Okay, just breathe. I look at Quinn, sitting with Brittany and I start to panic all over again. C'mon, Lopes, breathe. You have to calm down. You're going to show the girl you love the way you feel in front of the whole school. You have to calm down! I glance at her and I bit my lip nervously. Okay, Santana, breath, take a deep breath. 'You ready?' I jump startled. 'Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.' I look at Mercedes, I take a deep breath and answer. 'No, it's okay. I-I'm just a little nervous, that's all.' 'You should be!' I look at her confused. Shouldn't she be trying to help me loose some of my nervs? 'Santana, you are about to do something that will change your reputation, that might change this school! This, what you're about to do, will either make everyone laugh in your face or stop the homophobes from bothering everyone. Look, I'm not trying to talk you into giving up on it. I'm just trying to make sure you understand what you're doing. This is huge, Santana.' I take a deep breath again. 'I know, Cedes. Okay? I know. And I'm freaking out about it but I haveto show her the way I feel.' Seriously, I'm quoting the song now? 'I won't back down. I'm doing this. Mercedes, I made Sam break up her and get with me because I couldn't handle knowing someone that not me was kissing her! So, if they laugh, let them laugh. If it changes everything then let it change everything. Changes happen, Mercedes. I can't change that. But I can make the change.' Where the fuck did all that came from? She looks at me and nods. 'Are you ready then?' I shake my head. Then I look at her and I nod. Mercedes looks at me with a knowing look and goes stand with Tina, Berry and Puck. I still can't believe they're helping me. I nod at the band and I hear the music start. Puck sings his first line.

Puck: Nothing gone, hey.

I'm on, hey.

Then I hear Mercedes.

Mercedes: Nothing gone, hey.

I'm on, hey.

I take a deep breath as I start to sing.

Me: Turn up the bass.

Turn up the treble.

I can hear the chorus as I stare straight ahead.

I'm about to take it to a whole other level.

I turn back around to sing this part to the band.

DJ, turn off what you're playin'.

I want the whole club to hear what I'm sayin'.

I look at her now.

Cause it's gonna mean so much to me.

And now we on the floor and she touchin' me.

By the look on her face I can tell she's remembering last night, when we were on the floor of my living room and she grabbed my hand and we just stayed like that until my mom came in and she had lo leave.

And if I wanna take her home, it's gotta be better then what they do on the radio.

It's gotta be the crunkest.

It's gotta be the loudest.

It's gotta be the best love song she ever heard in her life.

I look straight into those beautiful hazel eyes and I sing.

I gotta tell her how I feel.

I start walking in her direction and always with my eyes on her.

I gotta let her hear the best love song she ever heard in her life.

I do a spin because I know she'll smile and right now, I'm so nervous I need her to give me one of her so beautiful smiles. She does smile and suddenly I'm much less nervous. Just for you to see how much I love her.

No need for me to write it.

I just got a picture of her smilin'.

I look at the crowd that is beginning to form.

And if you feel that way, go ahead and kiss your baby.

Some couples are actually kissing. Wow, not what I was expecting…

Puck: And now we got the whole stadium in love light.

I grab her hand and I can see Brittany on the corner of my eyes giving me encouraging smiles but I don't really care. All I care about is the beautiful, hazel eyed blonde in front of me that took my breath away the second I met her. I can hear Tina sing her line and a chuckle inside for giving that line to her.

Tina: Turn off the bass.

Give me a mic.

Me: I'm about to take it, do it just as she likes.

I jump as I sing the next line still holding her hand.

Jump of the stage.

Bottom every night away.

Then I remember I gave the band the version that is missing some verses and I just hope Puck and the girls will get it.

Berry: And if you wanna get with me (Oh, how I want to hug Berry right now!) put your hands in the air. Show me that energy!

And then something weird happened. Britt put her hands up! Holy crap, I had no idea!

Me: It's gonna be the crunkest.

Berry: It's gonna be the loudest.

Both: It's gonna be the best love song she ever heard in her life!

If I didn't know better I'd say she sang that to a certain blonde… Oh, well, she's helping me so…

I grab Quinn's other hand and pull her to her feet as I sing.

Me: I gotta tell her how I fell.

I gotta let her hear the best love song she ever heard in her life.

I let go of one of her hands to put a lock of her gold-alike hair behind her ear and she smiles shyly at me in return but I can't stop thinking it's the most beautiful smile I'll ever come across off.

No need for me to write it.

I just got a picture of her smilin'.

I look to the much bigger crowd that is now around us and I sing.

And if you feel that way, go ahead and kiss your baby.

Then I see something I'd never thought I'd see. Hudson and Rory are kissing. Kissing. This day is full of surprises. And then I hear Mercedes and Puck singing the next line together.

Both: And now we got the whole stadium in love light!

I realize my hand was still on her check and she's blushing so I wrap that arm around her waist and she smiles at me. I think I just forgot what air is all about. That smile… I hear Puck sing and I know the guys will listen, if anything out of fear.

Puck: Homie, kiss yo girl.

Mercedes: Shawty, kiss yo man.

I can see behind Quinn's head students doing just that. I knew it.

Both: We can see you on the kissing cam.

Here's my line.

Me: And show me some love.

Ya, ya.

I'm about to sing again but I hear her angelical voice and I just freeze.

Quinn: And show me some love.

Ya, ya.

Somehow I got my self-control back and I sing what is one of the most important lines because she knows I mean every word and that's the way I sing. Like I need to make sure she does know that.

Me: Now look her in the eyes.

Say 'Baby, I love you. I never put no one above you.'

I look at the crowd of students and teachers that is around us and I sing again.

And if you feel that way, go ahead and kiss your baby.

Once again they do so and I can hear Puck singing his line again.

Puck: And now we got the whole stadium in love night.

And here comes the chorus.

Chorus: And if you feel that way, go ahead and kiss your baby.

And now we got the whole stadium in love night!

Everything else after that is a bliss because, right now, the girl of my dreams is inching closer and closer and- wait, she stopped. I look her in the eyes and she says, just above a whisper: 'I love you too, San. Thank you.' And I know she isn't talking about the song or the fact that I sang it in public. No, she's talking about the text I sent to the whole school about going Lima Heights on them if they messed with her while she was pregnant. She's talking about being there for her when Finn broke up with her. She's talking about when she got into labor. God, I don't think I was ever that nervous before. Do you have any idea how hard it was to look like I was interested in the fucking magazine? She was talking about being there when Finn broke up with her again. She's talking about all the moments that I made her smile and was there for her. 'Always. I love you, remember?' She smiles at me and I smile back as I brush my lips softly against hers. I steal a quick glance at her eyes and I see they're closed so I close my owns and just lean in. Then I felt something… amazing at the lack of a better word. A spark if you want, that just made my stomach do so much flips that if I wasn't so distracted with Quinn's lips I'd probably pass out or something. Then she grazes her tongue in my bottom lip and as I partially open my mouth I feel the jolt of electricity going all over my body by the feeling of our tongues together. The claps all around us finally kick in my brain and I break apart to see everyone looking at us with huge smiles on their faces and Oh my God, are they- they can't be- but they are- how long where we kissing? Brittany and Berry are holding hands and I'm looking at them dumb folded. Quinn nudges me and smiles at me with a smile that says she knows why I'm looking that way. Mr. Schue hugs me and says 'Congratulations, Santana, that was amazing!' then he looks at the girls and at Puck and says 'You guys were great too!' in a way that clearly means he didn't even realized they were there at all. 'Thanks.' I answer 'But that really wasn't to any of you guys as you might tell.' I say as I wrap my arm tighter around Quinn. She rests her head on my shoulder and I just get this goofy grin on my face that I simply can't control or rather, don't give a shit about controlling. Brittany comes squealing at me with the intention of hugging but then she looks at Quinn using my shoulder as a pillow and thinks better of it. 'That was beautiful, Sanny!' I chuckle at the nickname and say 'Thanks, Britt-Britt.' Then I turn my attention to Berry because if I don't tell her now then Quinn might think of using me as a teddy bear and then I just won't be able of thinking straight, jokes aside. I'm already having a hard time not kissing her again as it is! 'Berry-' Brittany looks at me with a disapproving looks and I roll my eyes 'Rachel, just know if you hurt her, I'll hurt you, badly. And also,' I say with a smile now 'Thank you.' She gives me that Rachel Berry smile 'Don't worry. I don't intend to hurt her and your welcome, Santana.' I wanted to thanks to Mercedes and Tina that were talking to each other about five feets away but the bell rang so I turned around to the Spanish class with my arm still wrapped around Quinn and I lean my head against her own as we walk through the walls of McKinley not giving a shit about what everyone else thinks.