If Finnick came home.

Always: Peter Bradley Adams.

I waited on him. I waited for several months before I could see him again. Johanna was the one who found me when they brought him back to Thirteen. They wouldn't let me see him or go to his room. I would wait outside and listen to doctors tell me good news and bad. I often sent Johanna in to tell me the truth.

"After the explosion, they found him underground, unconscious in the sewer. Jackson pulled him out and revived him. She called for backup. The mutts were destroyed in the explosion. He had just escaped them." Is what they told me again and again.

"Annie?" One of the attendants asked me early one morning. "Would you like to see him now?" I nodded my head, trembling in fear. She helped me from my hospital bed, supporting my over-extended back. My hands clutched my growing stomach and she walked me to his room. "Now before you go in, you must know: His vitals were severely damaged when he came back. We've kept him in a medically induced coma so he can regain his strength. His body is still healing and he may or may not remember you if he wakes up." I nodded, trying to prepare myself, promising I wouldn't get lost in my own thoughts no matter the condition he was in, even if he was barely hanging on.

I walked in the room and I saw my once beautiful husband, pale and thin. He looked as if twenty years had passed. His beautiful auburn hair was long and in tangles. His golden body had several deep cuts and gnashes. They cleaned his skin but there were still ugly yellowish, green splotches that covered his body, along with dark black and purple bruises. He had stitches along the deepest of his scars. My hands trembled, over the spots they replaced his flesh. I touched his face. He was still my Finnick. He didn't wake up for me that day. Nor the next.

In that time of waiting, both President Snow and President Coin executed for their crimes. A lot of us expected an uproar in Thirteen, but there was none. Instead, they sent us home after our son was born, calling the occasional help for our small family.

Finnick was still asleep. Instead of worrying, I let my thoughts focus on my baby. He was a beautiful baby. Finnick would adore him.

He didn't wake up for months. He wasn't strong enough to come home just yet. I waited.

"Wake up, sleepy…" I heard her voice chime.

My head ached. It was an illusion, a delusion, a cruel trick of my mind. I was dead. I had to be.

A figure hovered over me. Soft fingers touched my face. My eyes focused on her, the beautiful young woman with long dark hair and soft green eyes. "Annie…" I muttered. "Where am I?"

She smiled, pushing her hands through my hair. Her dark, flowing hair draped over her shoulders and fell beside me. Like the stories of mermaids who rescued dying sailors. "Home. Do you know your name?" She asked me in a quiet voice.

Her beauty was breathtaking. She was more stunning than I remember…glowing even. "Finnick Odair," I answered without hesitation.

"Where are you from Finnick Odair?" I wanted to reach up and kiss her perfect grin, but she kept her hand on my chest, reminding me I was still weak.

I tried to sit up, "District Four," I groaned as a searing pain crossed my chest. "I'm part of Squad 451. I was victor of the 65th Hunger Games. I grew up by the ocean. I'm married to Annie Cresta, the love of my life."

She smirked, "Good answer." She said, taking a cold cloth and pressing it against my forehead.

I became restless, "Annie! How did I…? I…the mutts…" He stammered, bewildered if this was real. But it had to be. I could feel her touch. I could smell the sea. I was in the bed at Victor's Village.

"I guess you truly are the superior Finnick Odair." She told me, stroking my cheek. Her soft green eyes watched me lovingly, something I've missed since I've been gone. I asked all my questions and Annie knew all the answers. She told me about Coin, about my escape, my salvation…about the coma. "It was a miracle…" She finished.

I smiled, "Miracle," I repeated. Then a baby's cry rang out and I shot up despite the pain. "Miracle?" I asked, pressing my hand to her very flat stomach.

She nodded and smiled. She left the room and came back with a small bundled wrapped up in blankets. She held the tiny creature to her chest, "Meet Jonah Thomas Odair." She said, coddling the small child. "Mind his head," She said, smiling as she placed him in my hands. He was so little. I will never be able to properly describe the feeling of elation when I held him or when I looked at her. My chest tightened as I pulled her into my arms, still supporting our son. She wrapped the baby in her arms and fell into my perfectly.

"You waited for me," I choked out. It was real.

She looked at me in bewilderment. "Always," She told me. When the sun began to set, she let Jonah sleep in a tiny bassinet that sat on the front porch of our new home. I took her hand and we sat on the steps, watching the sea. The stars were smiling down on us tonight.

She never fell back into her mind. She was stronger than me. When I couldn't escape the nightmares of the mutts, she would call to me, "Come home my love." And I would. Annie Cresta, the girl trapped in the nets, saved the boy with the trident. We lived in peace, never thinking of the games. We lived out the promises we had made years ago. Only sometimes I would find myself locked away in my own mind, but she waited for me always. Annie never let me go, she never became impatient with me. She waited. She took me back to the sea, and with her hand in mine, I was set free.

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