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Chapter 7: It's Too Realistic to be a Dream

Maybe he should do that more often.

Dark Link liked that fact he could scare the Princess with a simple mind trick. He really should consider doing that more often. He should probably try the Hero next; possibly he could get a better scare out of him. Every Hero has their weakness; it's just that he's going to have to find it.

This should be quite the entertainment, he thought with an evil grin.

He walked down the empty corridors of the ridiculously huge castle, looking around for something to do. Of course there was absolutely nothing. What would he expect? Oh well, more time for bothering the Hero and his darling little Princess. He could always put them in the same dream tonight and watch each other suffer, now that would be fun.

Revenge is sweet when served cold, his thoughts voiced.

He awoke to the sound of someone banging on his door precisely at 7:00AM. He rolled onto his stomach. "What?" he moaned sleepily, lodging his head under the pillows forcefully. He wanted to sleep in and not see Ruto's face for one day. One day is all he asks for. Just one day where he could only see the faces of the people he likes.

"Pardon me, Link!" Malon's voice came from behind the door. "I'm having problems with Zelda though! She won't wake up at all! She's screaming her head off from a nightmare!"

Oh, sleep could wait.

He tumbled out of bed in a heap of pillows and a tangled mess in the blankets. He opened his door quickly, speed walking out with Malon walking a good pace behind him. Several halls and turns later, he could faintly hear screaming, and with each step he took, it got louder and louder. He could also barely hear Midna's voice over the panicked shrills; this could not be good at all. People walked by anxiously, speeding when they came near the room. He made a beeline through them and arrived. When Link entered he could see Midna was trying to shake her awake and yelling at her with much force, to no avail. He walked over hurriedly, taking Zelda from Midna, and now tried to do his time to wake her up. His hands grasped his arms and she unconsciously launched herself into his embrace. After a few moments, her screaming began to subside into quiet whimpering.

"Oh, thank Din," Malon whispered. An utterly concerned expression was etched on her features. "I thought she was never going to stop."

Link gave a quizzical look in her direction, before asking, "Okay, so now that the sirens are shut off, would someone care to explain what happened exactly?"

Midna shrugged. "I was only here for three minutes. I usually stop by here, and I could hear the screaming anyways." They both turned to Malon.

"Okay, well, um, you see, I woke up at around 6:00AM, which was hour ago. After showering and stuff, I looked over and I saw Zelda just wrestling in covers. I thought nothing of it at first since I just thought, "Maybe she's just trying to get into a more comfortable position!" But after a while, she was still doing it, so I went over to see if she was okay, but she was fighting everything off, even when I tried to grab her. Not long after, she started screaming and thrashing around a lot more fiercely. A minute later, Midna came in and saw what was happening. She was trying to get a hold of Zelda while I went to get you… and here we are now." Malon was looking around nervously.

"Oh… I see," Link nodded slowly, looking back to Zelda. She looked oddly pale. "Well, of course we know it's a nightmare, but of what exactly?" Link interrogated, absentmindedly stroking Zelda's head.

"I really don't know," Malon replied. "Wait! Is Zelda sick or anything? She looks weak and all ghostly pale."

Link set his hand on Zelda's forehead. She was burning with a fever. "She's sick alright," he answered. "She's burning with a fever." He looked at both the girls, and said, "Okay, I know that the after party cleaning had winded her up quite a bit, but I really didn't expect her to be burning with fever the morning after. It's really weird."

Midna shrugged. "I really don't know, but I'll be helpful. I'll go tell Anju about Zelda and get some medicine or something and a wet cloth. Be right back." She left, closing the door quietly behind her.

Link gently set Zelda back on her bed. She let go reluctantly, but she when she was laid on her bed, she was still holding his hand tight. Malon sighed, before informing Link she had to go and do her morning chores and left.

Link let his eyes stray over Zelda. She was looking more frail than usual. Her hair was strung around her face, and she was very pale, but with a light blush over her face that had been a fever. Her hand was gripping his tightly and she was still letting out tortured whimpers, her eyes clamped shut and jaw tensed.

He needed to try and wake her up.

"Zelda?" he called to her softly. "Zelda? You need to wake up. Everyone's worried about you. Malon is, Midna is, without a doubt Anju will be too, along with your other friends, and I'm worried. Just wake up. Open your eyes and just wake up. I promise you that I will help you, okay?"

After a minute of silence, her eyes opened slowly. The first thing she noticed was ironically Link, who was the last person she'd seen in her nightmare. She felt strangely hot, yet cold.

Link was smiling softly down at her, and she furrowed her brows in confusion. "What are you doing here?" she croaked out. "I thought you would still be sleeping."

"You're sick."

That's when she noticed it.

She was burning, her throat was dry, itchy, and sore, she felt weak, she was ice cold, and she just felt like staying bed all day.

"I need to get to work!" She raised herself up, barely managing to keep herself up, before being pushed back onto her bed by Link.

"You're sick and the first thing you worry about is working? No wonder you're sick; you're a workaholic!" She pouted at him, before sinking back to her bed and having a coughing fit. "See? Now stay in bed like a good girl and wait for Midna to get back and help you get better!" he commanded jokingly, patting her head after she did so with a pout still on her lips. "But really, I'm kind of being serious here, Zellie."

She settled under her covers, snuggling with her pillow. Midna came in a bit after, looking at Zelda. "Okay, so, is she awake, Link?"

"Yeah; I'm pretty sure she's got a sore throat." They both at Zelda, who stared blankly back at them.

"Well, she was screaming her head off for five minutes…" Midna said.

"I wouldn't think you could get a sore throat from that," Link answered.

Midna shrugged and continued on to Zelda's bedside. "Hey, Zel, okay, you got to take this medicine. I got you a glass of water too, so don't worry." Midna poured a red liquid into a tiny plastic measuring cup and handed it to Zelda. She drank the contents and then went to gulping the glass of water down. "Okay, Link, you have to take care of her for the time being. Malon and I will take care of her on breaks. How's that sound?"

"Seems about fair," Link responded. He waved to Midna before she left.

They had a friendly chat for a bit, before she fell asleep with her hand clasped with Link's.

Midna and Malon came in an hour or so after, wanting to see poor Zelda. They took their turns talking about the events happening during the day.

"Oh! Anju's been rumored to have a boyfriend!" Midna exclaimed, with Malon nodding quickly in agreement.

"Do you know his name?" she asked.

"I think… I think…" Malon started.

"I'm pretty sure it starts with a K," Midna added.

"Oh! It does! I forgot, but I know it starts with a K!"

"Wonderful!" Zelda clapped her hands in glee.

"I know!" Malon agreed. "Maybe she'll have a fairytale life and live happily ever after! That'd be so sweet!"

"We also got a new person working here! Though he just needs a summer job, it's still neat to see someone new!" Midna added.

"What's his name?" Zelda and Link asked simultaneously.

"Ooh! I remember! It's Pipit!" Malon squealed.

"He's so cool!" Midna gushed.

"Really?" Zelda interrogated further.

Midna nodded, replying, "Yes! He's funny and charming! And quite a looker for twelve, I tell you."


"I'm just saying! I'm not into him in that way!" she defended.

Link interrupted, "So we have a new guy here?"

"Yep!" Malon responded with a chirp.

Link shot up and began doing some type of seizure dance. "Finally! A guy!"

The girls stared at him, before bursting into fits of laughter. Link stopped and glared at the trio.

"What? Is my dancing a problem for you people?"

"I-I'm so-," hiccup, "sorry! You look like you have a cucco-," snort, "up your pants!" Midna choked out between laughing, holding her sides.

The three continued to laugh until their sides hurt. Link silently sat back in his chair, continuing to glare at them until they stopped.

"Are you done?" Link asked, a bit agitated.

"Yes, we are," Malon quietly giggled.

"Good. Is there any other news?"

"No, not that I know of," Midna replied. "But I know we'll have a lot more people here over the summer. Your dad has posted up some type of papers around town, asking if people wanted summer jobs for the time being. I know that, and that we'll be getting a lot more help."

"Good to know. We were running out of people, anyways. We could always have extra help," Zelda voiced in.

"I know, right? I think that's how Anju met her mystery man."

"You think so?"

"Well, of course."

"Well, that's really good to know."

"Are you feeling better?"

"I guess. Not exactly extremely better, but I'm getting there. Thanks, you guys."

"You should thank Link here, with his strange dance moves," Midna pointed out with a smile.


"Yeah, I should, shouldn't I?"

"Zelda, I thought you were on my side!"

"I'm not on any side, Link!"


They spent the rest of the break chattering, talking about random things, ranging from dresses and techniques with certain chores, to bows and arrows and swords.

"Well, it's time for us to go," Malon informed them hesitantly.

Midna and Malon walked to the door slowly, before closing it, they both reminded Zelda and link in unison, "If you need help, call us." They closed the door slowly.

Zelda lay back down on the bed, putting her whole body under the covers. "Are you going to sleep?"

"I'm going to try." She settled in, holding her hand out of the covers for Link to grab. She wouldn't admit it, but she liked the comfort. Ugh, who knew what would happen if she told him that? Months and months of teasing.

He entwined his fingers with hers. She lightly smiled, before whispering, "Good night, Link."

"G'night, Zelda."

She slowly nodded off to sleep, leaving Link in silence. Well, it's time for his mind to start thinking up random junk again. "Hey, Link?"

He jumped a little. "I-I thought you were asleep…"

"Sorry. I'm cold, though. Can you snuggle with me?"

Oh. He remembered when they were younger they used to do that often. Those were nice experiences, since they felt comforting and relaxing. "Sure." He got in next to her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, mumbling a thank you before falling asleep again. He smiled, before dozing off himself.


Is he asleep or is he dreaming up these voices again?

"Hey, Link!"

These voices differ; from masculine to soft, from loud to quiet. Sometimes it's a girl, other times it's a boy. It can be hoarse and scratchy, or melodic and sweet. They differ, so many of them he's heard the past year. It's very confusing to remember their voices without their faces… at least, if they have faces. He doesn't know yet. They just randomly start talking to him when he's asleep, but he's sure he's heard them when he was awake. They're calling for him for something, but he doesn't know what.

"Hey! Listen!" a high pitched voice squeaked in his ear.

That particular voice was very annoying. He called her "Navi".

Then a deeper feminine voice came. It was sweet and heavenly, to him at least.


He felt as though this was one of the Golden Goddesses talking with him, and so he named her Farore for his favorite goddess.

These voices haunted his dreams and nightmares, the voices were the things that kept him thinking sometimes. Dozens of them are coming more often, like old friends or people he used to know he is just now remembering, but their voices the only thing he remembers, which gives him the question:

Who are they?

They had woken long after, and after discussing things, Zelda felt a need to tell him what happened. Even if she did feel that weird presence near, as if he was standing on the other side of the room, watching, waiting.

"Can I tell you a secret, Link?" she questioned, preparing to tell her story.

He expressed concern, and was quickly focusing on her. "Sure I can. You can tell me."

She slowly sat up, and started. "Well… I… was in a pitch black place, and I could only see myself within that space. I was wearing princess clothing… and I was… just standing there until blood and water started dripping and staining the dress… and I saw my reflection. I was older. Then I started hearing screams, the pitch black space turned into a cold, dark, brick room… and I was in front of a window… there was a town in front of the castle… it was… on fire… I couldn't help… I was so high up… the screams… they got louder… the town was slowly dying away… people were running… there was blood all over me… I needed to help…

"Someone was in front of me, Link… He looked just like you, except… he was a dark version of you… I was so scared… he was looking at me weirdly… I felt in so much in danger, but I still needed to help people in the town… but he wouldn't let me leave at all… he said… he said that I was the one holding the Triforce of Wisdom. That's crazy. He also said that the Hero would not be coming for me… I knew he was lying… Link wouldn't go back on his word…"

Link eyes widened a bit at his name. Was she now talking to herself? She was trailing off quite often, and she was staring away from him. Maybe she's in a trance…

"Then… then… he jabbed a rose into my heart… I started screaming and it matched the other screams from the town… there was so much blood… the rose was eating me… I think… and I fell to the ground, still screaming…

"You know what he said, Link? He said something… he said his name was Dark Link… Weird, huh?"

His eyes widened even more.

"I… I think I've heard him before in one of my dreams."

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