An alternate ending to the Star Wars: The Clone War's episode Revenge. Enjoy! Oh, and please Read & Review!

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Obi-Wan felt a sickening crunch as Maul's fist made contact with his chin. He flew across the room into a pile of cargo bins. But before he could let out a groan, Maul was next to him again. This time the former Sith apprentice punched Obi-Wan in the stomach before picking him up and using the force to fling him unmercifully against the wall on the other side of the cargo hold.

"How does it feel, Kenobi?" He snarled. "Do you enjoy being helpless and in pain?"

Obi-Wan moaned and struggled to rise. "I really do regret not slicing you through the neck. It would have saved me so much trouble."

Darth Maul's eyes burned fire as he picked Obi-Wan up by the neck. "I wish I had made your master's death long and slow, knowing that you were watching helpless." He smiled evilly. He could feel Obi-Wan's anger rising. "But he is dead, and you also will soon be dead." Obi-Wan had just enough time mutter, "not again!" before being flung to the floor with a revolting crack. He was vaguely aware of the Ventress, struggling with Savage Opress, but most of his attention was directed towards Darth Maul, who was standing over him. Obi-Wan looked into his enemy's eyes, and he shuddered. They were filled with so much hatred and a longing for revenge.

He struggled to speak. "You know you will never win, Maul. The only thing you will gain by killing me is your own death."

Maul looked down at him, not at all taken aback by what the Jedi has just said. "But you will be dead, Kenobi, and that is worth dying for." He chuckled. "Revenge. That is all I want."

Without warning, he struck a heavy blow to Obi-Wan's head, and Obi-Wan lapsed out of consciousness for the second time.

The Ventress saw him fall unconscious and realized that it was over. Either she ran, or she died along with Kenobi. "Better him than me." She thought and sprang nimbly to the nearest exit. She paused long enough to quickly say, "Nice talking with you boys!" before running down the corridor to the nearest escape pod. She briefly considered running back for Kenobi, but quickly dismissed that from her mind. With a few swipes at the control pad, she was flying away, safe for the moment. She sighed and sank down into the pilot chair, wondering, "What now?"


Obi-Wan groaned and attempted to open his eyes. Everything was swirling around dizzily. He tried to stretch his cramped and sore limbs, but something was restraining him from moving. "Oh no, this is not good" he muttered. He closed his eyes again and waited till his head cleared. Then he opened his eyes and looking around him, instantly remembering where he was and why he was there. He was still in the cargo hold, leaning on a cargo bin in a sitting position with his hands and legs tied with coils of thin metal. There was blood and dirt on almost every part of his body. "This is definitely not good." He thought. Suddenly, pain ripped through his body, and he once again fell into darkness, staring into the evil eyes of his oppressor.

Maul looked at his victim silently. He couldn't wait to start torturing Kenobi seriously. He closed his eyes, imagining the things he would do to him one they reached their destination in Rattatak.