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"Jinx...pssssst, Jinx. Wake up!" a red headed teenager whispered to a sleeping figure

"Ugh, what the...Kid...what are you doing here?" she whisper-yelled

"Jinx, we need to talk"

"You want to talk? Fine. But before we do, drop the act. I don't know who you are but you have some fucking nerve bothering me in the middle of the night like this" said the awakened pinkette. A few seconds later, the image of the redhead blurred to reveal a shadowy image.

"hmm...looks like you got me" he replied. The rosette internally cringed at the nostalgia of those words; the exact same words he said to her when she had "caught" him a few years back.

"And here I thought you were losing your touch, Jinx" the figure continued.

"Cut the crap and tell me what you're really doing here...Red X" she said

"Tone it down witch...I'm just here to pass on a message from the higher ups. They told me to tell you that you are being summoned to discuss the next phase of the plan and that you are to show up at HQ exactly three days from now" Red X, now in his own form, said.

"I see. It's already beginning, huh? The next phase of the plan..." she trailed off. The two were engulfed in silence for a few seconds.

"Well, that's all for now. Show up or not, I don't care, my orders were to make sure you knew" he said

"I understand and I acknowledge that I received your message" Jinx replied, still thinking of what's to come

"Well, later pinkie," he said. As he turned around, ready to leave, he turned his head over his shoulder and smirked, "by the way, you wouldn't happen to be expecting anyone tonight, would you?"

"...what?" she asked

"Oh, well, could've fooled me. Those are some pretty sexy jammies, witch" he teased as he left via window. She looked down on to her choice of nightwear. Once noticing her outfit of choice, she screamed "RED X, I'LL KILL YOU!" but by then he was long gone.

Meanwhile, in another city...

"ROBIN!" yelled a red-headed girl as she flew into her boyfriend's arms

"Woah, Star, I would've returned later if I knew that this was how I'd be welcomed" he said, nuzzling into her hair. The girl in his arms smiled in content for a bit before pulling out of the hug.

"Everyone, Robin has returned!" she yelled out.

"We know Starfire. We heard you yell" said Raven. Turning to him, she said, "welcome back, Robin"

"Thanks Raven, it's good to be back" he said to her

"Roooobbbbbbiiiiiiinnnnnn!" cried out two voices in glee "We missed you!" cried Beast Boy

"So how was the mission. What did the League want?" Cyborg asked him

"It was classified, you know how that goes" he replied. Cyborg nodded to him, all too aware of the procedure. Unbeknownst to him, Robin could have told him a few things, but the events of the mission, from his embarrassingly easy capture to a hero reunion all the way to their crazy breakout and the events that followed after, well, even he couldn't really understand what exactly happened. That, and he didn't want his team, namely Starfire, to worry.

"Well, did you manage to see you Knorfka?" his girlfriend asked. His eyes softened at her innocent question.

"Yea, I did. It was...nice" he said

"Oh, how wonderful!" she said, now floating and twirling in the air, "we must celebrate this joyous occasion. Shall I recite the Tamaranian poem of reunion? Or I could cook something up, should you prefer that" she said

"NO!" all four voices cried. She looked at them in confusion.

"Listen Star, I was just hoping that we could order a few pizzas. It's much faster this way" he said,

"Very well, I shall get them on the telephone at once" she said, running off to find the phone. They all smiled fondly. It seems after all this time, Starfire wasn't able to completely shake off her weird speech patterns.

Meanwhile, in another city, a teenage boy with red hair sat atop a hilltop watching the stars and the city lights shining below.

'-man, they really let me have it' he thought, 'but this is crap! I mean, it's not like it'd be the first time a hero falls for the bad guy, but...ugh, when did everything get so hard!' he thought while scratching his head furiously.

'Why couldn't I fall for someone like Artemis? I tried, I really did try but I couldn't stop thinking about Jinx...tch, I bet the league would love it if I went for someone like Artemis...it sure would have made things a hella lot easier...' and with that thought, he sped back home, eager for a snack, and some rest from all these thoughts that were consuming his mind.

Back with Jinx

'So it's beginning, huh? I wonder...I wonder what's going to happen next' she thought to herself before letting sleep consume her.

Titans Tower

*BUUURP* "Ahhh that was some good pizza" the cyborg teen exclaimed, rubbing his full belly

"Amen to that, I'm full!" Beast Boy said

"Man, what are you full on? It's not like you ate real pizza" Cyborg said. 'Those are fighting words' thought Beast Boy

"Tofu is quite filling! Besides, if I were you, I'd be ashamed of what you just ate. Those are innocent animals, man! Animals that I turn into!" he angrily said, with his usual argument.

"Beast Boy, Cyborg, calm down, now" growled Raven, now annoyed with their conversation. The two teens cowered behind the couch.

"Alright guys, it's been a long day, we should all go to sleep" said Starfire, trying to defuse the tension in the room. As soon as she said that, Cyborg and Beast Boy ran to their rooms, eager to get away from the angry demoness. Said girl merely raised an unamused eyebrow and followed suit.

"Robin, are you coming?" Starfre asked Robin, noting her boyfriend's quietness throughout dinner and the argument. Normally, he would be the one to defuse the arguments. Robin who had been looking out the window with a calculating look turned to Starfire, who had been looking at him worriedly, and said, "Yea, Star, I'm coming" and got up to follow her. However, for some reason, he couldn't help but get a feeling that something was coming..something bad...


A pink haired girl stood in front of a large entrance.

"Well, looks like this is it" and with that, she took a deep breath before walking into the darkness.

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