"May I have this dance?" she heard him say, and she looked up from the glass of wine she had been nursing for a good half hour. He was bent over, almost in a bow, the evening sun catching his white shirt and making in glow. He held out one hand for her, and his green eyes had an aura of cockiness about them. She chuckled nervously, her eyes darting back and forth as she tucked a strand of stray hair behind her ear.

"What are doing?" she asked.

"I'm just asking for a dance," he said innocently. "And may I say," he added in a British accent. "You are looking rather smashing this evening."

She took a deep breath, but laughed and took his hand. They kept a few inches between them at first, but Tony dared to spin her, and spun her a little too hard. Their bodies collided with a thud, and she looked up at him, their faces impossibly close, her heart thudding against his chest.

"So," he said in a low voice, only loud enough for her to be able to hear it. "When do you think we should tell the team?"

"Not today Tony," Ziva replied, running a hand through her hair. "It is Jimmy's day today."

"Ziva, it's been four months. We're gonna have to tell them sometime." Their eyes met. It was clear to him them why she had been avoiding this. "It's Gibbs, isn't it?"

She looked at the floor.

"You know he'll find out eventually. He just wants you to be happy. He wants the same for all of us. If this is what makes you happy then he's not gonna stop you."

"I know, Tony. But does that day have to be today?"

"I'm not gonna force you, but I don't want to hide this anymore." He raised a hand to her cheek. "I want to hold your hand, I want to send you flowers and pretend it wasn't me, I want to sneak a quickie in the elevator."

Her eyes widened. "What?" she exclaimed.

"Kidding," he assured her. "Mostly."

She rolled her eyes. "When did you become such a romantic?"

He raised a hand to her cheek. "You know, there's one more thing I'd really like to do," he whispered, moving his face ever so slowly towards hers. Their noses touched. "Ziva David, can I kiss you?"

In an instant her lips crushed his, and he smiled against her, holding her closely. Her arms were around his neck, keeping him there. It was long, deep and passionate. When they finally had to pull away, they turned together towards the table where Abby grinned at them with two thumbs-up, and McGee stared, wide-eyed. Ducky was nowhere to be seen, probably off somewhere charming Breena's mother with one of his stories. Finally they saw Gibbs. He stared at the glass in hand, swirling the liquid in it for a few seconds, then raised it in their direction and smiled, nodding slowly.

Tony knew by the smile on Ziva's face that they had done the right thing, and he knew then that he truly loved her