the world. And there was still the situation with his mother. Raphael did not fool himself into thinking that she would continue to remain docile. Once she made her move, they had to be ready for any outcome. So while the situation with Rina and Veronika and the vampire fighting ring was finally over, no doubt more dangerous situations would arise in the months ahead. Raphael was at least grateful that he had such an excellent team and consort by his side. Whatever the future threw at them, they would stand strong together.


Rina greeted Bryce like the woman she had been three months ago, the woman who had thought she'd lost everything important to her in such a brief time. To touch and feel him whole again as his warm lips pressed urgently against hers in a passion-filled kiss was the only thing she cared about at this very moment. It didn't matter that they were within the confines of an office remodeled for her within Archangel Tower, or the fact that they could be interrupted at any moment. The one thing Rina knew for certain, was that she didn't want to waste a moment of time she had left on this earth with this man she loved more than life itself.

When they finally broke the kiss, their foreheads continued their caress as Bryce's eyes fluttered open to gaze upon Rina's lovely countenance. "There is a reason I've come to see you." He'd been practically living with her since his return from the Refuge over a month ago and a day hadn't gone by that they hadn't seen or spent time with each other. After the heaviness that had occurred that fateful night when Bryce was injured they'd made an unspoken pact to live their lives to the fullest. But today, Bryce finally had news that would shed some very important light on their future together. He was about to reveal secrets that a mortal should never be privy too. But there was much Rina already knew about vampires and angelkind alike. He was aware of the incident in Italy where Raphael had executed Montgomery and the fact that Rina had been present and knew about his glamour. Yet, Raphael still held the card to wipe her memories should the situation arise, but now with this new information coming to light, not only would Rina be allowed to retain what she already knew, but she'd be given more information as well. "I hope you don't mind that I've taken this initiative."

A broad smile stretched across Rina's face. "Are you kidding? Why would I ever need an excuse to see you?"

"Then I shall delay no longer." Bryce couldn't help the fact that he was anxious about what he was to reveal to her and it showed through the tight rigidity of his snapped closed tawny wings. "There is a woman by the name of Holly Chang who was partially converted into a vampire less than two years ago. Partial conversions are rare and most of the subjects do not survive. However, in her case, the result was not planned. Our scientists have been studying her from the beginning and have finally come to this conclusion."

Rina's pupils raced back and forth as she waited for Bryce to get to the point, but soon realized he had no intention of just blurting it out. Finally she was prompted to say, "How does this pertain to me."

Bryce took a deep breath and continued to level their gazes. "Our scientists believe that they may have found a method for partial conversion that will work even on those who have low to zero compatibility. In other words, if you receive this treatment, you'll never be as strong or as fast as the other vampires, but you will achieve immortality."

Rina's mouth closed and opened several times before she finally got some words out. "Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"It may still take perhaps a decade to perfect this treatment, but the success rate will be high. So yes, what I'm saying is - that we can be together forever." Bryce noted when tears sprang to her lovely eyes before she threw herself in his arms. As he held her, he felt a slight sting prick his own eyes. "Know that I would have remained with your for as long as you lived. But now, we have hope that time will not be our enemy." He did realize that as a partial vampire, Rina would be easier to kill. But their main obstacles would have been disease and age, soon that would no longer be a factor. The term almost immortal would definitely still pertain to her, himself included. It was only a short time ago that it appeared as if he would not be long for this world. It seemed Rina's thoughts had mimicked his own.

"When I thought I'd lost you..." Rina couldn't get the rest of the words out of her mouth as they got stuck in her throat with the images of Bryce's head falling from his body.

"Don't dwell on it, it's in the past." A slight smile soon curved his lips. "But apparently losing my head wasn't enough to keep me away from you."

Rina broke their embrace and pretended to punch him in the chest. "Don't joke about that." Although she was grateful that he seemed to be developing more of a sense of humor.

"Rina, you in there?" Veronika wasn't one to wait to be introduced and realized she probably should have called Rina first before barging in. "Oh, sorry I'll go wait in the hall."

"Actually I was just leaving." Bryce leaned in to give his lover a farewell kiss. "I'll see you tonight." He then straightened and nodded stiffly at Veronika, before leaving the room.

Veronika waited until the golden winged angel had closed the door behind him before returning her attention to Rina. "Will it ever not be tense between us?"

There was a slight smirk on Rina's face as she crossed her arms over her chest. "Well, you did cut his head off..."

Veronika paused as if to ponder that before quickly replying, "Point taken." She quickly switched gears. "Jasper and I wanted to invite you for dinner tonight but if you already have plans..."

"Am I to be dinner?" There was a knowing look on Rina's face, but when she saw the look of embarrassment on Veronika's face she quickly continued. "Now you're the one who needs to not be so tense. What happened is in the past, and it's high time we moved on."

"Ok," Veronika clapped her hands together, "We can reschedule."

"No, I think we should double date. If the four of us are ever going to break down these walls and tensions over what happened to us three months ago, then spending more time together is the best way to do it."

"You would say that, Rina," Veronika replied dryly. "Alright you win, we'll see you tonight."

"Tonight it is," Rina replied with a wink. After Veronika left she returned to her desk and tapped into META's network. There was a year left of testing for AGF before the roll out would begin. And Rina didn't plan to stop there. With the backing from Archangel Tower and this new hope of an increased life-span she planned to add more devices that would not only improve and change the capabilities not only for mankind but for everyone, mortal and immortal alike. Look out world, for here I come!

The End.

A.N. I thank everyone that supported me during this endeavor. I know at times it showed that I was not prepared to write a fanfiction of this length but I wanted to for several reasons. Namely, 2 years ago I got a kindle and the Guild Hunter series were the first set of books I put on there. And I enjoyed them so immensely I couldn't stop thinking about them and this story was born of that. As you all know. Singh's latest GH novel releases at the end of this month on the 29th. I've already read the first two chapters from her newsletter, and between this new book and Archangel's Storm, the timeline for my fanfiction became a bit muddled. But as I indicated in this last chapter, the events of Archangel's Storm took place after the meat of this story was complete.

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