AN: Hey there! :) I want to mention a few points to help clear things up that could've been confusing in this story…So far, the story has taken place over a span of two days which I'm going to make a Friday and a Saturday.

On the first day: the studio fire happened, Zora got kidnapped, and Devon & Penelope had the encounter with Chastity. And then on the second day, Chad is with the other people in Sonny's hospital room which is where the chapter is at right now.

Here we go…

Tawni's POV:


I knew it. I was shaking my head in disappointment, suppressing all the angry, hateful remarks I had boiling in my pounding mind. I felt my skin grow warmer little by little almost as if a fever was brewing inside of me.

I knew I couldn't trust her. I knew it. I knew it. I knew it…

Penelope hadn't stopped causing trouble from the first time she ever appeared on that confounded excuse of a drama. Chad was the only one from the Falls that I could trust since he earned my trust during the time he and Sonny were dating. Unfortunately, he ruined it after the breakup resulting in us being enemies again for a few years until the present when we forgave each other. I was on Chad's side now. I'm not sure if I'm on Grady's side though. We argued up a storm just a few minutes ago…

"I thought I'd never really see you again! Well, because I still don't really want to."

"This is exactly why I didn't want to come here!"

"You were the one that started the breakup of the cast!"

"What? Accusing me? Oh, but you were the one that ruined the show!"

"Don't you yell at me like that!"

And it went on like that for ten more agonizing minutes until I got a headache and one of the Falls guys randomly popped in. What, was this some kind of reunion thing going on? It certainly looked like it, and I wasn't enjoying it at all.

I also didn't like the fact that Ferguson was there with us. He looked shifty and uncomfortable just like he always was back then. Maybe he's hiding something, or maybe I'm just too quick to be suspicious of someone.

"How do we know we can trust you?" I questioned him, raising my eyebrows.

"Why? You don't believe me? If I wasn't telling you the truth, why would I even be here?" Ferguson said with a scowl. "You believe me, right Chad?"

Chad quietly nodded his head, looking deep in thought.

"Look, I can't guarantee it, but just let the police handle the investigating," said Ferguson.

"It seems likely that Penelope would have done it. Remember how she tried to get rid of Sonny by framing Tawni that time?" Chad mentioned.

I remembered that entire moment, and I'm so glad that Penelope got caught after that whole thing happened. She got arrested for a while but then got released shortly. She's got a pretty crazy mind to be able to make that plan which apparently included a cheese-ball bomb. That girl is nuts. Then again, everyone from the Falls has been insane at one point or another. Why do drama shows always have the most crazed people? That's just a thought.

"So is there anything else you've got to tell us?" Grady asked Ferguson.

"Well, I do know something else. Today's the one-month anniversary of Devon and Penelope's relationship," he stated.

I groaned. Those two together? Although, I'd sometimes thought they would be going out sooner or later. They just seemed to be a great match during the time we were all at the studios years ago, not that I'm an expert at relationships.

"Hey, have you heard that Zora's been kidnapped?" Chad asked, looking at Ferguson and Grady who might not have heard that news yet.

"As a matter of fact, I did," replied Ferguson.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa…What?" Grady said, confused. "When did that happen? Does anyone know who did it?"

We all shook our heads. I almost forgot about that. Poor Zora. And I was a bit mean to her too.

"I don't know who did it, but I think I was the last one to talk to her at my house yesterday night before it happened," I recollected.

"Why was Zora at your house yesterday night?" asked Grady.

"She wanted to convince me to visit Sonny and Chad at the hospital with her, but I refused. So then she left to drive to the hospital by herself and that's it," I stated with a sigh.

"Hmmmmm," Ferguson drew out a long suspicious hum. "Sounds like you've got a part in the kidnapping." He pointed over at me, and the others snapped their heads in my direction.

"WHAT? NO!" I said at a louder volume than I had intended. How dare he accuse me! "I only said that I was with her last!"

"So we're supposed to believe that it was all just a coincidence?" Grady asked. He paused before he spoke again. "What if Ferguson here had something to do with Zora being kidnapped!"

"I swear, I had nothing to do with it!" Ferguson defended.

"Guys, stop. Just because the kidnapping happened at that time doesn't mean that Tawni or anyone had something to do with it!" Chad told them.

"Thank you!" I sighed, relieved that Chad still had some sense. "Man, why can't anyone trust people anymore?"

"It's probably just the heaviness of the situation we're all in right now. No one's completely calm. Everyone's on edge, as if the world's about to stop spinning," Chad commented, glancing over at Sonny who was on the other side of the room. She still looked very pale, and she was yet to be awoken. I wondered how Chad was able to stay calm during all of this. If I was in his situation, I would have given up on everything ages ago. It occurred to me that Chad still hasn't had the chance to be with Sonny by himself ever since I wheeled him over to this room. I turned to Ferguson and Grady.

"Guys, I'm sure Chad wants to spend some time alone with Sonny," I said. Then I turned to Chad. "I need to go get some dinner. I think I'll be able to visit you again tomorrow."

Grady and Ferguson took that moment as their cue to start heading out as well. It was getting late after all. We exchanged cell phone numbers and said goodbye. Then, I was the first to walk out of the room to head to my car.

Devon's POV:

It was a breezy Saturday night, and I watched the distant tall palm trees swaying in the wind as I drove past them. Penelope and I were on the 405 freeway where my car was barely moving at 30 mph when it should be going at 70. I glanced over at the digital clock on the car radio which showed that it was about 8 p.m. Then, I rolled down the windows to let the cool breeze in. Living in LA got me used to sitting through these traffic jams, even the ones that occurred past midnight on the freeway. You'd think that the roads are pretty empty at night, but no, traffic can happen at any given time. I just took the time to relax and listened to the quiet ballad on the radio. I've dealt with slow-moving traffic many times before, so I was used to it. Unfortunately, some people aren't…

"Devon, are we there yet?" Penelope pouted. She was getting a bit antsy, sitting in traffic for so long. I rolled my eyes since I'd learned to put up with Penelope's complaining. It made her look cute in a way. Strange thought, but yeah.

"We're just a few minutes away. I just need to get off the freeway," I replied with a small grin. We were on our way to Penelope's favorite steakhouse for a special dinner celebrating our one month of being together. I spotted the sign that read Exit 57, leading to Sunset Boulevard. I took the familiar exit and soon was parking at the restaurant a little while after that. I got out of the car and walked around to the side where Penelope was sitting. I opened the car door for her like a gentleman.

"Aww, thanks," she smiled up at me.

"Anything for you, my darling," I replied.

"Don't call me that," she said with another smile as we approached the entrance to the restaurant. I chuckled lightly.

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