Chapter 17

Scorpius's POV:

I sighed deeply as I stood in front of the fire place in my bedroom. I had already hugged my mum goodbye, and shaken my father's hand firmly with the explanation that I was spending Christmas Eve dinner at Hayden's house. I knew my parents wouldn't question it, and they wouldn't go checking up on Hayden's family either because they sort of detested them

I reached into the little pot on the mantle of silvery-grey powder— floo powder. My wand tightened in my hand as I heaved in another gasp of air. Was the oxygen running out of this room or something? My fist seemed to act against my mind as it flung the powder into the fire place, causing giant, leaping green flames to erupt from the dead embers. I shuffled forward, ducking awkwardly to fit in my fireplace.

My knees were bent uncomfortably and my head was leaned forward so I wouldn't get a concussion from bumping it against the bricks. I felt utterly ridiculous and tucked in my elbows.

"The Burrow." I said clearly, repeating the strange name Rose had written out for me on her latest letter. She had even given me instructions on how to pronounce it, as if I would need help. The thought brought a smile to my lips but it was soon lost as I began to spin impossibly fast. I made sure not to open my mouth and resisted shutting my eyes against the green flames and smoke. Sitting rooms blurred by my eyes as I waited for the Burrow to appear and finally, I was spit out onto a faded rug.

I quickly scrambled up from my hands and knees, brushing the soot off my clothes. I was surrounded by squashy couches and armchairs with mismatched quilts and pillows draped over the seats. Little hallways led off to various rooms and a clock adorned the mantel piece of the fireplace I had just come from with so many hands on it, it was hard to tell what time it was. Upon closer inspection, I realized the hands all had little faces on them of Rose's family.

I heard footsteps coming down a hallway and froze. I realized there were voices all around the house and I remembered that I was actually in the Burrow. I was in Potter-Weasley territory more than I ever had been before. My heart began thumping faster in my chest and I mentally scolded it. I wasn't supposed to get scared at the idea of being in my girlfriend's house.

Rose suddenly came around the corner, a piece of her brilliant red hair twisted around her finger with the other hand holding up a battered looking paperback romance novel. The title read The Moonlight Mystery. I resisted rolling my eyes.

"Rose." I said as she almost passed by me completely. She was too absorbed in her book. She looked up and the book was promptly dropped to the ground and I was knocked backward as she wrapped her arms around me.

Rose's POV:

Scorpius smelled just like he did at Hogwarts. He held me just as tightly. I buried my face in his shoulder and laughed. It felt so good to see him.

"Merlin, woman. It's only been a week!" He teased, pulling back. I examined his face. His hair had actually gotten longer and I ran my fingers through the silvery blonde locks.

"It's been a long week." I corrected. He flashed a grin.

"Ahem." I spun in Scorpius's arms which dropped from my sides upon the sight of my dad in the doorway, looking very rigid.

"I'll round up the rest of the family." My dad said in a voice that sounded very strained to be polite. He shuffled away and I turned to look at Scorpius who was tapping his foot nervously.

"Scorp, calm down." I said with a laugh. I took his hand and he relaxed only slightly.

"Rosie, your dad's face was purple."

"It'll go back to normal in a bit, once he gets used to you." I pressed.

He opened his mouth to say something— no doubt a witty comeback— but was interrupted when Albus and Dominique strolled into the living room with knowing smiles on their faces.

"Uncle Ron is getting the family ready." Dominique said, looking pleased. She giggled at Scorpius's look of sheer terror and bounced onto a couch.

"Good to see you, Malfoy." Albus said not all that stiffly. He raised a hand awkwardly, as if to clap Scorpius on the shoulder or shake his hand, but lowered it. I guess they were still getting over the years where they had slightly resented each other. Both of them turned their respective attentions to the ceiling or the floor. I rolled my eyes and led the way out of the sitting room to the kitchen, knowing they would both follow me.

In the kitchen, the entire family seemed to be assembling with various family members pushed up against the cabinets or the windows that were gradually filling up with snow. My parents stood front and center with Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny on either side of them. The rest of the family took up guard behind them with my cousins and Hugo flanking the sides. James looked tense and I noticed his jaw was twitching like it did after a rough Quidditch game. Lily and Hugo looked utterly bored while my other cousins who I didn't spend as much time with looked confused. Scorpius and Albus appeared next to me as the family chatter died down and Scorpius seized up yet again.

"Rose, why don't you introduce Scorpius to everyone?" My mum asked politely. She broke away from what had started to look like a mob of Potters and Weasleys and approached Scorpius and I. She reached out her hand to shake his and he swallowed audibly as his face relaxed again and I saw him pump his hand in a way that I'm sure his father had taught him: firmly and professionally.

"This is Scorpius Malfoy." I said and Scorpius blushed. My mum yanked my dad forward and he too shook Scorpius's hand, his grip looking tighter than what was necessary.

"Alright, you lot. It's too stuffy in here, let's spread out!" Albus announced from the corner. He came to stand by me and Scorpius as my mum led my fuming father away and the family dispersed. Grandma Weasley remained in the kitchen, beginning to cook what would be the largest Christmas Eve feast I had ever seen.

"I'm off to find Fred. Him and James are supposed to be sneaking sneezing powder into Teddy's underpants." Al quickly hurried off with a wink in my direction over his shoulder. Dominique flashed a smile at Scorpius and myself as she trotted out of the room. Scorpius and I were completely alone.

"Er…" He trailed off, bringing a hand to the back of his neck. He looked flustered.

"You did well." I assured him. "Considering the entire family was in here watching us. I would have fainted." He chuckled and brought his hand down to slip it into mine. I led him out of the kitchen and to the stairs.

Scorpius winced as the third step up creaked and I breathily laughed. His grip tightened as we made our way to the third landing where the room Dominique and I shared waited. Once inside, I let go of Scorpius's hand and sat on the bed, pulling a pillow into my lap.

He awkwardly stood in the middle of the room, his hands stuffed into the pockets of his jacket. He quickly scanned the room, which was plain apart from the many female artefacts scattering the shelves and surfaces of the desk and nightstand. Dom and I had shared the same room in the Burrow for the sixteen years we had come and gone. Dominique's posters of popular bands were pinned onto the floral wallpaper with my romance novels cluttering the room.

"You look like Filch just walked in on you having a bath." I teased from where I sat. I was rather enjoying Scorpius's shyness, only because it came so rarely. His shoulders relaxed as he sighed followed by him laughing nervously.

"Rose, I'm in a girl's bedroom. And more importantly than that, I'm in your bedroom. And you happen to be my girlfriend." He pressed.

"Very observing of you." I continued to mock him. He laughed again, a smirk finding its way comfortably onto his face. He crossed the room, standing in front of me on the bed.

"Tease all you want." He laughed. "I've never done this before."

My eyebrows rose. I didn't know what had caused me to think Scorpius had been in situations like this before. He always seemed so confident in himself, so sure of his every action.

"You mean you've never…" I trailed off. He grasped at what I was implying and brought a hand to his hair. His familiar mannerisms made him seem more like himself now that he wasn't surrounded by my family and I felt a flutter in my stomach. He was really here.

"I've um…" He looked uncomfortable again, though the smile didn't leave his face. "I've done things before. Things I'm not completely proud of."

I felt my heart stutter, but I knew it was silly to feel jealous. I had known Scorpius's answer before he said it. It was obvious that he had been with other girls before me in more… intimate relationships. I looked down to avoid the bloom on my cheeks from spreading. He kneeled down and took the pillow from my lap.

"Rose, I've been with other girls before. I'll admit to that. But I'm not kidding when I say you're the only girl it's ever felt real with." He took my hands and I met his eyes.

"Those other girls were attempts at what we have." He assured me. I smiled, rubbing my thumb against the back of his hand. He leaned in to kiss me softly, his lips gentle on mine. I stood up from the bed, not breaking our kiss and wrapping my arms around his neck as his hands found their place on my waist. I let my hands wander through his hair, along his jawline, resting on his cheek.

"Ahem." Albus cleared his throat from the doorway. I broke away from Scorpius to glare at Al. He easily stared back, a satisfied smile on his lips.

"I only came to tell you two it's time for dinner. But, if you think you'd rather be eating each other's faces instead of food…" He was cut off as I chucked a pillow at him and he dodged it.

"You might want to ditch the bedroom anyway. Uncle Ron was about to storm up here himself. You can thank me later." He winked again and strolled down the hall, whistling. Bastard.

Scorpius's arms winded around my waist again and he pressed another kiss to my lips.

"Rose! If you aren't down here in two minutes, Uncle Ron has sworn to tear your dreamboat boyfriend limb from limb!" James shouted from the bottom of the stairs. I heard Fred's laughter chiming in with James's voice and my Aunt Ginny scolding them. Scorpius leaned his head into my shoulder, laughing. I felt his smile against my skin and I couldn't help but laugh with him. Snogging Scorpius had been a lot easier when we weren't surrounded by other people. But it was something I would have to get used to with my relationship no longer a secret.

"Molly, you outdid yourself." My mum chimed from her seat at the dining table. My dad sat in a slight stupor next to her, a hand on his stomach and his empty plate sitting in front of him. Uncle Harry mirrored him along with several of the others at the table.

Grandma Weasley had indeed created a dinner only slightly smaller than a Hogwarts feast. Only moments before, the table had been laden down with bowls of stews and soups, platters of roast and other delicacies. There was even a Christmas pudding with sugared Roses and a little Santa Clause enchanted to skate over the top of the cake, who had already completed a series of impressive spins and a figure eight.

"Scorpius, what is Christmas dinner like with your family?" My mum asked politely. She had thankfully been a very comforting presence for Scorpius, sparking conversations and calming down my dad if he became too tense. My other cousins and Teddy particularly were also interested in Scorpius and he had considerably relaxed at the table since the beginning of the evening. He had eaten everything on his plate, which was more than I usually saw him eat in a week at Hogwarts.

"Um, well it's just my mum and father and I." He started, adjusting himself in his seat. "The house elves usually do the cooking and we talk about work and our day…" He trailed off. "We exchange presents in the evening."

"You don't have any family over at all?" Louis, Dominique's younger brother piped up from his seat at the far end of the table, squished between Molly and Lucy, daughters of my Uncle Percy and Aunt Audrey.

"No, um, my father and mother didn't have any siblings." Scorpius replied. His eyes flickered around the table at my various aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings. I could never imagine my life without the overflowing family that came with it. I pictured Scorpius's quiet dinner with only his parents and placed my hand over his discreetly. His expression didn't change, but his fingers laced through mine.

The talk around the table continued as everyone finished second and third helpings of everything and the plates and glasses were finally cleared. Scorpius and I excused ourselves from the table, standing in the corner of the kitchen waiting for Al and Dominique. Dishes flew through the air to the sink where Grandma Weasley's scrubbing brush was attending to the silverware, soapy water sloshing out of the side of the sink.

Albus came stumbling over to us with Dom following him gracefully.

"You two fancy a Quidditch match?" Al asked excitedly. "James is rounding up two teams."

"Yeah, of course." Scorpius said, a gleam in his eyes. I could practically see the Quidditch tactics rushing through his brain as he followed Albus out the back door of the kitchen to the garden and makeshift Quidditch pitch.

Next to me, Dominique huffed.


Five minutes later found me and Dom sitting under the biggest tree in the garden with mugs of tea and gloves and scarves. Scorpius had borrowed Albus's old broom while Al showed off his fantastic new Christmas present— A Firebolt 2000. James was setting up equipment around the yard, placing muggle balls they had stolen from the village in the grass.

The team captains were of course, James and Albus. Next to James, Hugo stood proudly with an old beat up broom that was once my dad's and Fred stood on his other side. Scorpius stood next to Albus along with Roxanne, Fred's sister.

James and Albus shook hands with James looking very serious and Albus very silly as he bowed deeply with much twirling of his hands. He barked out a laugh as James elbowed him in the stomach and the two teams split the field, mounting their brooms. Scorpius shot me a glance with a smirk before kicking off the ground to hover on Albus's right while Roxanne flanked his left.

"Alright!" James shouted. He stationed himself in front of the middle wooden hoop with Hugo struggling to stay on his broom next to him and Fred looking amused. My hands were itching to pull Hugo down from the air, considering he wasn't very good at Quidditch and he was bound to get hurt. However, Hugo steadied himself and sneaked a look at James's face to mirror his confident expression.

"You lot know the rules! We only play with Chasers and Keepers! Louis will throw the ball up and the first Chaser to catch it has possession! First team to fifty points wins!" At the sound of his name, Louis scrambled to the middle of the field from his position by the bushes and threw the muggle football into the air.

The game was intense. It was almost as if all the players thought they were really playing for the success of their respective House Quidditch teams. Roxanne managed to snag the ball first, flying in loops around Hugo and Fred. Scorpius followed her, catching the ball when she tossed it to him and chucking it at James, who caught it expertly. Playing continued with points scored here and there. Albus was a good keeper, but James was the best of the best at Hogwarts. He nearly caught everything that was thrown at him. Whenever the ball dropped out of the sky, Louis was there to toss it back up, and playing commenced.

It was half an hour later when fifty points were finally scored for James's team. Fred whooped and hollered as he flew straight into James and knocked him through the goal post, both laughing like idiots as they sailed to the ground. Hugo floated uneasily to the frozen grass, running over to join them. Scorpius high-fived Albus and Roxanne as they returned to the ground and trooped over to us.

"It's bloody freezing, I'm getting something to drink." Roxanne announced, tossing her broom next to me and Dom. Fred and Hugo followed her while James came to shake Scorpius's hand.

"You played well, Malfoy." He said with a slight smile. "I'll have to watch out for you when we next play Slytherin."

"Wait till you see me with a Beater's bat." Scorpius replied with a smirk.

"Want a go at the brooms, ladies?" Albus asked, turning to me and Dom. Dominique looked annoyed as she was now leaning under the tree, wrapped in a blanket she had brought for herself.

"Come on Rose, you're not bad at flying." Scorpius said, reaching for my hand and pulling me to my feet.

"Scorp, no." I mumbled. I remembered when he had taught me how to fly, and it had felt exhilarating. But it was also the scariest moment of my life.

"Since when do you fly Rosie?" James asked.

"Since I taught her how, and she's good. She's just denying it!" Scorpius teased. He pulled me to the middle of the field, my several protestations ignored by both James and Albus as they curiously watched.

Scorpius handed me the broom he had been using and reminded me how to mount it properly. My fingers felt stiff with the cold and I pulled my gloves off.

"Now, kick off and I'll join you up there. Okay?" He didn't wait for an answer as he went to pick up the broom Fred had been busing and kicked off the ground in a matter of seconds.

"Remember, you're kicking Robin's face!" He shouted from the air. I felt a smile grow on my face and kicked off hard, wobbling slightly once I was airborne. A whoop of excitement came from Albus and I turned my head to see him and James were clapping. Dom was even smiling brilliantly at me from her seat by the tree. I turned back to Scorpius, who was now eye level with me.

"Can someone throw up the ball?" He asked. Al jogged to the middle of the pit to toss the ball up and Scorpius caught it with one hand. He handed it to me, and I uneasily took it with fumbling fingers as I tried to stay steady with only my right hand on the broom.

Scorpius soared back to the goal posts and steadied himself in front of the middle.

"Alright, try to get it past me!" He said happily.

"What?" I asked in disbelief. Wasn't it enough that I had gotten off the ground?

"Come on, Rosie!" Al yelled from the ground. I wanted to shoot him a glare that would shut him up, but I was now too scared to turn my head.

"I'll go easy on you, I promise!" Scorpius added with a wink. I bit my lip and slowly eased the broom forward. My hearth thudded with every inch it crept towards the goal post.

I was close enough to throw it now. Scorpius was waiting patiently, a smile on his face. James, Al, and Dominique were shouting words of encouragement from the grass. I lifted the ball in my hand, aimed and shot—

Scorpius reached for it, but miraculously it sailed over his head and barely through the hoop on the left. My mouth dropped in surprise as he raced down to the ground to retrieve the ball. I almost forgot how to get off the broom, and shakily returned to the ground, tumbling onto the grass.

"Great job, Rosie! You're a natural! You're better than James!" Albus yelled. He picked me up against my shouts as James exclaimed "Oi!".

Scorpius came strutting over, the broom over his shoulder and the ball under the crook of his other hand. He set the equipment gently down on the grass and came to join Albus and I.

"You say you taught her how to fly?" James asked. Scorpius nodded.

"She only needed the technique, she's got natural ability in her." My face flooded with red again.

"Of course she does!" Al exclaimed. "She's a Weasley!"

"Hey you lot!" Teddy poked his head around the door from the kitchen, his bright blue hair a contrast against the dull grey of the winter around us. "Molly's made hot chocolate and there won't be much left if you're out here freezing your arses off!"

We began to collect the equipment as James carefully took the brooms and balls back to a store cupboard in Granddad Weasley's shed of muggle items. Al swung Dominique over his shoulder and carried her kicking and shrieking into the house. Scorpius and I were again, mercifully alone.

"You did great." He said, tucking a piece of my hair behind my ear.

"It was a lucky shot." I mumbled, still in disbelief at my success.

"How am I doing with the family?" He asked. I chuckled at his worried expression.

"Good. Great. James might want to marry you by the end of the school year." I laughed.

"I just don't want to give them a reason to kick my arse once we're back at school and your mum isn't there to protect me."

"I wouldn't let them hurt you. Now that they know, I'm allowed to do this whenever I want." I leaned in to kiss him.

"I could get used to that." He mumbled when he pulled away. "I've really loved seeing you. Home is depressing."

"Then don't go home." I whispered and smiled against his lips. "I don't want you to leave."

"I love you, Rose."

I pulled back sharply, my hands pressed against his chest. His expression was nervous, waiting for my response. I couldn't fathom why he would think I wouldn't return his feelings. It was obvious I was already completely his, wasn't it?

"I wanted to say that first." I said, unable to keep the smile on my lips from growing. He let out a breath and laughed.

"You had me worried for a minute." He pulled me into a hug.

"I love you." I whispered next to his ear. I tilted his face to mine to kiss him again. "I love you."

"Hot chocolate, Rose!" Albus shouted from inside the house. "Hotter than that little love fest you're having out there!"

"I'm going to murder him." I muttered, reluctantly pulling myself out of Scorpius's embrace and angrily trekking over the flowers and clumps of greenery on the garden path with Scorpius chuckling at my heels.

I stood by the stove in the sink, helping myself to hot chocolate from the giant pot. Scorpius's hands found my waist from behind me and James laughed loudly as kissy noises were made, no doubt by Al.

"I hate him." I grumbled.

"But you love me." Scorpius gleefully teased, ducking to press a kiss to my cheek and preparing himself a mug of hot chocolate as I prepared to face Albus's playful taunting. If it meant I could be with Scorpius openly, I would gladly accept every remark him and the rest of Hogwarts had in them.

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