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Chapter 1: Mischief

Link sat idly, staring at a book, while quietly sipping his tea. A knock came from his door. "Come in," he said, his eyes still glues to the same paragraph that he had been staring at for the last half hour with an annoyed expression.

At the door, a girl his age stood, in a black maid's outfit. "Link-sama, it's time for archery practice!" she chirped.

He groaned in annoyance before asking, "Why do you call me that, Zelda?" He got up from the chair, and turned to her, with his face showing pure annoyance. "It's really, and I do mean, annoying and unnecessary. You should know that by now, I've told you like a million times!"

She pouted slightly in response, replying, "I have to if you didn't know, for the last, I don't know, five years maybe. Your father has owned me since I was like, three. So that makes you my owner also. Since you a blood related to him and anyone else has total power over me if they are blood related, friends, steps, in-laws, adopted, engaged, etcetera." As she was saying it, she was walking around the room making dramatic gestures with the words she used. She turned to him and said, "So I have to call you that, Link-sama." She smiled mischievously.

He shot Zelda a glare, which was still smiling, and then continued to stare at the book that was somehow still in his hand, well probably more likely the paragraph that was in the book. He looked up from it, and said, "But I'm your friend, aren't I?"

She gave him a confused look. "Well, o-of course you are," She stuttered out.

He mentally smirked as he faked sadness, and asked, "But am I really? You don't seem to like me as a friend!" He buried his face in his hands, showing his smirk.

"I consider you a friend! Why would you ever think that?" She immediately protested.

With an evil glint in his eyes as he took his face out of his hands, Link asked once again, "Or do you consider me more than a friend?"

She began blushing furiously. He started chuckling, which grew to laughter. "H-hey! Y-you stupid, immature j-jerk! How could you?" She screamed.

"It's not nice to call your sama-"

"Shut up!"

"Or future husband that!" She immediately stopped talking, and blinked confusedly.


His face softened. "Well, considering you were five and I was seven, I figured you wouldn't remember my, our promise." He walked closer to her, and grasped her hands in his. "I told you, no, promised you I would marry you someday."

"And that was five years ago, huh?" She asked softly. He nodded slowly. "Then, I guess we'll wait for that someday to happen then, now won't we?" They were silent for a moment. "Why did you exactly say that you would marry me?"

"Well, you know, I was five back then, we were both naïve and stuff."

"Give me the REAL reason Link."

"We always fight like an old married couple!"

"No, we don't. I've seen much worse Link; you don't ever want to see how my grandparents used to fight."

"Who cares?"

"Well, apparently you do!"

"No I don't!"



"Why do you always act immature?"

"Well why do you always act bossy?"

"I do not! At least I act my age!" Zelda huffed, and crossed her arms. "You're late for archery, Link-sama." She walked out of the door.

He chuckled with a small smirk of his face before yelling out the door, "See? We DO fight like an old married couple!"

He heard her scream back, "I'm going to get the real reason out of you someday, Link-sama! You'll see!"

"Well done Link!"

He wiped the sweat off his brows. "Thanks." The sun was baking the place; the temperature was at least 90 degrees to him.

The arrow went and pierced the target in the bull's-eye, perfectly, the same as the other 14 arrows he shot a bit earlier. "I think it would be time to go in, the sun is practically cooking me!" his instructor exclaimed. He laughed, and as they were both going in, Link was technically being pounced on by someone.

"Ruto, get off me!" He yelled at the girl.

She hesitantly got off. "Li-i-ink!" she whined, clinging on to him again. "I missed you!"

"Link-sama!" They both saw Zelda running towards them, well, more likely him. She quickly saw Ruto, and bowed. "Hello Miss Ruto!"

Ruto stared at her. "I cannot believe you."

"W-what?" Zelda asked.

"You think you can be all sweet, but I know what you're doing! You're going to steal Link from me!" Ruto accused, pointing a finger directly in her face. "I'll win Link's heart in the end! So give up already, you little pest!" Ruto then stomped off somewhere else.

"Sorry," Link mumbled, "She can be like that sometimes."

"No worries," Zelda said back.

"Anyways," Link said, "What are you doing here?" She didn't answer. "What, did you already miss me?"

She scoffed and turned away. "As if I did! You really need to act like your age!"

"Which is two years older than you, so I'm supposed to be bossing you around Zelda. Not the other way around." He poked her on the nose, while she was pouting with her arms crossed. "I'm the superior one, remember that." He said it more as a command than a question.

She sighed stubbornly, and asked, "What's with you?"

He raised an eyebrow, and questioned back, "What do you mean "What's with me?'"

"I don't know!"

He chuckled slightly, and walked passed her. "Well, I got to go, later."

She walked in after him. She had things to do also.

"Malon, can you help me?" Zelda asked. A girl with fiery red hair walked toward her, a friendly smile on her bright face.

"What do you need?" she asked cheerfully.

"Well, I need help getting some things done for Miss Ruto's arrival."

Malon frowned slightly, and asked, "What do you need? And more importantly, why are you even on this?"

"She still thinks I'm trying to steal Link. But I'm not!"

"Oh, but technically you are," A voice cut in.

"Hello, Link-sama!" Malon said.

"Please Malon, not you too!" He stared at Zelda, and asked, "What did I ever do to you? Now you're influencing them!"

Zelda snickered, and replied, "Not my fault. Yet it's funny how you think that. But you have to get ready for Miss Ruto."

"Oh, Goddesses no!" he yelled at her. "I don't like her! I like you! That's why I promised to marry you!"


"You proposed to her?" Malon exclaimed. "When?"

"Uh, like five years ago," Link said sheepishly. Both his and Zelda's faces were flushed with embarrassment.

"Aw," Malon cooed, "That is so adorable!" Their faces got even redder. "So you guys are engaged or something?"

"I-I don't know," Link responded.

Malon narrowed her eyes, and exclaimed, "What? I can't believe you, Link!"

"You and me both," Zelda muttered under her breath. "Malon, we really need to get to work. Come on, before you start strangling Link." Zelda started dragging Malon away.

But as she was doing so, Malon was screaming at Link, "You aren't good enough for Zelda! You stay away from her! I'll tell Midna!" and things similar to that.

"You have some type of friend complex, Malon?" he asked smugly.

"Shut up!"

He turned around, only to be met with Ruto smashing into him. "Ruto, are you stalking me?" he asked loudly.

Her face tinted a few shades of pink, and she quickly stuttered out, "N-no! W-why would y-you think that? That's s-stupid!"

"Then how come you're here right now? The last time I checked, you couldn't even find your room in this place." This caused her to blush even more, turning into a stunning shade of red.

"Ahem, uh never mind." She got off him. "So, what are you doing later?" she asked.

"Eh, well, I was going to help Zelda with the roses in the garden," he replied.

She looked infuriated at first, but her expression changed quickly. "Okay. How about later?"

"Busy with things."

"Okay, but you'll do something with me tomorrow! And I'll make you!" She shouted at him, before running off.

Creepy stalker girl, he thought as he walked off to the garden.

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