.Title: Should be
Author: Cindy Ryan
Pairings: David/MM
Spoilers: Heart of darkness

Emma Swan watched David and Mary Margaret from the hallway of the sheriff office.
She had every intention of giving them privacy.
However the pain and sadness radiating from the room had been palatable.
Almost taking on a life of it's own.
So much so that Emma couldn't turn away.

If what her son said was true.
If these two people before her were indeed her parents; Emma was watching their lives fall apart.
Even fairytale heroes were human.
Mistakes made, love lost.

Emma placed a hand against the door frame.
Whether they turned out to be her family or not. She had to find a way to help them.
It was clear they loved each other.
The once in a life time type that so few people find.

David and Mary Margaret were good people.
Good people who had made bad decisions.
Decisions that shouldn't ruin lives.
Emma had to help them; family or not.
She'd find out what happened to Kathryn and set things right.
To the way it should be.