Title: Nightfall's Melody

Rating: T

Warning: M/M Slash

Chapter: Preface

Disclaimer: I own neither Glee or Twilight

Spoiler: Glee episode - Grilled Cheesus

Summary: Kurt's father passed away after his heart attack, leaving Kurt alone. None of Kurt's relatives wanted anything to do with Kurt so he moved in with his Uncle Charlie, his Mother's brother. His life is then turned even more so on its head when he meets the Cullens, Edward Cullen to be exact.

The moment I saw Mr. Schue's face after he called me out of french class I knew. I knew something was terribly wrong and that my life was about to be turned on its head.

They took me to the hospital, said my dad had a heart attack, and the feeling in my gut clenched. That feeling twisted tighter as every nurse, doctor, and even candy strippers passed me as I stood in the hallway. Mr. Schue and Ms. Pillsbury sat behind me, chewing their nails and staring at their hands, neither talking.

I couldn't take it, the standing. So I sat down but only for a minute before standing and pacing the hallway, Mr. Schue following my lead, Ms. Pillsbury remaining seated.

I was seated once more when the doctor finally approached us. I stood, "Where is he?" I asked, "Is he dead?"

"I'm sorry Mr. Hummel, your father passed away. When he had his heart attack it was brought on by an arrhythmia, which caused him to lose consciousness. He hit his head. . . There wasn't anything else we could have done." The doctor said his voice calm and filled with sorrow.

I couldn't breath. The knot in my stomach moved to my chest and twisted, constricting air flow. My world had begun to spin, and I had no idea when it would stop. Is this what dying feels like. . .