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You grab your shades and shove them on your face before opening the door. Jade is grinning back at you.

You walk away to find some pants, and you hear her step inside and shut the door. You pull on your shoes mid-step, and she giggles.

You don't really mind it, honestly. You both leave and she grabs your hand, as though you didn't know your way around your own apartment complex.


You discover that it is actually fucking freezing outside. You've been here for three years and you're still not used to the fact that it feels like Winter when Fall hasn't even fully started yet. Jade's just wearing a tanktop and a skirt that ends just below her knees. You stuff your left hand in your jeans pocket. The usual group of kids are standing on the sidewalk, and when one waves, you give a nod in his direction. You notice Rose's car, and Jade leads you over to it, then lets you claim the passenger seat. Your phone buzzes.

EB: good morning!

TG: sup

EB: stuff

TG: wow dude thanks for enlightening me with your words of wisdom

EB: :B

Rose pulls up in a parking space, and you immediately flee. You could feel Jade's intense staring since the moment "John" (if that was even his name, fuck if you remember, but that's what you set his name as) sent you the first text. You manage to dodge her long enough to get to class, even though you and every other person in the hall can hear her yelling at you to stop this instant and talk to her.

It's not until lunch that someone approaches you in the hall and asks if the earlier incident means you're single. Wait. What the fuck? "What the fuck?" You don't really know what else to say.

"Are you..you know, single? I heard you and Jade got in a fight this morning and..." She trails off.

"Why the fuck would it matter if me and Jade got into a fight?"

She fidgets. She tries to meet your eyes, but gives up after two seconds.

"Well, cause then maybe you two would have broken up and-" You cut her off. "Broken up? What are you talking about?" She doesn't respond, and she looks like she's about to run off. You push up your shades enough to pinch the bridge of your nose for a second.

"Do you really think me and Jade of all people were dating?" She bites her lip. "And why the hell would her yelling at me mean we broke up? She yells at me all the fucking time. She nags me."

She still doesn't say anything.

"We aren't dating, never were. That should answer your question," and you turn around to find Jade and Rose but she touches your shoulder and you turn back and she immediately pulls her hand away. "W-would you like to go to the Fall dance with me, then?" You think you might frown for a second. This is the only fucking school you know with what, five dances each year? And you hate it.

You feel a little bad when she flinches and you run a hand through your hair. "I'll think about it, I guess." She's pretty fucking shocked and she tries to cover it up but it's really pretty embarrassing for you to watch. So you turn around and flick your wrist in a way that hopefully resembled a wave, before stalking over to the table you usually sit at.

Rose just arches an eyebrow at you and you refuse to believe you snorted before saying "I take that personally,".

Jade nudges you with her elbow and you flick her ear. You quickly realize that that is kind of couple-y like and you focus your attention to your food.

"So what was that about?" You shrug, taking a bite out of sandwich before grimacing and sliding out of your seat to toss it in the trash bin. You come back and are quickly pestered with the same question.

"What was that about Daveee?"

She stretches out the 'e' far too long for your liking. You shrug again, but you know she'll keep asking so you end up telling her anyways. "Some chick just asked me to go to the dance with her," She covers her excited grin and asks "Did you say ye-" "I said maybe," she frowns and is about to scold you or something but you put in the other earbud and she gives up.

It's two weeks later and only then does the girl-who-asked-you-out-whose-name-you-think-might-be-'Amy' talks to you again. She asks you about the dance thing again.

You shrug.

She does not take kindly to your shrugging.

You don't really know what to do so you apologize. This surprises both you and her a little. You decide to not be a douche for once (or maybe this was being douchey? You just don't know.) and tell her to just get another date. She looks a little sad but also slightly relieved. She smiles and waves bye to you and you don't think you even reacted.

Jade scolds you later and she claims she's going to kidnap you and drag you to the dance. You grimace slightly. "People already think we're a couple, so how about no?" Jade looks remarkably surprised and Rose eyes you carefully, but doesn't say anything.

The dance isn't even for another month, so you aren't really sure what the big deal about deciding if you're going to go right now is.

But then Rose has a date (some girl who's name you forgot but she kind of scares you) and Jade runs up to you after school exclaiming that she has a date and promises that you get to meet him after school tomorrow.

His name is John. He looks a bit familiar, and you don't know why. He says he's new to the school. You feel a little bit weird because your John hasn't texted you much lately, said he was busy with school and had been having issues with jerks there again and-your John. What the fuck. No, it's okay to call him 'your john' because it's ironic because you've never even met and you aren't even homosexual. Or something. Except for the whole fact that you aren't exactly heterosexual either.

Jade runs off to find some books with Rose and John sits at the table you currently occupy.


You nod in his direction, and find yourself texting your John.

TG: sup

He doesn't reply for a bit so you reach for your gameboy, and you feel John staring at you. You let him. You're kind of absorbed in your game for a bit, when you get a text. You immediately pause your game and grab your phone and oh god you're acting like a girl with this whole texting thing. For ironic purposes. Of course.

EB: not much, but guess what?

TG: what

John is staring at you again. "What?" He shakes his head with a sheepish smile. "Nothing!"

You roll your eyes pointedly but then realize he can't see and fuck you are really losing your cool lately.