Author's note: I own nothing, I make nothing. Legacy of Kain is not mine, and neither is "The Trial of Lancelot" by Heather Dale which so blatantly inspired this poem. :)

Kain's chosen sons stood tall before his throne
As their father sat below them
For once, without his weapon;
For once, no hidden aim.
For he was here on trial,
And answer now he must...
For the end of their existence and the ruin of their trust.

Tonight they all would face a grave decision…

And Scion Kain, his head held high said;
"I'm tried for striking at the fates,
My crime was hope."

The fist to speak was Zephon, sharp his tongue;
"Why were we cursed with such a father!
A Sire's role compelled him, but his spirit was too weak…
For all his strength and cunning,
There's no honor found within
He sacrificed our futures and he set his kith on kin!
The role of Sire should not be forsaken…"

And Scion Kain, his head held high said;
"I forsook all to strike the fates,
I failed for hope."

"I know our Lord Kain well," Spoke Dumah low;
"For we both share a vicious nature…
'Vae Victus', 'to the conquered,'
We share that same refrain…
True vampires are brutal.
We're built for war and strife….
As we all share this nature is it fair to take his life?
For doing what we've done ourselves to others…?"

And Scion Kain, his head held high said;
"I was a tyrant to the fates,
I ruled for hope."

Melchiah roared, and called the fires of hell
Upon the father who had failed him;
And left his body rotting… forsaken and alone.
While Rahab stood in silence,
consumed it seemed in thought,
Until he found his voice and said; "In fates lines we're all caught.
The hooks and barbs assailing us are legion…
Was slipping free of them an act of treason?"

And Scion Kain, his head held high said;
"I left you all to fight the fates,
I left for hope."

Then Turel spoke, "Was this a waste of life?
I regret not my time among you;
Though I cannot remember the shadows of the tomb,
Or the mortal life before it,
when we fought together still,
We only had this next life through our fallen fathers will.
Without him we'd be lying yet as remnants,
At least our memory lives in our descendants!"

And Scion Kain, his head held high said;
"I gave you life to thwart the fates,
In life is hope."

Then Raziel, the most wronged of them all,
Said; "Fear from me Kain no damnation.
For you, who were my father, and you who were my bane…
Began this all in madness,
And still must pay the cost;
So I will not condemn you lest that final battles lost.
But in that battle we are moving toward...
Know I will be your right hand, and your sword..."

And Scion Kain with dampened eye said;
"You died for forestalling the fates…
You were my hope."


The brothers fought, the Scion fought as well
Although the battle was within him;
These six had called him father,
To him they'd pledged their lives…
And though he'd known the price they'd pay for stopping Nosgoths end,
He'd damned them through omission, and the lies he could not mend;
And Kain knew well the only end for liars…

Then Kain arose, faced empty room, said;
"Fear not my sons, to thwart the fates…."

"…I'll die for hope."