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Chapter 1
Revelation of the Mysterious

Story start

It was a boring day in Mahora.

For one class 3-A, it was the most boring day of all.

Fate Averruncus was enforcing his brand of education: strict and disciplined.

He was reading through a text in the book, explaining things as he goes, when he abruptly stopped reading and his eyes darted over outside.

While the others wondered why he stopped, Evangeline, Setsuna, and Mana took note that a group of people entered the barrier surrounding Mahora.

Fate went over to the window and looked at the outside. He closed his book. The moment he did so, everyone felt a very dampening, deadly and dark aura covering the room and only the room. Evangeline, Setsuna, Mana, Kaede, and Asuna know the aura as one from the effect of youki.

Their eyes went wide when they focused on it and found out that this youki's power is higher than any they have ever faced. It was even higher than Evangeline's and Negi's aura combined!

They stared at Fate and could have sworn there was the image of a red-colored, glaring figure of a fox's head above Fate.

As quickly as it came, it subsided. Fate turned around and gathered his things. Turning to the door, he said, "You are dismissed. Good day to you all." He went to the door and left the room.

The whole class turned to a chatty mess.

Setsuna wiped some sweat on her brow as Asuna and Konoka went over to her.

Asuna shakily asked, "Wh-what the hell was that?"

Setsuna replied, "I have no idea. Whatever it was, it's powerful! I never thought that Fate had something like that! It made Negi-sensei's powers so…miniscule!"

Konoka gave a small gasp. "That's not…"

"Yes, that does not seem possible. But, that is what I sensed. Fate must be holding back the whole time."

Asuna sat down on the chair, surprised. "Then that means that Fate cannot be defeated! Who can kick his emotionless ass when he has youki that is even higher than Negi's powers?"

Setsuna shook her head. "I believe that Fate knows this and sealed his full power to have someone match his capabilities. Those who can are, possibly, Negi-sensei, Rakan-san and Negi-sensei's father. However, if he unleashed his full power now, then no one can match him." Then, she put a hand on her chin in thought. "I suppose those intruders that entered Mahora grounds are the reason why Fate unleashed it. If that's the case, I pity them."

In a forest

Fate walked along the forests of Mahora, his hands in pocket, his face blank, his eyes emotionless.

Once Fate entered the very heart of the forest, he said out loud, "I know you're there. Come out or I will make you."

Six people came out of the shadows.

The first was male. He was quite large, as compared to Fate. He had spiky white hair falling to his back and two red lines going down his eyes. He was wearing a green kimono with a red vest and a large scroll on his back. There was also a headband with the kanji for 'Oil' on his forehead.

The second was female. She had shoulder-length black hair and matching colored eyes. She was wearing a long bluish-black kimono with white trimmings, held closed by a white obi. What was peculiar is that she was holding a small pig.

The third was male. He had spiky, gravity-defying grey hair and black eyes. He was wearing a flak jacket and trekking pants, a facemask covering his nose and mouth and a slanted headband with an insignia on it.

The fourth was female. She had wavy, shoulder-length, black hair and unusual red eyes with a single ring design. She was wearing a red mesh armor blouse with the right sleeve being the only visible. Over this, she had bandages all around her body which were imprinted with a rose design.

The fifth was male. He had short spiky black hair and beard and brown eyes. He was wearing a flak jacket and trekking pants with bandages on the arms and the right thigh. He also had a sash that had the kanji for 'Fire' around his waist. He was also smoking a cigar.

The last one was also male. By far, he seemed the most…unique. He had bowl-cut hair, thick eyebrows, and was wearing a green spandex suit with a flak jacket overlaying it and orange leg warmers.

Fate said, "What business could you have here in the simple abode of Mahora?"

The guy with the cigar said, "Look, kid, we don't want to hurt you. So, just let us go about our business and we'll leave without problems."

The guy with the slanted headband whispered to him, "Wait, Asuma, I think it's him."

Asuma turned to him, bewildered. "How can you be sure, Kakashi? That doesn't look like the same blond, spiky-haired kid that loves orange and shouts nonsense. If anything, this kid is his opposite: white hair, blue clothes, cold eyes, and is quite calculative in his actions."

Kakashi replied, "Call it a gut feeling."

"It's not just a gut feeling, Kakashi." A voice from behind Kakashi said. He turned and saw a pug walking to his side. "The scent ends here. He is the owner of that scent."

The woman holding the pig turned to said pig, which gave an oink. "Are you sure? He doesn't look like him." The pig gave another oink. "Well, you're right there. Appearances aren't everything."

The large man frowned and said, "So, this is the brat?" The woman with the pig, Kakashi, and the pug nodded. He turned to Fate. "To think that you changed this much in almost three years…it's frightening."

Fate was silent for a few seconds. Then, he spoke, "Change is a natural part of life, Jiraiya. It only depends on each individual on how much will change. Now, I ask you. What tragedy has befallen Konohagakure no Sato now that she sends you to me?"

Jiraiya immediately replied, "It's about Akatsuki. By my calculations, Akatsuki has begun moving again and have already captured the Nanabi and Gobi."

Fate raised a brow. "And this concerns me how?"

Jiraiya went wide-eyed. "This concerns you because they will eventually go after you for the Kyuubi!"

"Why is your worry for me so great, Jiraiya? You never worried that much before."

Jiraiya flinched. "I did worry about you."

"You're right, Jiraiya. You did worry for me. You are worried that if I get too strong in Konoha, I would stray from the path Konoha has so graciously chosen as their weapon. No, your worry for me is minimal, at best. At the very least, it is merely a fraction from nothingness. If you were truly worried for me, then why, pray tell, do I seem to recall you peeking in hot springs on our first encounter when I was 11 years old? Why don't I recall you from past experiences other than that meeting? Does your perversity and lack of self-control corrode your mind that you forget about your godson?"

Kakashi intervened. "Look, Naruto, it is all in the past. Let's focus on the present."

Fate interrupted him, "All this coming from the man who keeps on looking at a stone monument, staring at the names of his comrades who have fallen many years ago. It is not really believable." Kakashi went silent. "I thought so."

Jiraiya found his voice. "Naruto, what about Konoha? If Akatsuki manages to get you, then your friends from Konoha will be grieving over the loss."

Fate scoffed again. "I have dealt with far more dangerous opponents than Akatsuki. As for Konoha, who will grieve but a mere fraction of a fraction of the village's populace? If anything, most of the village's populace will remain stoic, about 70%, both of civilians and ninjas. The remaining 30% are still divided into two: the group who will grieve long and hard and the group will grieve for something else other than close bonds. Of that, the latter has more than the former. Only Hyuuga Hinata, the Ichiraku's, Konohamaru-kun, Udon-kun, Moegi-kun, a fourth genin hopeful, and Umino Iruka are within the former group. As for the latter group, it is composed of you, Senju Tsunade, Shizune, Kakashi, the other members of the Rookie 12."

Jiraiya frowned, as did the others. "Why do you consider us as part of the former? What made you consider them as part of the former?"

"You do know that the Ichiraku's treat me as part of their own. You also know that Konohamaru-kun and his two friends look up to me as their brother. You know that Umino Iruka thinks of me as a hurt child who needs companionship and treats me as one would a son. You also know that Hyuuga Hinata has an infatuation with me to the point of…love, perhaps."

They were surprised.

Kurenai asked, "You know about Hinata's crush on you?"

Fate sighed. "I became aware of Hinata's infatuation with me because she came up to me before I left Konoha. I have not fallen so far as to not remember such things even after three years."

Jiraiya narrowed his eyes. "Wait…who is this fourth genin hopeful?"

Fate went silent for a few seconds before saying, "The fourth genin hopeful is of the same age as the Rookie 12. However, she was not given the chance to become a genin because of what she contains." He turned to Kurenai, who shivered under his cold stare. "You would know her under the name Kurama Yakumo."

Their eyes widened. After all, no ordinary genin is supposed to know about Kurama Yakumo.

Kakashi narrowed his eyes. "How do you know that name? In fact, how do you know her?"

"You call yourselves jonin and yet you cannot even sense a wayward genin who wander aimlessly to the back of the Hokage Mountain and meet with the so-called 'Illusory Demon of the Kurama clan.' It makes me wonder how low the ninjas of new have gotten to not sense a measly genin visit a person under guard by two ANBU and a doctor."

Fate continued, "Then again, if I could get past the Hokage to get to the Scroll of Seals, it would be child's play to get past two ANBU and a doctor to get to the Kurama clan residence."

Kurenai said, "How long have you two carried on this…relationship? In fact, how far have you two gotten?"

Fate raised a brow. "Interesting…I was asked a question by someone who Yakumo considers a mother only to betray her in the end. Tell me, why do you ask me such a question? After all, was it not your mission to befriend Yakumo to get her guard down and to finally achieve the sealing of Ido?"

Kurenai exclaimed, "That's not it! I do care for Yakumo! It is because of my care for her that I sealed Ido in the first place!"

Fate narrowed his eyes. "You have the right reason but the wrong process. You care for Hinata: the reason. However, instead of training her to unlock her full potential and to protect herself from threats to her life and clan, you merely baby and cradle her like your own child: the process. You care for Yakumo: the reason. However, instead of telling her about Ido and training her to defend herself from it, you went to the Sandaime Hokage and seal up the demon, in turn, sealing her powers with it: the process. And look at what happened. Yakumo became cold to you and everyone else. In essence, you lost a student. And you almost lost Hinata when Hyuuga Neji went for the kill at the Chuunin Exams. You do not train ninjas. You mother children. From the way I see it, you are better off not being a sensei as that did more harm to both your students, their families, and to you than good. As they say, 'prevention is better than the cure.'"

Kurenai had enough. She finally shouted, "What is the point of telling me this? What did I ever do to you? Is it because of what Yakumo told that you hold animosity towards me? Is that it?"

Fate was silent as she ranted on. When she finally quieted down, he said, "I said those things because you do not have what it takes to be a sensei. If there is anything I despise, it is those who give incomplete and biased points of view, those who rely on their first impressions. You look at Hinata and see a timid and abused child who needs a mother. You look at Yakumo and see a malnourished and weak girl who also needs a mother. The world we live in is a cruel one, Yuuhi Kurenai. They wished to be ninja. Look at them as such. Yakumo told me that, while she enjoyed you mothering her, she wished that you trained her fully in genjutsu." This is where he became crueler, "You put up a mask to make everyone think that you are a professional jonin. However, a mask cannot hide the truth. A mask cannot cross the barrier between a mother and a jonin. How can you be an ideal ninja when your ideals are more maternal than professional?"

Jiraiya interfered, "That's enough, Naruto," seeing as Kurenai already went through emotional down from Fate's words.

Fate gave a grunt as he turned around. "This discussion is over, Jiraiya. I will not be returning to Konoha." He began walking away.

Jiraiya sighed. He didn't want to do this but…

"Even if you stay here, that will not change the state of the world. Akatsuki will still go after the bijuu. If they manage to capture, at least, three-fourths of the bijuu then they can use its power to wreak havoc on the world. I managed to uncover their intention. They plan to capture all bijuu so that they can conquer this whole world and have its inhabitants under their rule. You may not care for Konoha, Naruto. However, even I know that you won't let the world die."

Fate stopped mid-step. True, he may not care for Konoha much, but Akatsuki's plans will put a hamper in Negi's. He gave a mental sigh. Why is it that every time I have something planned something interrupts it? He slowly turned towards Jiraiya, who flinched slightly at Fate's annoyed look. "You've made your point, Jiraiya. I will return to Konoha with you. However, I have conditions that will be followed or I will do things my way."

Jiraiya tried to argue but, since this is the only way to get him to return, conceded.

Fate started, "First off, I will not be put in any group of which I will be ordered around like a foot soldier. I am my own person and I can make my own decisions. Secondly, if I come across any Akatsuki associate, I will deal with them myself. No one is to interfere. Thirdly, if anyone, civilian or otherwise, is foolish enough to try and strike me for no other reason than to get revenge for housing Kyuubi, then he will either find himself headless or kneeling at my feet. Am I understood, Jiraiya?"

Jiraiya swallowed. It will be hard to deal with that. It will be as though Fate has does things his way. So, it's a win-win situation to him. The second condition is somewhat agreeable, if the idea of 'Naruto' handling someone like Itachi and Kisame is easily acceptable. It was the first and third conditions that Jiraiya will be hard to agree with. Konoha ninja value teamwork greatly. So, if Fate doesn't want to be in a group, then that would not be a good show for the others. Also, it will be hard to control the civilians once they hear what happened to Fate.

However, they wanted him back so he had no choice but to accept. "We…accept the conditions…Naruto."

Fate nodded. "Then it is settled. Wait on the outskirts of Mahora. I will conclude my business in this place then we will leave." They turned to leave but, just as they left the forest completely, Fate continued, "Also, take note of my new moniker. I no longer go by Uzumaki Naruto or by Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto. I go by Fate Averruncus."

They turned around to ask him about it but he was nowhere in sight.

Jiraiya narrowed his eyes. So, he changed his name. That may prove bad for…them. However, it's strange that…Fate didn't say that he renounced that name or hated the name. He merely said that he doesn't go by his old name anymore. That means that there is still hope. I just hope I'm right about this.

Kakashi turned to Jiraiya, "Jiraiya-sama, what do we do about this?"

"We wait for…Fate, then. And once we get back to Konoha, we will get our answers from him."

They vanished in a swirl of leaves.

A few hours later

Fate appeared in front of the waiting ninjas, only a simple scroll in his left hand, possibly containing his things, the ninjas thought. "Let's go." With that, they vanished, the Konoha ninjas in a swirl of wind, Fate in a blur.

The next day

Class 3-A were in their seats, waiting for their strict teacher to enter and begin the tort…ahem, class, when the door opened and in entered, to their surprise, a very grim-looking Takamichi.

Takamichi set down his things on the desk and said, "Alright…girls, I know that you're confused about how I'm here and Fate isn't. But, there's a little problem. Fate resigned."


That is what reigned amongst the class of 3-A. At first, their first thoughts were on how Fate could resign. However, that was overwritten by the thought of how Negi would react once he-

The door was suddenly flung open as a certain redhead boy barged in and began spouting questions.

Takamichi sighed. Oh, Dean, why me?

Negi started with, "Takamichi, is it true that Fate resigned?" It followed with, "Why did he do that?" Then the third question came, "Where did he go?"

He would have asked more, if it were not for Takamichi taking Negi outside to talk.

Takamichi crouched to look at Negi. "Look, Negi-kun, I know that Fate is your friend and all that. However, do not go after him. He gave us…rather specific orders not to have anyone tail him, even you."

Negi said, "But why would he leave? Is our plan really that bad?"

Takamichi shook his head. "He said that, while it is about your plan, he does not dislike or such. He merely has something that calls his attention. He said that, should he not do this, then your plan will definitely fail." He took out something from his breast pocket. "He told me to give you this, although, I do not recall him ever preferring to give messages through writing." He gave the letter to Negi and entered the classroom.

Negi blinked after the closing door of his class' room and looked at the letter.

It has these inscriptions at the back:

To: Negi Springfield
Of the utmost importance, only for his eyes

He gave a small frown and went to the teacher's room, where it is completely void of teachers, as they are currently teaching. His pet ermine, Albert Chamomile, is currently sleeping in his room. That's why Negi doesn't want to go there, lest he wakes up and overhears the message.

He went over to his seat and opened it. When he flipped open the letter, the figure of Fate Averruncus appeared above it, like a hologram.

Negi-kun, if you are reading this, then Takahata-san indeed complied with my request.

Negi saw Fate rub his temples and give a sigh.

God, I've forgotten how constricting it is to give messages in letters. However, since this matter is extremely important, I will let it slide.

Negi gave a sigh of his own. Fate always preferred to give messages in person rather in messages and all that.

I will expect your utmost secrecy and confidentiality that this information does not fall into the wrong or unnecessary hands.

Negi nodded.

I assume you have heard of the bijuu, correct?

Negi went wide-eyed. Yes, he's heard of the bijuu. He accidentally read about them when he somehow ended up in the forbidden section of the Wales Library and he grew curious about a book labeled 'Creatures of Old.'

At first, he thought it was ordinary creatures: chimaeras, hydra, Scylla, dragons, vampires, and all that. However, he didn't expect to name creatures that Negi didn't even know existed.

He read something about a blue wolf with two snouts, six limbs, and five eyes and is known to visit a random habitation every half-year to terrorize it by demanding sacrifices to keep it appeased. It was called the Black Shadow.

Next, he saw something about a multi-dragon-headed demon with red eyes and a blue tongue. This demon was known to have created a whole bunch of stone soldiers and nearly created a thousand-year kingdom to destroy the world. This demon was known as Moryo.

However, his eyes were caught on something that caught his attention: a tab labeled: 'Bijuu,' or in English: Tailed Beasts.

Negi skimmed through the contents of the tab and was quite immediate in giving the thought that he did not want to face any of them in any time.

As he remembered, they were labeled according to the number of tails they procure, one being the weakest, and nine the strongest.

The First: Ichibi no Shukaku, the demon with immense control over the sands. If he was in a desert, it would be a blood-fest.

The Second: Nibi no Bakeneko, the demon with powerful control over fire, so much that the fire is blue. It was also rumored that the Nibi has the power to command the dead, so to speak.

The Third: Sanbi no Kyodaigame, the demon which domain is the very seas of the world. The Sanbi is also known to create illusions by expelling some sort of mist in the area to lure intruders.

The Fourth: Yonbi no Saru, the demon with tremendous control over lava. As such, volcanoes and underground caves are his main habitation.

The Fifth: Gobi no Irukauma, the demon with an incredible amount of speed to back up its power over steam.

The Sixth: Rokubi no Namekuji, the demon with very corrosive gas and can create very destructive bubbles out of thin air.

The Seventh: Nanabi no Kabutomushi, the demon with complete dominion over the insects and arachnids on the world.

The Eighth: Hachibi no Kyogyu, the demon which is known for its immense strength. Also, the Hachibi is rumored to use ink when battling.

Last but not least, the Ninth: Kyuubi no Yoko, the demon which Negi was sure that he wet his pants when he read the description. Known of its tendency to appear where negative emotions are wild and bountiful, its power is known to be off the charts, over 9000 (^_^)! But seriously, from the records, it is said that a single tail can cause tsunamis and flatten mountains. Also, it is said that the Kyuubi can bend the very wind and fire to his will and is the fastest demon ever recorded despite its massive size. Finally, the Kyuubi is the lone demon who ventured to the netherworlds and Mundus Magicus and gained moniker 'Mittsu no Sekai no Oni-Kami,' the Demon-God of the Three Worlds, because the Kyuubi single-handedly gained the loyalty and devotion of every demonic being of those three worlds. Not even the Ryuumen Sukuna no Kami can stand against it.

However, recent studies show that these creatures of old have gone missing. Normally, that wouldn't cause much chaos. In this case, it did. With the loss of the Kyuubi, every demonic entity whose loyalty was given to the Kyuubi went wild and ventured to earth and terrorized the humans. The two firstly mentioned demons were examples of them.

That was all he read before he was discovered and brought back to his cousin, Nekane, where she cried havoc when she heard what happened.

Negi had to wonder, though. What could the bijuu be doing in Fate's message?

Right now, you're probably reminiscing about what you've discovered about the bijuu. I'm not surprised. The bijuu are common knowledge nowadays. And I know that you are aware of the fact that the bijuu have gone missing or cannot be found due to unknown reasons. The reason for that is they have been getting sealed inside humans since nearly a hundred or so years ago. Now, you might be wondering how they fit into my purpose for this message.

There is an organization called 'Akatsuki' who wish to collect the bijuu and use their power for world domination.

Negi's eyes went wider.

As to how they will manage to collect the bijuu, they target their container, or jinchuuiki.

Negi narrowed his eyes. While the pros of being a jinchuuriki is great, such as accelerated abilities and the ability to withstand attacks that not normal humans cannot do, the cons of being one is a very heavy burden to have. Humans fear what they do not understand. And what they do not understand, they hate. And what they hate, they do whatever it takes to kill. And because of that, their powers are severely and fatally undermined, making them easy-picking for this…Akatsuki.

And as to how I am involved in all this, I hold the strongest of the bijuu, the Kyuubi no Yoko.

That did for Negi. Without warning, he gave a loud exclamation of surprise and fell to the floor, ignoring the constant pain on his gluteus. His mind was a mess. How did Fate gain such a thing? Why didn't Fate use it against him? In fact, why are Negi and the others still alive if Fate had something as terrible and powerful as the Kyuubi? He went back to the desk and continued the message.

By my expectations, you are surprised that I house the Kyuubi. Do not worry. I have not used the Kyuubi's power in all of our meetings, nor anywhere else. I learned much from the Kyuubi but I did not use its power. Too much dependence on a specific power or ability will become too much obvious and could have others plan a counterattack.

Now, back to business, I left Mahora because I have to deal with Akatsuki with some…old acquaintances.

Negi blinked once, twice. Old acquaintances, he says? Who could have been Fate's old acquaintances when he has only been in Mundus Magicus for most of his time, with the very rare visit to Kyoto when he was 'assigned' to kidnapping Konoka.

Do not worry about this, Negi-kun. I will deal with this. Just keep your mind focused on Mundus Magicus.

Then, Fate's eyes became colder.

Under no circumstances are you to go after me and aid me here. The place I'm going to is a very dangerous place for one such as you and your students because I am going to the land of the ninjas, ninjas whose abilities are beyond that of your ninja student, Nagase Kaede.

Negi's eyes went wide again.

While your speed and power are remarkable and well beyond their comprehension and capabilities, they have ninjas whose power could match that of…Takamichi's, I suppose.

His eyes went wider. One Takamichi was enough, two is killing it. Multiple will be a slaughter.

Also, they have no honor. They will find a way to manipulate you or your friends that you will bring with you. And once they do, they will either breed you or experiment on you. And believe me when I tell you, it won't be pretty.

Negi shivered. Okay, so, maybe his secret plan to go after Fate was a bad idea.

Again, Negi-kun, I will expect your utmost secrecy of this information. After all, some of your students know of the Kyuubi no Yoko. Evangeline A.K. McDowell is one such example. She foolishly tried to defeat all bijuu but couldn't beat the Yonbi after a long tiring battle with each of the previous bijuu. The half-demons in your class, Sakurazaku Setsuna, Tatsumiya Mana, Inugami Kotarou, and Zazie Rainyday are also aware of the Kyuubi's existence. They heard of its existence from their fellow demonic tribesmen. As such, they fear its power despite not feeling it.

Good luck, Negi-kun. And I'm hoping for your success in your plan.

Fate's hologram vanished and Negi slumped in his chair, wiping sweat from his forehead. It will take a while for him to get used to the knowledge that Fate has the Kyuubi inside of him. He pocketed the letter and left the teacher's room.

Once he entered his room, he plopped on the couch and sighed tiredly. Fate…I hope you can defeat this Akatsuki. If they even set one foot in this place, they will be dealt with. That…is the promise of a lifetime.

On the border of the Elemental Countries - Nighttime

Fate stared at the ground that would signal the earth of the Elemental Countries. Behind him were his companions watching him carefully.

Fate raised his foot and stepped on the ground in front of him.

Suddenly, Fate felt something reverberate inside of him, even stronger than when he unsealed the Kyuubi's chakra in Mahora.

Within Hi no Kuni, six other energy sources reverberated, some stronger than others, although their containers didn't notice for they were asleep.

In the midst of darkness, where there were six red, glowing, and floating orbs, all of which were connected to one massive being as its locus, a seventh orb, the largest of the rest, appeared out of nowhere and connected with this being.

Immediately, this being's eyes snapped open, revealing blood red eyes with slit pupils.

This being grinned, showing off its large, sharp canines, before it roared an unholy and devastating roar that echoed along the walls of its domain.

All around the world, Mundus Magicus, and the netherworld, all demons of various rank and strength either aroused from their rest or ceased what they were doing. As one, they gave their own devastating roar.

In Mahora, Evangeline A.K. McDowell shivered from something that she couldn't place. Chachamaru, her servant, noticed and asked, "Master, is something wrong?"

Evangeline straightened up. "I'm fine, Chachamaru. Go make my tea." As Chachamaru went off to do her task, Evangeline frowned. The last time I felt this was when I was foolish enough to fight Kyuubi.

Back to the being, it stopped roaring and stood up, showing off its massive height. The seven orbs glowed brighter, illuminating the area.

The being was finally shown in full detail.

Reddish-orange fur

Vulpine figure

Nine flowing tails

Wide fanged grin

That epic red-eyed, slit-pupil glare

The Kyuubi no Yoko is back, baby!

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