A/N This is after the end of the book, this is really short, but hopefully it's just the beginning!

Ian's POV

Well life in the caves has returned to normal, well if you consider humans and souls living together as normal anyway. Jared and Melanie were finally reunited, and I had my precious and gentle Wanderer with me. I sighed. Wanderer, she always did so much for us humans, who once tried to murder her and torture her. I couldn't repress my shudder. I wish there was some way I could repay her for all she has done. Whenever I bring this up with her she shakes her head and says that she has all she wants, living with the people she loves is payback enough. But I disagree; there must be something I could do to make her know that we all appreciate her. I decided to bring this up with Melanie. Despite my prior thoughts, Melanie and I turned out to be rather good friends, I guess we bonded over our admiration for Wanda.

"You know she doesn't like unnecessary attention placed on herself," Melanie said chewing a hard roll. We were eating and early breakfast so we could start on the fields early. My Wanderer was still asleep, so I used to time to device my plan.

"I know, but there must be something, anything really, that could prove to her that she's wanted here."

"Well," Jared said, joining our conversation while holding hands with Melanie "I think I have an idea that will do that and more!" He grinned triumphantly, I was suddenly very eager to know what he was planning.

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