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Chad's POV:

I was walking through the hallways of Condor Studios with my hands in my pockets and I was looking at the floor. It's been a year since Sonny left So Random. We've never gotten to see or talk to each other, and it's ruining my life. Mackenzie Falls dropped from being the number one show to not even existing anymore. The Falls cast is really mad at me because they're convinced that it's my fault. It mostly was my fault, but maybe if they were a bit more supportive of me, I would have been able to get through filming with messing up. The truth is, I can't walk through Condor Studios without thoughts of Sonny in my mind. It's all my fault that we broke up and that she left without another word.

It's also my fault the she left So Random and brought that show to its ultimate end. The Randoms hate me even more and they never talk to each other any longer. That was because their show's ratings dropped too, after Sonny disappeared to who knows where, leaving So Random to fall apart. Sonny seemed to have kept the studio balanced and now that she's not here, everything isn't being held together. In fact, the Prop House and the Randoms' dressing rooms are abandoned. No one hangs out there anymore. The props are still in the Prop House and everything's in the dressing rooms, but no one bothered to take anything with them after the show crumbled.

I turned at the corner of the hallway which led to the Randoms' dressing rooms. I glanced up at the walls right outside those rooms and saw their pictures on the wallpaper. They're different now from when they were first put up. My cast had pulled a prank and spray-painted a bunch of things on their pictures' faces such as moustaches, beards, and glasses. I half smirked at that memory I had with the Randoms and stepped into Sonny's dressing room that she used to share with Tawni.

I stood at the doorway and took a look around. I was slightly shocked at the condition of the room. The couches were torn up and clumps of its stuffing littered the carpet all around. Tawni's mirror on her makeup table was shattered, leaving jagged shards on her side of the room. There was a baseball bat on the ground under the crooked table, and next to it was a small piece of paper with Tawni's handwriting. I carefully picked it up, avoiding the pieces of glass and read it quietly to myself.

It said, "I never liked to admit it before, but I need you, Sonny. You were the inspiration for the sketches. You taught me that focusing on beauty was vain. Without you, my career had collapsed."

I looked up from the note and gazed around the dressing room again. Treading slowly, I made my way to Sonny's side of the room. Most of Sonny's outfits were torn to shreds and blanketed the floor. Her bracelets and necklaces also layered the carpet. I bent over and picked up a handful of the stuff on the floor. I remembered when she wore each and every one of these outfits on the floor. She would strut over to my set and have one of those "Good, good, fine, fine" fights with me everyday. I couldn't stop myself from making a small smile while thinking about those times.

I scanned the messy floor and noticed my favorite dress that she wore. I paced over to it and knelt down, gently picking it up. It was the gorgeous dress that my Sonshine had worn during out first date. The dress was one of the outfits that was completely unharmed and not shredded on the floor. Sonny had looked graceful in that attractive dress. I smiled dearly as I held it close to me, caressing it. I ran my fingers gently over the material. When I smelled it, the dress had the faint scent of her fragrance.

Holding the dress delicately, I stepped out of the jumbled dressing room that Tawni wrecked and continued down the halls. I got to the Prop House and hesitantly entered. The place looked way neater than the dressing room since it wasn't damaged at all. Every prop was in place. The Prop House felt so cold while it was missing the presence of the people who used to call it home. I took a seat on the green couch in the middle of the room.

There were bunches of old scripts stacked on the small table in front of the couch so I picked them up and started to flip through them. All of the papers looked the same except for the one on the very bottom of the stack. It looked like some sheet music for a song with notes, chords, and lyrics.

I read the title out loud. "Tell Me What to Do by Sonny Munroe". In an instant, my attention focused on reading through the lyrics. I read through it quickly and realized that Sonny was writing about me. I knew how to read the notes on the sheet of music so I began to sing the song out loud.

"Tell me what to do, ooh, about you. Is there any way, anything I can say that won't break us in two?" I sang.

" 'Cause it's been a long time coming, I can't stop loving you, Chad," said a voice at the doorway.

I looked up from the page and saw her. My one and only Sonny. Grinning that smile that she used to do so long ago.

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