First off I apologise for making you all think this was an update when it wasn't, this is for your information.

As I have gotten a request for the next update in basically every review I find it prudent to mention that it will not happen for some time as I am currently struggling to find time for anything, let alone writing.

As of right now I am working two jobs, getting most of the housework dumped on me and trying to visit my dying father in the meantime. As he will likely pass away within the next week (it is January 8th currently in 2013) and certainly not survive the month please understand that even if I had time to write currently nothing is going to come.

I cannot write, for that I apologise however with my life the way it is this will last a while. Again, sorry but my real life is taking priority and fan-fiction is taking a back seat to keeping a roof over my head and being able to spend time with my father when I won't have any in the very near future (And no this is not a case where 'hold out hope, he might get better!' so please do NOT tell me that it's pointless, he is NOT going to live much longer, end of story. Period. Telling me crap like that at this point is only upsetting to me because I know it isn't true and I am not being a pessimist either, he is dying, that is reality)

Please understand that any updates could take months right now with the possible exception of Raw Nerve as this story is already complete and waiting for editing only. Again, sorry for leaving you at such a huge cliff hanger for this story but as I said, my life is not where I can sit and write right now, it just isn't something I can do right now.

Because I cannot currently give updates on this story I thought I should at least tell the people waiting patiently WHY they will be getting no updates and probably for a long time. Again, sorry and I hope you can understand my position a little.