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A Thousand Stars in the Sky

Chapter I

Present day...

Harry Potter looked at his seven year old godson, Teddy Lupin affectionately. He had gone to Grimmauld Place to visit Teddy and Andromeda and now they were having breakfast together. After war, Harry had repaired the place and turned it into home for Andromeda and Teddy while he lived in Godric Hollow. He came to visit them regularly. And aside of that, he had business to do at Muggle London. One might be wondering about what kind of business he had there but it had something to do with the Blacks.

Sirius had made him his heir. Therefore he inherited all the Black's fortune but since he wasn't an adult yet, the Goblins at Gringotts had taken care of that matter of him. So, Harry was surprised that after the Battle of Hogwarts, he received summoning letter from Gringotss. It was eye opener. He found out that for centuries, the Blacks family had made their fortune in the Muggle world before it was converted into Galleon and deposited in Gringotts. They owned land, property, mines, and investment in numerous companies scattered all over the Muggle world. They even own office building located in Threadneedle Street that functioned as headquarter for the Muggle business.

"And they claimed that they hated Muggle?" Harry had asked in disbelief.

"Well, they never claimed that they hated the money," the wealth manager replied at him.

Harry rubbed his forehead in defeat. In the end, they established that there would be weekly meeting where Harry would get full report about the Blacks investment in the Muggle world. He wanted to be an Auror so he was happy with the deal. And for years, things went smoothly.

"Harry, are you going to the meeting after breakfast?" Teddy asked suddenly, breaking his train of thoughts.

"Yes," he replied. "And after that I'm going to pick our clothes." He turned to Andromeda. "And what about yours?" he asked.

"Mine was delivered to your Kensington residence a few days ago," Andromeda replied.

"Are you going away for business again?" Teddy asked.

Harry stiffened a bit at that. "No," he replied at last.

"Oh, okay..." Teddy said. "It just, I missed you, Harry. You went away for two months."

"I missed you too, Teddy," he said, reaching over to ruffle Teddy's hair. "I'm back now, aren't I?"

"Yeah," Teddy said happily.

The child was referring to Harry's undercover mission. Some Dark Lord wannabe from Germany had planned to kill all the Muggle leaders in Europe to create chaos. Thank God the German's Auror was able to capture the man soon. But before that, he had spent two months as personal assistant to the Muggle Prime Minister and lived in the Mugg;le world.

That was the censored story of his undercover mission. Harry never told anyone about what had aspired between him and Mycroft Holmes, the politician he met during the mission. Well, aside of their sleeping together, nothing had really happened actually.

He knew who Mycroft Holmes was, obviously. He had heard about him from Kingsley and also from the snippets of conversation around him at the prime minister's office. Mycroft Holmes, the man who was the British government. The man must be the smartest human on earth, Harry was certain of that.

As muggle prime minister's personal assistant, Harry finally met the man face to face. Mycroft wasn't like he imagined before. But the real version was better. And Harry was attracted to him. He always liked the smart, mature and cold type. Mycroft however had made it very clear to Harry about their arrangement which was the same as the previous arrangements the man made to fulfil his needs.

So, when Harry's mission ended, he didn't bother to tell Mycroft. They lived in different world after all. Even though Harry frequented muggle London in weekly basis, he doubted he would see Mycroft again in his life.

"I'm finished," Teddy announced.

"Me too," Harry said. He glanced at his watch. "Well, I have to leave now."

He bid his godson and Andromeda goodbye and then left.


Harry went to his residence in Kensington Palace Garden first. It was the address he used for correspondence in Muggle world. He also parked his cars there. Harry's first destination was Zegna flag shop in New Bond Street. At the traffic light, he noticed that the car next to his was black Bentley with dark glass. It reminded him of Mycroft.

Harry frowned a bit. Why did the thought about Mycroft Holmes surface in his mind today? Shaking his head, Harry tried to clear his mind. He better thought about Ron and Hermione's upcoming wedding. He was going to be Ron's best man after all. The light turned green and he sped up. In his hurry, Harry failed to notice that the black Bentley had turned to following him.

After Zegna, Harry went to his next destination in Threadneedle Street. The meeting went as usual. Harry got the reports of the company's performance and the investment in the Muggle world. There were a few things that needed his approval. Everything was fine. The meeting ended just before lunch.

Harry got out from the building and stopped dead in his track. There, standing next to his white Bentley Continental was the unmistakable figure of Mycroft Holmes. The man was dressed in his usual three piece suits. This time it was black with matching coat. The colour came from the red tie and red handkerchief on the man's breast pocket. Mycroft didn't forget his umbrella too.

The man smiled at him. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you here," he drawled out. "Harry Potter."

"This is a surprise, Mr. Holmes." Harry replied a moment later after he found back his voice and brain. What the hell was Mycroft doing here? And more importantly, how did Mycroft find out about his real name? Harry's eyes flickered to his car. Ah, of course. The number plate. The car was registered in his name. By now, Mycroft must have found everything there was to know about Harry.

"It's lunch time now," Mycroft said again, looking at his pocket watch. "And I know a good restaurant."

It wasn't a suggestion and they both knew it.

Sighing inwardly, Harry said. "Lead the way, Mr. Holmes."

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Sherlock is my latest obsession now. I really can't wait for the third season. So now I decided to write about Harry Potter and Mycroft since Mycroft is my favourite character because of Mark Gatiss wonderful play in A Scandal in Belgravia.

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