HEY GUYS! I'm FINALLY back into the writing scene after a HIUGE hiatus. And because I've been away fro the writing scene, my writing might be kind of sucky, so I apologize for that now in advance. The story will get better, I promise! Or, atleast I will try to promise that to the best of my abilities!


A few years after "Titans Together", the Hive, Young Justice, Robin, and even the Justice League find themselved trapped within the Brotherhood of Evil's clutches again. And only one bad-luck witch is able to save them. What happens when old flames reunite? Will love resurface? Or will it be lost?

Read and Find out.

DISCLAMIER: I do NOT own Young Justice, the Justice League, Hive, or any of the characters used for the creation of his fiction. Not ANY of this belongs to me, only the plot.

Besides, if I did own them, would I seriously be writing a fan fiction about them instead of getting on the screen? I don't think so! Actually...I probably still would...anyways, enjoy!

Brotherhood of Evil Headquarters:

"It seems we must strike back harder to make up for our loss against the Titans." Monsieur Mallah said to open up the discussion between the three leaders.

"Agreed, ve must teach zem a lesson for messing vit ze brozerhood" Agreed Madame Rouge, the woman from an unknown origin due to her unrecognizable accent (A/N: seriously, what is she?)

"We. Will. Not. Attack. The. Titans. Again. Now. We. Will. Strike. Another. Group. Much. Greater. Than. The. Titans.. We. Shall. Attack. Both. The. Leagues. And. Once. We. Have. Them. We. Will. Harness. Their. Abilities. And. Then. Go. Battle. The. Titans. Once. Again." said the Brain, the brains behind the whole operation (AN: pun intended! :D) The other two villains looked at each other and smirked, both visibly satisfied with their leaders' plans.

"We. Start. Now." and then they began.

Titans Tower:


Robin was surprisingly not training or profoundly researching his enemies, but instead sorting and looking longingly t a collection of photographs. One of his past, and another of his present. First, he looked through the pictures of Young Justice, remembering the days when he was not leader and his teammates, and the vast array of missions they had together.

He then looked at another pile of photographs that brought him back to his present—His world-wide Teen Titans network and most importantly, Starfire. Looking at those photographs reminded Robin why exactly he had left YJ in the first place. He needed a sense of belonging and respect that he would surely not receive if he stayed there any longer. He wanted to prove himself to himself, his teammates, and his mentor and father, Batman.

An 'incoming message' alert was all it took to snap Robin out of his nostalgic flashback only to reveal, much to his surprise, the Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman.

"Hello Richard" said the crusader

"Bruce...this is...unexpected" said the boy wonder

"Its Batman when I am in costume Robin, anyways the reason for this message is not for a social visit. The Justice League needs you for a mission. And before you ask, I do not know how long it will take. It could be days for weeks, depending on the situation.

"The League? What do they want?" asked Robin

"The League is in trouble" Batman simply replied.

"The League? In trouble? As in, needs help? The same league that denied help all those years ago. Bruce, even I find that hard to believe." said Robin, still harboring feelings towards the touchy subject of the league.

"Yes believe it or no, the league sometimes needs help too" Batman said.

"Fine. So whats the problem?" asked Robin, immediately reverting back to his leadership position, falling into the role of gathering information. Batman however, noticed the swift transition between the two persona's and silently praised Robin, and himself because, after all, he was the one who trained him.

"The League is being perused and are, individually being captured and held captive" he said

"Conquered and captured, this sounds oddly familiar. This wouldn't happen to be the Brotherhood of Evil's doing would it?" asked Robin. Batman remained silent, silently wondering how Robin was able to decipher the situation and name the source. Noticing his mentor's sudden silence, he decided to speak again. "We had the same run-in with them a few years back, anyways, I'll zeta beam it back to Mount Justice through Gotham" said Robin, ending the transmission abruptly afterwards.

End Flashback

"I'm heading out now, but until I return, Cyborg, your in charge. Keep me updated and notify in case of any emergency" said Robin

"No worries man, I got this" said the mechanical teen.

"That's what I'm worried about" Robin softly mumbled under his breath.

After exchanging farewell's and wished of good luck and a safe and quick return, the titans left the couple alone to exchange their farewells in privacy. And for that, both teens were truly grateful for.

"Boyfriend Richard, how long will the League of Justice require your assistance?" asked the alien princess Starfire. The team knew Robin's identity, as a matter of fact, everyone knew everyone else's identity and life story. However, it was an unofficial, unwritten, and unspoken rule and agreement that only Starfire would be the one to address him by his birth name, outside of the battle field of course.

"Robin, now 17, smiled at his girlfriend's cuteness. He wanted nothing more than to soothe her fears by promising a safe and speedy return, but given that this was a League mission, he couldn not get himself to lie to her.

"Kori, i'm not really sure how long this mission will take. I'll try and make the days go by easier by thinking about you everyday, and fighting hard so that I can coem home to your beautiful, smiling face." Robin soothingly said.


"Yea Star?"

"I love you."

"I love you too." Robin bent down (AN: he is FINALLY taller than her, just btw's) to give his girlfriend a chaste kiss on the lips. And after that, he turned around and walked away

So how was the first chapter? Hate it? Love it? It will get better, I promise!