Title: The Kate Spy Chronicles #1

Author: WistfulGuy

Fandom: Pan Am

Rating: PG

Cast: Kate Cameron

Disclaimer: I do not own Pan Am the company or the TV series. I am not associated with ABC TV in any way. I am just a huge fan of the show and like to write. Also, please don't sue me…I don't do well in jail and I have no money. Void where prohibited.

Kate was jolted from slumber by the ringing of her alarm clock. Reaching over with determination, she grabbed the clock and quickly turned the alarm off. Rolling over again for a minute, she lingered in the hope of catching a few extra minutes of sleep. No chance…considering what she had in store today, it was no small feat she was able to sleep at all.

As she rose from her bed and proceeded to make herself breakfast, she glanced at her Pan Am uniform, draped over a chair in her apartment. She thought about what Richard told her about choices. She wondered, was she ready for this? Was she ready to give up Pan Am, the job that offered her so much freedom and opportunity to experience the world? True, she had as much opportunity for travel with the CIA as she had with Pan Am, if not more. But working for the CIA brought with it a considerable amount of danger. She wouldn't be just switching passports or being a low level courier any more. She was truly moving up to the big leagues.

Following somewhat in Bridget's footsteps, Kate was able to take a leave of absence from Pan Am. While there would be no guarantees, the likelihood of her returning to her job was fairly secure. She tried not to think of that, however. She'd long desired to make a difference in the world. She'd come a long way from the rebellious daughter of well-to-do Connecticut Society parents and she wasn't about to stop now.

Kate contacted Richard and arranged a meeting with him to discuss setting up training for herself at Langley. Richard had been released from the hospital but was still recovering from his gunshot wound. They were to meet at the insurance company office where she spoke with Nico about being a double agent not long ago. How ironic, Kate thought to herself. The place where I had to convince the person I care for most in this world to become a spy is where I will commit myself to being a spy as well.

Kate met Richard in the lobby. He was on crutches. They rode the elevator to the third floor, where they proceeded to a private meeting room. After seating at a conference room table, Richard asked, "So, you've decided to take the leap?"

"I've decided that if I'm going to make a difference in this world, I need to be fully prepared."

"We can certainly help you with being prepared. Are you also prepared for the sacrifices this job will require?"

"I'm guessing you mean I will be kissing Pan Am goodbye?"

"At first, most definitely. Your transition to the CIA will probably work out similar to how we handled Bridget's situation. You'll be on a leave of absence from Pan Am. Don't worry; we'll handle the administrative paperwork and such. We will definitely leave enough of a door open in case you ever need to access your former status as a stewardess for operational reasons."

"Operational reasons?"

"Absolutely…in case you haven't noticed by now, a CIA agent's work involves a great deal of deception. Pretending to be of a different identity, nationality, etc. You've got the groundwork of being a stewardess; we need to keep that option open for you in case any of your assignment work would benefit from it."

Kate leaned back in her chair. Richard made her abrupt career switch sound much easier than she knew it would be. She knew there would be difficult work ahead. She still hadn't told Laura or the other girls about leaving Pan Am. Putting up walls and weaving a shroud of secrecy was beginning to become second nature to her.

Leaning forward, Kate asked, "So how does this training work?"

"You'll be flown to Langley. Typical training program is four months. You'll be assessed and trained in everything from language, espionage, weapons, self defense, disguising your identity, etc. Once you are finished and graduate, you'll be available for assignments around the world. As you can imagine, the world is full of work for CIA operatives. JFK is gone, Communism runs rampant throughout the world, and dictatorships like Castro's are posing a constant threat to security in one way or another. If you truly want to make a difference, you couldn't have picked a better time to start."

Smiling, Kate replied, "Richard, making a difference is what I've wanted to do. I'm ready."

"Are you, Miss Cameron? Have you informed your sister you won't be flying anymore?"

"No, I haven't. I will tell her I'll be taking a leave though."

"Look, Kate…I know this decision wasn't easy for you. I know it was tough on you seeing Niko Lonza placed in the position of being a spy against his own government. If you want to take some time on this…"

Kate interrupted, "Richard, you noticed yourself that I've come a long way from the girl who was unsure about switching a passport. I'm ready to do more, to take the next step."

Richard looked at Kate thoughtfully. "Ok, Kate. I'll make the arrangements. I will be keeping in touch with you periodically as you move through the process."