This chapter was inspired by the 1980 song 'Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)' by John Lennon.


Xander looked much more like Lucy than he did Alex. He was one month old now, with bright green eyes and golden locks of hair. Alex adored his son and in the evenings he would insist on putting him to bed, quietly singing him to sleep. Lucy couldn't help but admire him; doing all the things he did with Xander, obviously captivated by him. He was a small baby, but Alex and Lucy weren't largely built and they both had very small figures. Xander was strong for his age though, just like his father.

She was sitting at their dining table, drinking some tea and reading a small pile of paper that Alex had given her to read. It was his first composition, and it was lovely. He was in Xander's room putting him to bed, but Lucy was completely engrossed in his song, imagining how beautiful it would sound. She heard him gently close the door, and looked up to see him walking towards her.
"Do you like it?" He asked, sitting beside her.
"Alex it's wonderful! I can't believe you wrote this!" He winked.
"I have a lot of hidden talents you don't know about." He remarked playfully.

"Oh really?" She asked, raising her eyebrows at him.
"That's right." He confirmed, smirking, "Come on love, let me show you." He grabbed her hand, helping her up from her seat and leading her to their bedroom. As they reached the door they heard Xander crying and they both sighed. They weren't annoyed; they just knew they would have to put their intimate plans on hold for a bit longer.
"I'll itty." Alex said, but Lucy shook her head.
"Let's go together." She suggested and he agreed.

Xander's face was wet with tears when Lucy picked him up, embracing him tenderly. She sat down on the armchair they had placed in the room, while Alex sat on a cushion on the floor. She tried to feed him but he wasn't hungry. She felt quite helpless, not knowing what was wrong with him as he continued to cry.
"Alex?" She whispered, "I think he wants you." He nodded and she carefully placed Xander in his arms. The little boy looked up at his father and he stopped sobbing, yet he was still wide awake.

He was looking at Alex expectantly, seemingly waiting for something.
"I think he wants you to sing love." Lucy told him.
"What?" Alex asked, bewildered, "I'm not ittying to warble in front of you!"
"Go on Alex!" She complained, "What's the big deal?"
"I'm not very dobby." He explained, making her laugh.
"Yes you are!" She said, shocking him, "I've been listening to you, when you put him to sleep every night."

Alex actually blushed a very pale, almost unnoticeable shade of pink, making Lucy giggle.
"You're a wonderful singer Alex, now go on; otherwise he won't go to sleep." So a very nervous Alex began to sing their son back to sleep, as his wife relaxed in the arm chair, enjoying every minute of it. Finally baby Xander fell asleep and his father gently lowered him into his cot*, before turning to Lucy who was smiling sweetly up at him. He smirked back at her, helping her up from the chair and quietly leading her back to their bedroom.

"It's sort of strange, isn't it?" She remarked as she lay down onto their bed, "Having a baby in the flat."
"Yes." He agreed, lying next to her, "But in a dobby way."
"In a choodessny way." She corrected, grinning at him, and he grinned back.
"Can we have another one?" He asked bluntly.
"Another one?" She repeated, shocked, but Alex just nodded.
"I'd like that." He stated, "A malenky ptitsa this raz."
"I'd like that too." She agreed, "We'd better get started on that right away!" He laughed at that, pulling her closer for a kiss.

A/N: A cot is the British English word for a baby's 'crib'. Anyway, that's the end of this story, I hope you enjoyed it :D