Authors Note: So this is just a quick couplet poem I typed up at night, not my best but I was bored so walah! Hahaha anyways, reviews are always appreciated! (wink wink ;D)

Disclaimer: All Twilight 'stuff' belongs to Stephenie Meyer, which I am not, or else I wouldn't be writing fanfiction XD

This is as story about a masochistic lion and a stupid lamb,

Who love each other so, there's nothing their love cannot withstand.

But he is different; he is a creature from the night,

Who would fill any ordinary human with fright,

But she is different, she has no fear,

But he is afraid to let her near.

Blood lust is powerful; he is designed to kill,

The only thing stopping him, is his incredible will,

But she sees past his differences, sees past his danger,

Her love for him seems ever stranger.

He loves her for she brought him back to life,

But this everlasting love has led to great strife.

But through the battles, the pain, the tears,

Through the storms and nightmares, and ones greatest fears.

No matter what cruel forces try to get them to fall,

The lion and the lamb's love, will always stand tall.