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'Alright..… let me get this straight. An hour after Naruto and Sasuke's wedding, you two when to Ichiraku Raman and got married.' Inochi growled. His eyebrow twitching.

'Yes Daddy.' Ino whimpered.

Inochi sucked in a deep breath through his nose and Glared at Sai, who sat on the floor before him with a fake smile.

'Daddy, remember you just got out of prison. You have to control your temper.' Ino warned her father weakly.

'Please excuse me for a moment.' Inochi said as he rose from his seat, his face looking oddly….calm.

'Wow! That went better than expected!' Ino's mother said happily once he was gone.

She spoke too soon.

'MOTHER FUCKER! MY DAUGHTER! FUCKING BASTARD! WHY CAN'T SHE HAVE MARRED SHIKAMARU?' Came a shout. Along with the sound of breaking China.

'Ino, go call the mental hospital. Tell them we need a straight jacket.' Ino's mother sighed as she walked off towards the kitchen to stop her husband.

Ino picked up her phone and called a number that was listed in her contacts box.

'Hello?' A voice said through the phone.

'Hey Earl! It's me Ino!' Ino said happily into the phone.

'Ino! Hey girl, what's up?' Earl asked

'Oh, nothing. Dads at it again. Can you and a few of your co-workers bring down another straight jacket and cage?' Ino asked sweetly.

'Sure sure….hey your still babysitting on Saturday right? Cause Barbara and I are looking forward to a nice long vacation.' Earl said with a bit of static in his voice.

'Yeah. I'll see you in 10mins kay Earl? Bye!' Ino answered into the phone before hanging up.

'Was that Earl?' Sai asked from the floor.

'Yeah. Go pick a movie out. Maybe he will stay!' Ino yelled exited.

'You guys are screwed up. I bet you know every single person's name from the fucking mental hospital.' Shikamaru sighed.

'Well you would too if your dad goes there every second day!' Ino snapped.

Hiashi somewhere…

'Hmm…I have a sudden feeling to laugh at Inochi today.' Hiashi mumbled to Hanabi.

With Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Hinata.

'Wow! Hinata your dad really knows how to pick honeymoon places!' Naruto shouted in amazement.

Hiashi had booked two log cabins in the hidden snow village for the couples. Sasuke and Sakura were a little surprised Hiashi had gotten them a cabin as well. But hey, they weren't complaining.

'Well, he did ask me what I wanted….' Hinata trailed off. Naruto jumped up and down in the snow.

They were each wearing snow jackets, snow boots, snow cloves and all. Naruto's was the usual bright orange, while Hinata's was a lavender. Sasuke wore a light blue one, while Sakura wore baby pink.

'We bag the one on the right!' Naruto shouted Happily while dragging Hinata along. Sasuke Sighed at the blondes stupidity and took Sakura's hand and walked up to the cabin on left.

Once Sasuke was inside, both he and Sakura looked about. The place was amazing. The walls and floors were made of wood. The Kitchen and lounge room were connected, giving the place a very homey look. They could see a hallway and Sasuke Guessed it lead to the Bathroom and Bedroom.

'So what do you wanna do?' Sasuke asked with a knowing smirk.

'I dunno. I'm kinda tired.' Sakura said with a yawn.

AN/ Lemon Ahead.

Sasuke pinned her against the couch. His arms held hers against the cushions, preventing her from escape. Sakura's emerald eyes widened in surprise. She blushed as his hungry eyes traced her every curve, she felt naked under his intense stare. Like there was nothing she could hide from him.

Just his gaze alone got her breathing heavily. His onyx eyes snapped up to hers and she saw him give her an evil, playful smile.

She gasped as his teeth grazed her ear and it sent a shiver down her spine.


I need more.

She wined and begged for more, causing Sasuke to smirk a little more. His tongue then began to trace the outside of her ear, trailing along her neck and occasionally nipping her creamy flesh.

She was now panting, her ragged breaths encouraged Sasuke. Sasuke freed her arms and pushed his clothed crouch up against hers, making her mewl in satisfaction. He began at a steady rhythm, making her plead in his ear for more. Her fingers began to tangle themselves in his hair, and occasionally she would pull.

'Please.' Sakura begged.

In an instant, he pulled her shirt over her head. He felt her fingers detach themselves from his hair and unzip his snow jacket. His mouth then crushed hers, biting her lower lip and sliding his tongue into her open mouth. 'Oh dear mother of god' She groaned into his mouth. His tongue probed every inch of her mouth and danced with hers. She was whimpering now, begging him to enter her. But Sasuke was having too much fun.

He removed his lips from hers and trailed down her neckline, nipping certain sensitive spots and suckling bits of her flesh. His hands found her bra clasp and he swiftly undone it, exposing her round creamy breasts with a pink nipple on each.

Sasuke used his tongue to swirl around a pink nipple, causing it to become stiff and hard. Sakura growled at him to continue. Sakura gasped as she felt his teeth gently sink into her left nipple and she moaned. Sasuke grinned and moved down from her breast to her navel, continuing to lick every bit of her skin.

Sakura's eyes widened once more as Sasuke's lips and tongue nipped and sucked the folds of her Vagina. She moaned in approval as his tongue glazed over her clit. His fingers then began pushing themselves upwards and massaged her walls. In one flick of his hand, her pants slid completely off. Sakura wasn't the least bit surprised when she was once again trapped in Sasuke's grasp. She cried out and whimpered as Sasuke slid inside her, filling her up. She scrunched her eyes up. She cried out, causing Sasuke to move faster inside her.

AN/ Okay, your safe now!

'God Damn it Sasuke….you can't just surprise me like that.' She panted in annoyance as she lay beside her Husband.

'Shut up…..' He groaned as he lifted himself off the couch.

'Hey! You can't tell your wife to shut up!' She smacked him on the head.

'Whatever. Now…shall we take this to the bedroom?' He smirked.

'Whatever.' She Mimicked his tone.

'Don't play smart with me Mrs. Uchiha.' Sasuke playfully taunted. He only ever let himself behave like this when Sakura was around.


She was cut off as Sasuke suddenly lifted her up and carried her bridle style up to the bedroom, kicking the door shut.


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