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'Well, you better come up with good excuses next time, Lucy!' I said to myself and sighed. It sure is hard to be a single parent.

Chapter 5: Introductions

I woke up by the sounds of the birds chirping and singing happily. I sat up carefully to avoid waking Ryuu who was probably still in dreamland. I stretched my arms and yawn before rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

I was still a little sleepy because of the work u had to do last night but there's still a lot to do today.


I arrived a little past ten after shopping for groceries. Unsurprisingly, Ryuu was still on the bed, snoring away. And Virgo was staring at him as if he was about to jump up and run.

"Everything fine while I was away?" I asked her while putting six bags of groceries and necessities on the table.

"Yes, hime-sama. Ryuu-dono hasn't woken up." She answered.

"Thank you, Virgo." I said to her, "You may go now." She gave me a gallant bow and disappeared into the Spirit Realm with the puff of smoke.

I sighed. So much to do, I don't even know where to start! I have to clean the house, sort the groceries, wash the dishes, do the laundry, teach Ryuu.

It was just a few months ago when I began teaching Ryuu normal school stuff like how to write, read and bunch of other things.

At the same time that I started teaching him those things, I also began teaching him about celestial spirits. I am planning on giving him my keys when his old enough and see him worthy and responsible enough.

'Well, it'll be better to start now with cleaning the house and sort the groceries. I'll just finish up the rest when I wake up tomorrow.' I thought.

NORMAL P.O.V. (still flashback)

Lucy began cleaning the house. She swept the floors, dusting the mantles, et cetera. After that, she sorted out the groceries. Fresh fruits displayed on the tale, vegetables in the refrigerator together with all the meat and drinks. She put Ryuu's favorite chips in the cabinets above the kitchen sink.

"Finally. I'm done." She said to herself.

She went in the bathroom and took a quick shower. She brushed her teeth and dries her hair. She put on her pink pajamas and brushed her hair.

She climbed in their bed and put an arm under Ryuu's neck and put him closer to her. She smile at him sweetly and kissed his forehead.

"Goodnight, sweetie. Sweet dreams." She whispered before she went under the blanket and turned off the lamp on the bedside table.


I turned to the side where Ryuu was supposed to be sleeping but he was not there. Panic hot through me as I bolted out of bed and looked under it. He was not there.

"Ryuu?" I asked no one in particular.

"I am in the kitchen, Mama!" he shouted in the kitchen. It was then that I heard something sizzling and smelled what seem to be bacon.

'Is he cooking again?' I asked myself. I thought Ryuu how to cook for himself in case that I was away for some time. He was a really fast learner and he catches on quickly, so I didn't have trouble in teaching him almost anything.

I went to the kitchen and saw Ryuu standing on a stool facing stove and wearing my little blue apron. He was holding a spatula on one hand and his other hand was placed on his hips. He looked like the perfect housewife.

"What's for breakfast, Mama?" I asked, imitating the voice of a five-year old to tease him.

He turned, and jumped off the stool and faced me. "Mama! It isn't funny." He whined. " Besides, I cooked breakfast for you 'cause I know you'll be too tired because you cleaned the house."

I went towards him and gave him a big hug.

"Thank you, Ryuu. You are SO sweet. You made me very happy."

"You're welcome, Mama." He replied and gave me a little peck on my left cheek.

"Alright. Now go set the table and I'll finish cooking, okay?" he gave me a nod and I kissed his forehead and ruffled his hair before he ran to the right side of the kitchen where the plates and silverware were placed.

I went to the stove and saw that he was cooking – as I guessed earlier- bacon. There were also two plates beside the stove that have two eggs in each plate. It only took me a minute to finish cooking the bacons and put one piece in each plate. I arranged so it would look like a smiling face because Ryuu like it when I do that.

I got two pairs of spoons and forks from one of the drawers. I also got the plates and brought them to the other room where the little dining table was located. I saw Ryuu reading a book at the table while patiently waiting for me.

"Breakfast is ready." I announced. He reached for his bookmark on the table and placed it in between the pages and closed the book shut. "What story are you reading about?" I asked. He can finish a book within two to seven days- depending on the length of the book- so I always ask every dew days.

"Oh! It's a story about a princess that has long hair that was trapped in a tower by an evil witch who introduces herself as the princess's mother. It's really great!" he answered me enthusiastically.

"So, you are reading Rapunzel?" I asked. It was supposed to be a rhetorical question bet he still answered me eagerly with a nod.

"Come on, Let's eat before it gets cold." I told him as I placed the plates on the little oak table.

After breakfast, Ryuu went to take a shower. I washed the dishes and cleaned the dining table as I waited for Ryuu to finish his shower so I could take my own. After a few more minutes of waiting, he came out, already wearing his usual clothes. It consists of a red long-sleeved shirt that is golden at the edges, a pair of beige-colored pants, and a fiery red muffler I made specially for him.

"Mama!" he called, "I'm done now."

I nodded at him and got my clothes and towel, which I prepared while he was in the showers.

"Wait here, okay?" I told him. "We'll go to the guild when I finish."

I went to the bathroom and stripped of my clothes. I opened the shower and let the warm water pour down on me while I try to rid my mind of any problems.

But I can't deem to stop wondering what was in store for me when I go to the guild.

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