Some like it hot...

The Flame King had been walking about his royal chambers in the most agitated and unnerved manner.

"How? How could she do this to me?" he wondered a loud.

The past events were unsettling, unnerving ,really, knowing his daughter would defy his will and go so far as even threaten him. Furthermore, "Prince Finn," was far from the ruthless and psychopathic impression he had got when he first met him. He was rather more of a solicitous and committed young man who certainly was set on appeasing the fiery affection he had for his daughter.


The word shuddered in his mind, turning his heart afoul. It had no place in the Royal Class, generations of fixed marriages having seen to that. Likewise, the King followed in the same tradition having an arranged wife(presently deceased), and bearing a child as was expected. Certainly Finn's courtship seemed to follow the same path, but with the recent events it became clear that was not the case. A passionate prince coupled with his defiant daughter became too overbearing of a thought to take and the King, vexed and broken, walked bitterly back to his throne.

Finn and Jake had retired home having long parted ways with Flambo who also retired to his own abodes. The bodies had been scuffed and burned, and night's blanket drew them closer to their ever deserved sleep. Finn quickly threw off his clothes and suited on his one piece pajamas before throwing himself into his sleeping sack. Jake quickly followed throwing himself onto an open drawer that was his bed.

"Night Jake."

"Night Finn."

And with that Finn shut his eyes and got some very much needed sleep.

The day had dawned anew, the crisp sun rays gracing Finn's dirty cheeks. Finn wearily opened his eyes, before jumping out of bed in a frantic and perturbed state.

"Oh Glob! I over slept!"

Finn in a fraught threw off his pajamas, splashing his face and body with cold water before scrubbing away all the grime and throwing on a fresh pair of clothes. The commotion quickly caught the attention of Jake who jadedly rolled over, forgetting the edge of bed, and falling onto the floor.

"Ow! What? Finn?"

"Glob! Glob! Glob! I'm gonna be late!"

Jake quickly got up and turned his attention to a resting Beemo. He pressed a button on the creature's stomach and discovered the present time 9:01.

"Dude, it's 9 o'clock. I'm sure FP meant a little later."

Finn paid little attention to Jake and was hopping frantically trying to get his left foot sock on. When his shoes were fitted Finn hastily leapt out the window, Jake frustratedly followed after. Finn raced off towards the residence of Flambo quickly reaching the same rock hovel and startling the little flame creature.

"Flambo! Flambo! Flambo! Cast Flame Shield now! Now! Now!"

Flambo quickly cast the spell, mostly to get the hysterical Finn off his property. With the spell cast Finn quickly raced off, and Flambo set to return to his abode only to be quickly met by Jake's presence and have to give another round of Flame Shield.

The hasty trip finally met it's end at the doors of the Fire Kingdom. Finn anxiously gripped his fists as he passed by the man royal guards and servants who were all leery at his presence. An unpleasant rang in Finn's head, that the next turn and he'd be met by the daunting presence of the Flame King. Certainly Finn was more than equipped now with the assistance of Flame Shield, but battling was the last thing on his mind.


Finn quickly turned around and was met by a sprinting Jake who came to a stop at his side.

"Jake? What are you doing here?"

"What? You think I'm gonna let my best bed into the lion's den without any help? I'm your wingman!"

"Wing-? That doesn't matter, I want to be with Flame Princess alone."

"Oh I gotcha," Jake winked his eye,"I'll just be in the bushes or whatever. I'll give you the moves and the talk like the ones I use on Lady."

"Uhhh, no thanks."

"Oh, trust me, you're going need them."

"Jake, I don't need any help!"

"Need help with what?" said a voice.

Finn's cheeks blushed a bright purple, his ears catching wind of the familiar voice behind. He nervously turned around where he was met with the presence of Flame Princess.

"Finn!" Ena gleefully cried as she drew herself towards him and hugged him.

"Oh, hey FP- eh Ena," it managed to escape Finn's mouth."So, uh, I brought my dog, is that okay?"

"Dog!" Jake clenched his teeth.

"Yeah, that's fine. Are you ready to go swimming?"

"Um, yeah. Wait swimming?"

Ena led Finn outside the castle, in a private sector, reserved exclusively for the installation of a pool. It was a grand, rectangular pool with sharp corners and black tiles surrounding it's perimeter and it was filled to the top with molten lava which glowed a vibrant ,clean yellow. Ena had already begun to draw the bottom of her dress upward, much to Finn's surprise.

"Oh Glob!" he said as he raised his hands to his face.

Ena was dumbfounded, but proceeded to pull her dress above her head. Finn slightly peeped his eyes thru spaces between his hands catching glimpse of Ena's slender form. She was wearing clothes, much to his relief, a vermillion bra and matching underwear, but what drew his face an even brighter purple what the shapeliness of her form. Her upper body was slender, a slight bust with slender arms and hands, but her legs were voluptuous from top and her tiny feet cute. She took no time in throwing her dress to the side and jumping into the pool making a small splash as she dived into the molten rock. She quickly surfaced and beckoned Finn to follow her.

"Come on Finn, the lava's perfect!"

Finn drew his hands from his face and peered over to where Ena had dived into the pool. He quickly followed toward the edge of the pool before Ena beckoned him to stop.

"No silly. Take your shirt off."


"You don't want to swim?"

"Oh no, I do, I do."

Finn tensely took off his shirt, but foolhardily tried again to enter the pool, forgetting his cap and shoes. Jake drew his hand to his face as he shook his head. Taking the matter into his own hands, literally, Jake promptly extended his arm forward pulling Finn into the arm and using his other arm promptly undressed him of his cap, shoes, and socks much to Finn's angst.

Jake quickly dropped Finn into the pool, close to Ena, before lying down at a nearby sun bench. Ena swam towards Finn, the latter quickly trembling as she drew closer.

"Finn, your's so beautiful," Ena said as she brushed her hand thru his hair.

"Uh thanks."

She smiled,"Race you to the bottom!"

Ena dunked her head into the molten rock before diving downward toward the pool's bottom. Finn tried hastily to follow suit, but as he threw his bottom downward, taking a big breath, he found himself quickly shot back up gasping for air. Lava certainly wasn't water, far from it, it was denser and its viscosity made it near impossible to see thru. It would take a whole lot more practice to get the hang of it.

Ena popped her head above the molten rock, gleefully looking at Finn with delight.

"I beat you!"

"Yeah, guess I'm not that great of a swimmer."


"Uh," before Finn could answer Ena quickly dived again into the molten rock and Finn, no wanting to disappoint, gave it another go, though to little success.

The two had spent a little over an hour playing in the pool, Ena getting sense of enjoyment that had been escaping her life up to that point. Finn was equally happy, having spent the hour playing, albeit in a futile fashion, with the girl he liked. The two drew themselves out of the pool, Ena hopping with gleeful excitement.

"Oh Finn I haven't this much fun in like forever! Thank you so much!"

"No probs Ena, but you could've swam anytime before you met me, right?"

"Yeah, but it was never fun because I had no to play with."

"Oh right I'm sorry."

"It's alright, Finn. I don't want anything to break us apart, Finn."

"Me too, Ena."

Just at that moment Ena peeped her head forward, her lips puckered and aimed at Finn. He was a little startled but he remembered they'd done this before and it would be something he'd be doing a lot from now on. Finn knelt his downward, and closing his eyes met Ena's lips with his own. A wave of emotions came over Finn, his body stuck in a trance as his heart beat wildly. The feeling didn't last very long, overcome by an unpleasant filling all of Finn's body, a warm sensation most intense at the base of his lips. Finn startled back, patting his mouth with his hands.

"What's wrong?" Ena asked bewildered.

He couldn't understand, his lips were seared to a crisp, yet the bluish hue of Flame Shield still shone brightly across his body. That warm sensation quickly turned to searing hot pain that was being felt on crevice of Finn's skin. He was hot, much to his confusion and disconcert, and it was only getting worse.

"Dude," Jake appeared behind Finn,"she's too hot for you."

"No, she's not! I can take it! See!"

In a frantic haste Finn grabbed Ena's hand, but it was met with an intense burning sensation that seared the skin to a crisp. Finn drew his hand back in pain.

"This can't be happening!"

The soles of feet were blistering , the skin charring brown. Finn futilely lifted his feet into the air, but as he drew one away from the hot floor another would meet it's burning touch. Finn cried in pain, his skin blistered and brown, and escape was near impossible.

"She's too hot for you!" maniacally laughed Jake.

Finn fell to the floor, it's unforgiving heat searing every inch of skin that pressed against it.

"Noo!" Finn cried as he burst into flames.

Finn startled himself, screaming and waving frantically as he fell from the base of his bed. His face would meet the hard wooden floor and serve as an appropriate wake up call from the nightmare he had. He lifted himself up and peered outward and assuring himself of his location. He saw Jake still rolling in his drawer, sleeping soundly and Beemo resting on a shelf. A sigh of relief escaped Finn's mouth.

"Just a nightmare."

Certainly gratifying to know, but the contents were still on Finn's mind as he curled himself back into his sleeping sack, particularly Jake's statement. It came replaying again and again in Finns head, and certainly would be on his mind when he would see Ena tomorrow.

"Was Flame Princess too hot for him?"