Chapter 13: Overthrown Anger

Dominic's POV

I woke up in the morning, a little less tired than usual. I looked over to Morgan, who hasn't woken up yet. I could hear her breathing and her skin color was back to normal, so she should be fine. I caressed her cheek, which was still a little warm. I just need her to wake, and then once she's fully recovered, I can make my move. I hadn't woken up fully yet, and yet I heard some unpleasant noise downstairs…

"What do you mean, He couldn't come to the meeting?! He had absolutely nothing else to do!" "If you just listen, I'd be able to explain…" While this was going on, I was casually dressed, and I looked back to check on Morgan. Still no movement. Well, I guess I can leave her for a few moments…

I walked down the stairs to see everyone in a big verbal fight. My sister, brother-in-law, uncle, Godfrey, Grace, Roccoco, Felicity, Libby, My boss and all of the representatives were all yelling at each other, all I heard was verbal nonsense. Now I'm not really a morning person, so obviously I got sick of it. "SHUT THE HELL UP!" I screamed. The entire room went silent. Roccoco and the Boss walked over to me and then started with of course, "Where the hell have you been, Miya?!" "I had more important things to attend to." "Don't use that excuse on me, Dominic! This is the 5th meeting you skipped out on!" "I had something else to take care of, Sir. Something much more important than your stupid ass meeting!" The Boss gaped at me, "Calling Fashion… Stupid. What the hell are you thinking?" "This entire business is stupid. I never wanted this but I only did fashion so could have a friggin job! Besides I had much more important stuff to think about." I said. Roccoco flared, "There is nothing more important than fashion. It's life." "No Roccoco. It's YOUR life. Mine is with Morgan." Roccoco laughed, "Morgan is just a girl, and there are millions of girls just like her!" I stiffened up. "Now enough of her nonsense, it's time you let go of her and get back to what your meant to do." Big mistake…. I said slowly and sternly, "What did you say? About Morgan." The people knew she had said something she shouldn't have. "Darling, Morgan's a common girl, you find a person like her every day! You are a fashion Icon; you don't know what it's like to be of her descent. It's not like she's that important." I had enough of her bullcrap. "Excuse Me? YOU DON'T KNOW. AND YOU DON'T CARE! ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS YOUR OWN GODDAMN SELF! DON'T YOU DARE GIVE ME THAT BULLCRAP OF SAYING MORGAN IS COMMON! SHE IS AN AMAZING WOMAN, UNLIKE YOU WHO SAYS THAT BUYING AND WEARING CLOTHES IS LIFE! BULLSHIT! And one more thing! I do know what it's like to be her. I know what it is like to suffer. I know what it is like to lose everything you care about. I know what it is like to be in love. You however don't. So don't give me that bull crap." Everyone stared at me. The boss said one more thing before I was at the brink of going psycho upon these people. "Dominic, what do you want us to do about it?" I smiled sinisterly, the first time I have been happy to give my opinion.

"I want you… to get me out of this crazy fashion world. And Keep me out of it." The boss gave me wide eyes at me, "You don't mean?" "I QUIT! I AM NOT GONNA BE A FASHION OWNER ANYMORE, I'M GONNA MAKE SOME ACTUAL DIFFERENCE IN THIS CITY THAN BE WITH A BUNCH OF PUMPED AND PRIFFED ASSHOLES!" Grace said, "But Dominic? What is to become of my store?!" "Grace, become your own owner. We can still be friends, but don't you dare drag me back in that business like you did with Morgan." I wanted everyone out of my sight, except those who were here beforehand. "Grace you can stay if you want, Godfrey, Eunice, stay, Family stay. The rest of you, Get out." All of them said simultaneously, "But Dominic?" I flared and screamed, "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!" they left immediately, slamming the door behind them. I knocked myself on the couch and sighed a big sigh of relief. "That was horrible, Dominic." My sister said. I didn't give a damn. "Yea, But, Man, it felt good to get that out of my chest." "I swear you get crazier each day." I looked at her, "No, I'm getting saner each day." She looked at me like she knew what I meant…. Then her expression changed.

"Morgan!" She said. I looked back and saw Morgan struggling down the stairs. I ran to her and held her tightly. She gasped back, and whispered my name. I was happy again. "Come on, Morgan let's get back upstairs." She and I went back to my room which I held her again. "Oh Morgan, you have no idea how much I missed you." "I missed you too, Dominic." I wanted to tell her everything but I decided not to… she just woken up, and I wanted to just hold her. It felt good to have her in my arms again.