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Kamijou Hiroki, who was supposed to be working all night, walked into his home and looked around for his lover. Seeing no one he looked down disappointed. He wanted Nowaki to make him feel better after the day he had had.

(For those whom haven't seen Junjou Romantica: Hiroki is in a homosexual relationship with Kusama Nowaki and Nowaki calls him Hiro-san.)

He heard something crash coming from another room and Hiroki walked cautiously towards the door and pulled it slightly open. His insides turned to ice and his heart broke at what he saw.

A man Hiroki had never met had pinned Nowaki to the wall. Their mouths met and their kiss went of for more moments than Hiroki thought he could endure. The man then slid to the floor with Nowaki and unbuttoned Nowaki's shirt.

Hiroki stared and wanted to look away, however he stayed with the hope of Nowaki punching the other man. Even though Nowaki seemed to be enjoying himself with the other man Hiroki wanted there to be some proof that he was taking it the wrong way.

"Sato-san, more," Nowaki begged.

Hiroki stepped backwards in horror at Nowaki's words. He still didn't want to think that Nowaki was cheating let alone see the proof unfold before his eyes.

"Shall I be inside you again, or you inside me this time?" the man said in low voice.

Nowaki moaned and gripped 'Sato-san's' head and the man ran his tongue down Nowaki's body. The two bodies mingled and finally Hiroki turned away.

"Inside me, Sato-san," Hiroki heard Nowaki cry out.

): *Tears* No don't do it Nowaki

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