The horse and carriage stops in front of Grant's apartment. Max shouts to the driver "Thank you, my good man" the driver turns and gives a small tip of the hat. Max whispers out the corner of his mouth "Jane will send you a tip" The driver turns back looking peeved. Max jumps out of the carriage he then turns and reaches out a hand toward Grant. "May I?" Grant laughs and takes Max's hand climbing out of the carriage. The horse and carriage moves away. Max looks back "Horses are awesome" instantly regretting what he just said he cringes "I literally have no idea why I said that" Grant smiles "Mmm, not sure either" he looks down to notice that Max is still holding his hand, Max follows his gaze and being a little unsure what to do next Grant gives his hand a little squeeze. Max reciprocates brushing his thumb over Grants hand. They move up the front steps toward the door.

"Wow the guys really did clean up all the candles" exclaimed Max impressed with his friends' efforts, not one candle remaining.

Grant nods "Yeah erm, was one of your friends drunk?" referring to Brad stumbling around "You mean 'Brad After Dentist'? He probably tried to blow them out in one go". Grant laughed.

There is a pause both guys unsure what to do or say next. Grant breaks the silence "Look, Max I had a really great night tonight" Max smiles, for once in his life a little shyly. "Me too, it was really awesome"

"I'd like to do this again, I mean without having to wait till next Valentines that is. So could I see you again, maybe tomorrow? Grant suddenly pulls a face "Oh is that too soon?"

Max looks panicked at Grant "No absolutely not, I can't wait" Grant blows out a sigh of relief "Thank god, I thought you looked a little shocked there. " NO" replied Max "I thought you were going to talk yourself out of it for a second"

Grant gives Max a tender smile which told Max everything he needed to know that he too couldn't wait to see him again. "So until tomorrow, then" "Yup, tomorrow" said Max moving a little closer. Grant moves in "Goodnight Max, I'm really glad we ran into each other tonight" Max is just about to reply when Grant takes a hold of his hand and leans toward him while Max places his hand on the back of Grants neck pulling him even closer, they kiss. They part, both not wanting to leave but wanting it to be a perfect end to a perfect night.

Having spent the next day meeting up for a long lunch and a promise of a movie later the day flew by until the boys found themselves saying goodbye at the street corner opposite Max's apartment.

"So this is me" Pointed Max up to his apartment doing a slight double take having been sure he saw his friends looking down. "Can't believe the days over already" Grant sighed.

"I know it's been awesome"

Grant pauses to collect his thoughts "Look why don't you come over to my place tomorrow, I can make you lunch. You can bring that game over and show me how to eradicate the mutant zombies you love so much"

"I do love those zombies" joked Max "Ok it's a date" Before Grant could reply Max reached for Grant's coat and pulled him in for a kiss. After a fist bump to say farewell the boys went their separate ways until tomorrow.

A few months on the boys reconnected and it was if they had never broken up the first time. They saw each other every day and although Max was reluctant to even move in a toothbrush to Grant's place they spent a lot of time together in his apartment just talking. As time went on Grant started to talk about the future, maybe going on vacation together or tentatively bringing up the subject of Max maybe staying more than one night. But Max always had some excuse - He couldn't leave Dave alone in the apartment for more than one night or he hated travel – At which point Grant would change to subject and Max would relax.

But soon Max would become less and less relaxed if things got too intense, until one day the subject of Marriage and Kids reared its head. They both wanted Marriage but even though Max had always hated Kids he just didn't like the idea of making a final decision on the subject, he wanted to leave it open. "I mean, who knows maybe one day I might want them" explained Max.

"But Max, I don't" and there it was, at that moment they knew something was wrong and it needed fixing. Max sat down beside Grant on the sofa, he place a hand on his leg playing with a loose thread on Grant's trouser.

"Look Grant this thing is hanging over us, so maybe we just need to take a break, just to think things through, figure out what it is we both really want."

Grant looked at him with sad eyes, he gave a small smile "Wow, Max you sound almost grown-up"

Max smiled back and Grant took his hand and said "I don't want to break up"

Max squeezed his hand "No, not break up, just take a break, for a while"

Grant sighed "Ok then, for a while"

"I'm gonna miss you man, so much" said Max a lump forming in his throat.

Grant placed a hand on Max's face "Me too" Max leant in giving Grant a final slow kiss on the lips.

Max got up from the sofa grabbing his jacket "So" he said, his voice breaking "I'll see ya"

Grant smiled "Yeah, see ya Max.