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Warnings: Shizaya, yaoi, language, blood, violence potentially OOC, some angst, fluff and... yeah more as we go

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Shizuo frowned softly and pressed himself into the darkest crack the barn had. It was dangerous here. Those hunters would catch up in no time at all during daylight and the barn had enough cracks that morning just might kill him. Literally. He frowned and looked around before burying himself in a pile of straw as best he could. His lungs and heart had stopped working years ago and he was glad now for the first time of it. He missed breathing, though he could if he wanted to. It just felt strange to do so when he didn't have to. He waited, only aware of dawn approaching when his eyelids became automatically heavy and he fell asleep with no ability to stop it.

"He's in here?" The sun beat down on the frosty barn and Izaya shivered a little, rubbing his arms to keep the blood flowing in the freezing winter air.
"Yeah," the blonde hunter beside him replied, shivering badly. Kida stamped his feet in the snow and glanced at Mikado who was staring eagerly at the door to the barn, seemingly unaffected by the cold.
"Are we going in?" He asked, head tilting to the side as though bored by the situation and Izaya frowned.

"We go in now and we'll kill him," He pointed out.
"How do we know he isn't dead already? We don't know what's in there but that barn is pretty shabby looking." Kida pointed out, putting his mitten-clad hands to his face, covering his nose and blowing heavily in an attempt to warm his nose up. Izaya pulled out a small vial of liquid to prove his point. Despite it being well below freezing the water seemed to be at a rolling boil, and a soft greenish light emanated from it. Izaya held holy water, the only proven method for vampire detection.

"Oh," Kida shivered again and cursed under his breath. If the vampire was dead the water would not react like this.
"The trap is in place?" Mikado asked softly and one of the other hunters looked over.
"Yes, he will escape not." She spoke with an accent, Russian, Izaya guessed. The trap was metal, but more specifically it was imbedded with the Star of David. They had a surplus of those since younger hunters usually preferred crosses but any religious symbol would work.

"Do we really have to wait here until sunset?" Kida whined. His breath puffed out in a cloud and Izaya imagined it turning into ice. It was certainly cold enough at thirty below Celsius.
"Yes. He'll get away again otherwise and I am not tracking him across the country again." Izaya scowled. They had been hunting this vampire for over two years now and he slipped away every time, but not tonight.

"But Izayaaaa!" Kida whined and Mikado stepped on the blonde's foot causing him to yelp in mild pain.
"Stop whining…" Mikado mumbled, adjusting his scarf slightly before returning to the warmth of the RV they had been living in for the past two years. Kida sighed and joined him, whining his lovers name meaning Izaya was staying the hell out. He didn't want to be in there when they decided on make-up sex.

"Vorona, right? You're sure everything is ready?" Izaya went to inspect the trap. He suspected this one was ex-human and they were under strict orders to bring him back alive as a result. Former humans were treated better than those born as vampires, though the population was on a steady decline.
"Yes. He can not teleport, too young still. So only way out is here. We must leave though for trap to work right." She said as she finished burying the roof –or what would be the roof when the trap deployed—in snow carefully.

"Yeah, he'll make a new exit if he knows we were here," Izaya agreed. The trap was invisible, deployed with a simple pressure plate when the vampire inside stepped on it. He helped Vorona hide all their tracks before knocking very loudly on the RV door.
"You two, cut out anything you're doing because I'm coming in now!" He heard a yelp and some shuffling before Mikado opened the door for him. Kida was still in the bed he and Mikado shared but at least Mikado had pulled pants on. Izaya hopped into the driver's seat and turned on the RV before driving away. They had parked far enough away from the barn that the vampire would not see the tracks until he was inside the cage they had built for him. Izaya was looking forward to it, but he wasn't even on the pick-up team. He would see it when it was at the headquarters at least.

Shizuo woke as suddenly as he had fallen into the dreamless sleep he always had. It was like a light switch, the sun came up and he was out, the sun went down and he was awake. He pulled himself out of the straw and brushed it off then shook like an animal. The he remained very still and listened. Far in the distance he could hear cars, vehicles. Probably the highway. Closer by he could hear the heart beats of a herd of deer and that made him grin. He was thirsty, hadn't fed for a couple days. Winter was always harder on food supply and he tried hard not to drink from humans. He didn't know what he was now, but he was sure it wasn't what he once was and he was positive that whatever made him this had been one too. He supressed a shiver along with the memory and stretched a little. His clothing was ragged, he knew he should steal some more soon but that always made him feel guilty. He padded out of the pile, his bare feet making no noise at all and opened the door cautiously.

Nothing seemed to be out of place. The wind was blowing, but it brought no chill to him. He had stopped feeling cold when his heart had stopped beating. The last remnants of daylight lingered still, but it barely tingled at this stage and was certainly not lethal. Only the direct rays of the sun burned and though he'd only experienced it once it had been seared painfully into his memory. He had slept carelessly and the sunlight had touched his hand as he slept. It was the first and only time he had been awake while the sun was up, the pain severe enough to snap him out of it.

He padded out onto the snow, the crunch audible to his ears only which had such incredible hearing he could make out full conversations over 100 yards away. He jumped at the sudden wrenching creak of metal and snapping of latches locking and blinked at the metal bars before him. Did they really think this would work? Shizuo knew little about vampires but he knew metal like this was like a toothpick to his strength now. One hand reached out but the moment his hand touched the metal he withdrew his hand as though it had been burned, and indeed it felt like he had been. It felt like the sun had, but concentrated to what had come into contact with the metal.

"What the fuck?" He mumbled before reaching out and yelping. It hurt like the sun! What was this? He panicked a little, trying every bar, the roof, even digging the snow and trying the floor of this cage but it was to no avail. It burned no matter where he tried and after a moment he noticed six-pointed star's inlaid in the metal everywhere. His ears pricked when he heard a van turning off the main highway and come closer and closer. Finally it reached him and he backed to the far end of the cage when the doors opened. Three men and a woman came out of the van and looked around.

"Wow… he's gorgeous~!" The woman squealed and Shizuo flinched a little, unused to human voices. He avoided cities if he could, sticking to wilderness and farms.
"Huh. He is pretty attractive, hey… um you thirsty?" the blonde male asked. His eyes were squinty and Shizuo frowned, opting not to reply at all.

"He's not very talkative…" the woman said, pouting a little bit as she walked closer. The snow crunching beneath her feet Shizuo was certain he could hear a mile away. His back touched the metal bars of the cage he was in and he lurched forward again, hissing slightly and glancing back at them before his eyes locked back onto the humans in front of him.

"Ah… look, we won't hurt you, we were ordered to take you alive. If you behave we can feed you, give you clothing… even keep you safe from the sun," The man who spoke wore a thick large toque on his head, his eyes appeared right under the edge of it.
"I'm Kyohei Kadota, this is Saburo Togusa, Erika Karisawa, and Walker Yumasaki." Hat man pointed to each in turn.

"What's your name?" The one called Saburo asked, his voice calm and gentle.
"Sh-Shizuo. Shizuo Heiwajima…" His voice was rough and he'd needed to inhale to say it. He hadn't spoken in at least three months.
"That's not a vampire name…" Erika said in surprise and Shizuo blinked at her. He didn't believe in vampires.
"Mmm, you're an ex-human aren't you?"
"So… I'm not human anymore after all?" He asked, his voice clearing the more he spoke. He wondered if a spider had crawled in and made itself comfortable in his throat since in felt like he was clearing cobwebs out now.

"Well… how long have you been with no heart beat?" Kadota asked.
"T-twenty six summers," Shizuo replied, though he doubted they believed him. The seemed to know his heart didn't beat though that was good right?
"Ah… so yeah, you were human. How old were you when you were attacked?" Erika asked. How did she know he had been attacked? Was she one too? But she couldn't be, Shizuo could distinctly hear heartbeats from all of them, air rushing into their lungs, blood flowing in their veins… He gulped and drove his thoughts away from blood.

"Twenty four. I was twenty four and I was attacked twenty-six summers ago on February twelvth." He said. He remembered everything, every detail, every dust particle since that day though his human memories were just as clear.
"Ah… you're fifty then." Saburo wrote it down on the clipboard he was holding.
"W-what am I?" Shizuo asked. They seemed to know more about this than him.
"Hm? You don't know?" Walker asked.

"…no," Shizuo admitted, though it embarrassed him deeply to admit such a thing.
"You're a v-" Walker began but Erika smacked a hand over the blonde's mouth.
"Why don't we get back to headquarters first. We can tell you everything there and you can even feed and change your clothing! That sounds nice right?"
"…Yes. Are you going to let me out of this cage then?"
"No. Too risky. You could attack us without warning and that would be bad. You're much stronger and faster than we are. It's not far from here though actually. Outside the city," Kadota promised and slowly Shizuo nodded in agreement as Saburo grabbed something to help lift the cage up and get it back to the van.

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