Chapter 1: Myself and I

I want you to think about this question for a minute. What do you think is your purpose in life? Is it a dream that you have had since childhood? Or. Is it something you discover late in life? Now think about this. Have you suffered for something or someone you love? Your Answer is probably yes. Whether it's financially or emotionally, we have suffered.

My name is Morgan Elise Fray. I am 21, about to be 22. As for my appearance, I have long, milk chocolate brown hair, light, slightly peach skin, great sized lips (not to thick, not to thin), and Sapphire Blue eyes. I am addicted to wearing white and grey clothing; I don't know why I just have since I was a little girl. I have undiscovered talents and uncovered secrets… but so far I won't tell anyone not even my "family."

I walked on my work and, of course, on the way I saw my old line of work, the store that brought millions, Strata. I used to be one of its most cherished workers. I still remember the many days of fashion labor and the days of the countless fashion contests that I've won, known as one of the greatest designers of all time. Why did I quit? That's an easy question to answer… I never enjoyed it fully. I want to show a talent that I have that's more powerful than any plain designer. However, my dream will probably not happen… I was pretty happy in my current job, even though my boss is always grumpy as hell, and I get a low amount of pay, every job is better if you have your friends around.

I work at one of our city's busiest restaurants as a waitress. I love my job especially when almost everyone has a good relationship with me, including customers. The restaurant is called Tsunami, and people say I'm am the kindest waitress in the restaurant business. Being kind is just my nature. I have had a loving atmosphere since I was born! I walk in the restaurant with my usual greeting, my friends, the cooks and the fellow waiters and waitresses say "What's up, Morgan?" While I say the normal, "Hey guys." in my normal little voice. I have always had a shy demeanor, another part of who I am. I was dressed in my normal waitress outfit, a maroon polo shirt with a black pencil skirt and a black apron filled with waitress utensils.

The clock soon struck 4:30 pm which was the time this place opened and of course the crowd rushed in, like an endless mob of hungry rich hags. My boss came in, in his suit and tie, and told me, "Morgan, we are extra busy today, so do your absolute best. Got it?" "Hai!" I always say 'Hai' instead of 'yes' just cause. Then the time came for my first assigned table to wait for the evening. My friend and co-worker, Molly came over to me with her outfit, a schedule, and her blond ponytail and told me my first table assigned. Table 48.

I looked over and no one was at the table yet, so I stood there and waited. Until out of all the people that were at the front, I stared at one man. I looked at him with awe and surprise. He had dark brunette hair, lightly tanned skin, a strong build wearing a pink buttoned shirt, black jacket, white pants, and fancy black shoes, and his most mesmerizing feature, his vibrant emerald eyes. This man was so god-damn handsome! I saw my old friend, Grace, who is the manager of Strata, wearing a red martini dress and saw one last woman that I did not know. I took a look at where this man was going and I realized I am going to wait HIS table!