Some like it hot...

The residual pain from 1st degree burns was beginning to fade from the cool breeze blowing against Finn's singed cheeks. Finn repeatedly massaged the area where Flame Princess had hugged him, being the most heavily seared area. Jake, who'd been carrying Finn, home turned his head to his disheartened pal.

"Ah, don't worry about Finn. A little bit of oil and your skin will be as good as new."

Finn sighed, his canine companion completely did not realize the significance that his singed flesh had to him. Perhaps in the obsessive way he tried to court the Flame Princess, he'd become attached to the marks the princess had left on him. Or rather, in more pitiful and depressing sense, they were reminders of what was prohibiting him from "his" Flame Princess. It certainly was daunting to know that the very act of simply hugging her caused him considerable pain. This revelation would keep most suitors not of Flame biology, or rather a biology capable of enduring the environment and physical traits of a flame person, away. Yet this did not sway his emotions away from his desire.

Finn and Jake finally made it to their home, Jake taking no time to retrieve some medical supplies for Finn. Jake handed a bottle of oil and bandages to Finn who immediately shunned them away.

"Ah c'mon Finn, I know your upset about Flame Princess, but you'll get over it."

"Nah, dude, not this one," Finn said as he brushed his hand against his cheek.

"It's too bad you couldn't just use flame shield to protect yourself from her intense heat."

The words sparked a firestorm of emotions in Finn who's demeanor instantly changed from sorrowful to irate. In an instant Jake found the crushing grip of Finn's hands across his throat, Finn's fiery eyes fixated on him.

"What! Why didn't you tell me that before!"

"I'm sorry," Jake managed to utter through Finn's crushing grip.

Finn lessened his grip before letting Jake free. Jake took the moment to collect his breath and massage his bruised neck.

"I'm sorry, I completely forgot about it."

"Well how do you cast it?" Finn eagerly said.

"I don't know," Jake retorted,"Flambo cast it on me when we were in the Fire Kingdom."

"Well where is he?"

"Probably still in the Fire Kingdom."

"Then that's where we're going."

"What, no way Finn! We'll be burned to a crisp!"

"I'm going with or without you!"

"At least have Neptr build us some fireproof suits again."

"No way! I'm not going to let what happened in the Goblin Kingdom happen again."

Finn took no time in leaving to his room where he began removing and packing the necessary supplies for his trip to the Fire Kingdom. Jake scurried into the room and pleaded with Finn.

"Don't this Finn! Maybe we can ask PB for help-"

Finn immediately interjected,"No! We're not going to ask PB for anything! I'm either doing this with or without you," Finn said as he lifted his loaded backpack onto his back.

Finn past Jake as he left through the door, setting off towards the Fire Kingdom. Jake was speechless, never before had he seen such a surge of emotions come over Finn. This wasn't the simple, innocent affection he harbored for PB, no this went beyond that. This was true desire, one that went against better judgement, one with the utmost passion to be fulfilled with the undying love Finn harbored in his heart. His pal was in love and he knew it. Coming to this revelation, Jake sighed and followed after Finn.

"Finn, wait up!"