Kurt liked it when Mommy took him to work with her. He got to sit up on the tall stool like a big boy and color all day.

There were lots of crayons to choose from where Mommy worked. Lots of paints and markers, too, but Kurt wasn't supposed to touch those. So he stuck loyally by the 96 pack of crayons Mommy had bought just for him and kept in her special closet so the other people who came by didn't use them. They were Kurt's crayons, and they said so in big letters on the box.

Today, Mommy was telling the people who came in to listen to her about someone who cut off his ear. Yuck. But the big people thought it was interesting, so maybe it was a grown up thing.

They all looked up as the door banged open. There was a pretty lady pulling a boy by the hand into the classroom. She looked at Mommy, sounding like she was about to cry. "I'm so sorry, Elizabeth, but Coop's been sick and I couldn't find a sitter, and he's been impossible all day,"

Mommy waved her hand. "No worries, Marissa. He can go sit with Kurt and color if he wants. I'm sure he'll share," Mommy looked at him, sitting at the counter with paint splatters all over it, swinging his legs on the tall, tall stool. Kurt gave her a big smile. Miss Marissa pushed the boy lightly at the shoulders, nudging him towards the counter.

The boy sniffled, wiping his nose on his sleeve before climbing onto the stool next to Kurt. Kurt pushed his coloring book over. "I'm not done with this page, but you can color the other one if you want to," The boy nodded.

"Okay," he said, all quiet like he was scared. Kurt didn't like that. He wasn't scary, like shadows and big dogs and those puppets on tv. He was just Kurt.

"I'm Kurt. What's your name?"

The boy wiped his nose on his sleeve again and Kurt made a face. "I'm Blaine,"

He was still quiet. Shy, that word Mommy had used yesterday. "Who's your favorite princess, Blaine? I like Belle." He pointed to wear he'd been coloring Belle's dress a pretty gold he found at the back of his box.


Kurt frowned. Blaine was still barely hearable, and he was sitting right next to him! Oh well. He flipped through the coloring book, stopping at a picture of Jasmine at her makeup table thing. Kurt ripped it out carefully and handed it to Blaine. "You can use any of the colors you want. Except yellow. I used most of the yellow on Belle two days ago."

Blaine nodded again, picking through the big box to find the right blue for Jasmine's outfit. They didn't talk for a long time, not until after Kurt had finished carefully coloring all the waves of Belle's hair and Blaine was done with Jasmine's makeup table.

Blaine pushed the picture back over to Kurt. There were wobbly letters in the corner, written in bright green. "ThANk U"

Kurt smiled and quickly scribbled onto his own paper, right above Belle's head. "YoUR WELcoME".

Blaine took it and finally smiled, showing all his teeth. Then Mommy said class was over and Blaine's mommy was taking him home.

Kurt hoped he'd see his new friend again, but Miss Marissa stopped going to class at the community center and Mommy got really sick so she stopped teaching.

Years later, Kurt comes across a picture of Jasmine with green earrings and a red makeup table, and can't bring himself to throw it away. He can't for the life of him think of a reason why.

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