Ziva cursed inwardly.

Hello reasons why she never wore dresses.

She tugged frantically at the zipper that ran down her back but it didn't move an inch. In a situation like this, the only person that she would feel comfortable calling was Abby should she be near, but the poor girl was out cold. She'd tired herself out, dancing, Ziva supposed. The wedding had involved a fair bit of that.

She stood in the bathroom, contemplating what she should do. Giving the zipper one last tug, she gave up, and switched to her last resort.

"Tony!" she called. Yes, she was sharing a hotel room in Florida with Anthony DiNozzo. She had drawn the short straw, quite literally.

Tony came rushing to the door - she heard his footsteps - but wasn't entirely sure where to go from there. She was in the bathroom after all.

"You can come in," she said, sounding exasperated.

"Are you decent?" he asked, his voice muffled by the door.

"Yes!" she shouted and he quickly came in. "My zip is stuck."

"You want me to…undo it?" he asked. He had to make sure that was what she was asking, otherwise the situation could go very badly.

"Yes, I want you to unzip my dress," she clarified, only realising how strange that sounded after she said it.

"You're the boss," he replied, taking a careful step towards her. Her back was to him. With gentle fingers, he brushed aside her hair, dark and soft, and grabbed hold of the zipper on her dress. Her hair fell back over her shoulder so Ziva had to hold it. It took him about thirty seconds, but it moved eventually. Slowly, he pulled it all the way down her back, and the dress opened to reveal smooth, olive skin that begged to be touched. The zipper reached down to the small of her back, where he spotted two little dimples in her skin. The second Tony let go of the zip, Ziva realised that his arms had been the only thing holding the strapless garment up, and it fell to the floor before she could catch it.

She gasped and froze. She was trained for a lot of things but having to navigate a situation where she was standing naked save for her underwear in a bathroom with her partner in there.

"Oh…uh….I'll…just….uh…" Tony stammered, though he didn't really move. Ziva bit her lip. It must have been fate somehow. Them ending up sharing a room, and now this…it was a chance to tell him what she had wanted to this whole trip. She shut her eyes tightly, spun on her heels and kissed him passionately.

Soon enough her dress was not the only garment on the floor.